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  • dacaveman61 dacaveman61 Oct 5, 2006 5:38 PM Flag

    I think they missed by 10�

    seems the market thinks this also. maybe try and average down tomorrow? tricky thing.

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    • You got that right! Why do you think she tanked 2 points in AH? Smart money bailed. The people posting here expecting $30 tomorrow are the new bag holders. Good luck! They'll be happy to take $20 soon enough.

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      • they did miss by 10cents

        this bullshit that stock compensation is an extraordinary items is not true

        it is the same as if you paid the employee cash, it is a regular part of business and should not be excluded.

        the real earnings are 25 cents, not 38 cents.

        I think that this is clearly an abuse by management continually mistating earnings by excluding a huge number of items that should be included.

        if you take the gaap earnings, which should be used, not these phony proforma earnings, you have anemic eps of 25 cents this quarter and 23-27 cents next quarter

        how could a stock have such a high price when its earnings clearly dont justify this?

        the other companies reporting earnings do not have such huge discrepancies each quarter in earnings between gaas and proforma. it seems like this company does this regularly.

    • I like the way this company inflates their eps

      their GAP eps is 25 and their proforma esp is 38

      next quarter their gap esp is 23-27 abd their proforma is

      this huge difference between the two figures each quarter is significant. this appears very shaddy to me this huge difference between the two, a 13 to 15 cent difference.

      something is rotten in Denmark

    • Yea, it will be bad tomorrow, especially because of profit taking. But we are up 9 bucks since July on high expectations. Don't think we will lose 9 tomorrow, but should fall at least 4 or 5.