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  • oedd1159 oedd1159 Jan 3, 2014 2:08 AM Flag

    please someone explain me

    How can you be simultaneosly be Chairman of two rivals firms in the same business sector ,have more than 50/100 holding interest in one of them and not raise whatsoever any suspect of wrongdoing from anyone.? Even if the guy s intentions are straight ,how can he possible focus on the important challenges ahead ? I am not trying to slow the nice momentum we are having . Just trying to clear a little hurdle in the back of my mind.

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    • #1, they aren't rivals. #2, the board has to evaluate and validate any action he takes to be sure it's clear of any violations. It is in their interest to make sure of that. Where in the world did you get the idea that he just has a blank check to do whatever he wants? And why do you assume he would want to do something to harm TEVA? His own bank account suffers, but still, no one just "trusts" anyone - the board evaluates his actions.

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      • Frost quoted that he wanted to make OPK " the next TEVA ". I cant figurer out how OPK will work through the pharmalogical maze without a little tip of the tongue from TEVA . What do you mean they are not rivals,both work have pharmaceutical sections. Both have Cancer research teams and molecular entities proyects. Why did Frost (a billionaire took a much larger risk puting his money there and a just "peanuts" in TEVA ?
        You have bad memory , dont you remmember that Frost created and was IVAX Chairman until he sold it to Teva for 7.5 B . And so far so good,theres nothing wrong with that.......i suppose he will not try to sell OPK to TEVA ,not because it wouldnt be legit but because OPK is not cheap in first place.
        But you are right i suppose the Board of Directors will oppose any non-sense .


    • Well lets hope this wont be the case for long. I will personally send Frost a going a way present. Horowitz must be rolling in his grave...His son seems to be just as incompetent as the rest of them. From a short glance at his sons background , it seems that just being is son is what earned him his seat. Does seem like hes got more than any average guy , up in his head. Not enough IMHO to be on a board for such a company

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