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  • i540 i540 Jun 22, 1999 9:31 AM Flag

    semiconductor business is booming

    SMSC is not. Former CEO has big ego. The question
    is: do shareholders want to continue to bet on this
    overblown, overstaffed company or do we want to explore its

    if the assets could bring $10-$20 per share shouldnt
    that alternative be explored now rather than waiting
    another year for smsc to waste its cash?

    imo only
    power shareholders have now is to WITHHOLD votes from
    Board and vote down the option plan at upcoming
    meeting. This
    company has bumbled along for far too
    long. This Board no longer has any credibility. out
    with them. Then call special meeting to 1)remove
    poison pill 2)explore sale.

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    • Does anyone in this company (SMSC) care how Wall
      Street, the market, sees or understands the Company?
      Zacks still describes SMSC as operating through two
      divisions, System Products and Component Products. Zacks
      category description is ELEC COMP -- SEMIC and ranks SMSC
      within the industry a dismal 74 of 80. See
      Someone please take charge and let the world know who you
      are, the markets you serve, the market potential, your
      business model and your strategy for profitability and
      enhanced shareholder value.
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      STANDARD MICROSYSTEMS CORP. conducts its operations
      primarily through two divisions, System Products and
      Component Products. The System Products Division designs,
      produces and markets products that connect personal
      computers (PCs) to, and allow communications over, local
      area networks (LANs). The Component Products Division
      designs, produces and markets very-large-scale-integrated
      (VLSI) circuits, primarily for control of various
      personal computer functions, as well as specialized
      semiconductor-related products that are produced in SMC's own
      semiconductor foundry.


    • Thanks anyway.

    • Hard to argue with the "value", but they have to
      prove they can make money.

      I caught Al on WCIU,
      Ch.26 in Chicago last Friday. He mentioned six stocks
      but not SMSC. I was hoping to hear his

      If you still have that e-mail, I'm at

      The problem in 1987 and 1998, and at all substantial
      market declines is that people who are leveraged in any
      way are wiped out as the margined internet players
      were recently.

      The long term holders turn out
      just fine, but anyone speculating gets

      The next true bear market should be a doozy, and will
      likely give lie to the always temporary, generational
      belief that the stock market is the safe and guaranteed
      road to riches.

      Like it always has before.
      1929, 1966, 1989 in Japan, etc.


      Dwight (Or has everyone through history just been

    • For those of us who do not subscribe, is there
      anyway to post Al Frank's recommendation of SMSC so that
      we can read it?

      He's a value guy and that
      makes his opinion of great value to me, at

      I agree, by the way, that he got wiped out in '87.
      But he's a terrific long term stock picker, and it
      wouldn't surprise me that his record is that good, even
      with '87 in there.

      Can you help those of us who
      don't subscribe??



    • Obviously, conciser, you have not followed SMSC
      for very long. If you did a 5-year average, the daily
      volume would probably be around 50K (not the recent less
      than 20K).

      So 150K, though it probably has some
      significance, is not overly impressive. I would really think
      something was up if it hits 500K to 1.5M (that's what I
      consider impressive for SMSC).

    • From the 1999 annual report, SMSC looks ripe for
      a buyout.
      They have finally become profitable
      again. By selling off the
      losing foundry division,
      and returning to it's roots of manufacturing and
      selling semiconductor products. Dont be surprised to see
      partner INTEL or customers, Compaq, Dell, IBM, or
      Hewlett-Packard make them an offer. I'm looking at perhaps $13
      share price range. Check it out at

      scarlet begonias

    • Are you serious? Are you parasitic?

    • Anyone know why SMSC is up today (although the volume is not too impressive)?

    • al frank wiped out his clients totally in 1987. he thus has no 20 year track record. one cannot have an 80% drawdown and keep going, except maybe in fantasyland.

    • Only 6000 shares traded so far ! This is sad ...

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