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  • blueosyster blueosyster Jan 2, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Rumours that things are heating up under the board members feet

    Read that there is strong work behind the scenes to kick frost and the rest of the useless board out and finally get a new board . Good news , ...just get it over with the sooner the better. If you ask me will be possible to bring Levin back after that.

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    • IGXT - looking good. FDA date approaching FEB 03, 2014. Thx

    • Total nonsense. What has to be remembered is the extremely left-wing leaning of most Israeli news agencies in regards to anything regarding labor and economics in general. The labor leaders will use the typical extremist rhetoric about "slave wages" and "corporate greed", and the press will play along and agitate. In Israel (and growing in the USA as well) this is standard operating procedure. You have to take this garbage with a grain of salt. It's nothing more than an extortion tactic. Levin is gone because he was too weak to deal with the rabid leftist labor leaders - it had nothing to do with his skills or vision. The decision by Frost and the board to find a new CEO more "in tune" with dealing with Israeli media and labor representatives (and their strong arm tactics) was unfortunate, but wise.

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      • good point, g72521. I see additional ongoing changes at TEVA to more closely align it for a smoother transition to adding biopharmaceuticals as a greater percentage of R&D efforts and ultimately corporate revenues. It is my belief that while initially the new CEO might be questioned as being the right choice. the board knows exactly what kind of leadership is needed for the future of TEVA.

    • Is this just corridors gossip or do you have any link to support your statements ?

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    • Who has power to boot Frost? Needs organizing & lots of convincing. What you have against Frost? Who says Levin will get sorted out with Israeli labor attitudes & methods of operating. Maybe perfect in USA but not Israel- can cause internal strife. Where find better board? TEVA has been one horse show for generations - Horwitz - will prove irreplaceable act to follow & fill the horses 4 shoes..
      Need let things calm down & find a LEADER. They may have found one but still probably not at Horwitz's caliber, contacts, & obvious instincts.
      Teva will get sorted out & has broad foundation & some good products coming along.which will cover for Copax
      Good luck to all

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    • What is the source?, or is this just wishful

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