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  • dawnisbreaking dawnisbreaking Jun 6, 2004 11:23 PM Flag

    Pope pulls a Clinton

    My suspicion is that the reports getting to the Pope may have been as tainted as some I have seen in what should be objective places, such as AARP and Catholic Bulletins. So he believes he is doing good when, in reality, he is aiding elements the Catholic Church should be ostracizing.

    It is also possible the "zipper problems" are being filtered, so he is not fully aware of their ramifications.

    Possibly, the Pope is doing his part to keep world attention on the American leader at a time when the world news media is already piling on, to keep the focus other than on his domain. This does not seem consistent with character shown at other times, so I like the bad feeder info probabilities better.

    In any case, he may see the U.S. as strong enough to withstand his injustice, or does not want us to become too arrogant, but wants all the world to be brothers and sisters, without realizing some "brothers and sisters" want only to kill Christians and Jews (except, perhaps, Christians who are useful--having been shot, he must know this, but do we all wish to join him as martyrs(?)).

    While the Pope deserves respect for what he has tried to do to bring peace to the world, and this Pope has been more activist--and generally wiser--than many/most in the past, this is another of many instances where Catholic Church leaders have come down on the wrong side of a world-forming issue.

    I was listening to a commentator today who was talking about WWII, and mentioned the difference in news coverage then and now. One item was that several thousand GIs were charged with rape or murder in the 1940s, some were executed for their crimes, some went to prison, but almost nothing of this appeared in the news. The reason was general, including journalist, recognition there were more important issues that deserved the fullest focus. The Pope at that time was harshly criticized for failing to defend the Jews, Gypsies, etc. who were being slaughtered by the millions, possibly because he knew he was not dealing with countries like the U.S. Because both have been hyped, it is difficult to know if those abuses or those within the church will cause more harm but, having gone through that, it would appear the Pope would be particularly careful to avoid condemnation until all facts are clear, justice is done, and punishment meted out.

    The President will, within legal bounds, oppose abortion, gay marriage, and other principles. It is very possible that, at this juncture, the President can have a greater positive impact on Catholic teaching in the U.S. than can the Pope.

    It would be very interesting if the Pope caused the President to lose to the Senator because the Pope failed to know of the mass graves in Iraq; or due to a dozen, a hundred, who knows (very unlikely to be more than a few hundred) annoyed/abused prisoners, then he must watch as the Kerry agenda is implemented.

    If that happens, it is unlikely the new president will agree to meet with the Pope anywhere, so (if his new information is better than now) he can mutter his condemnations in the privacy of his chambers as he think about whatever his current strategy/tactics were supposed to bring.


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    • Pray tell, dipshit, who he should be ostacizing. Pro-choicers? LOL. The Iraq war is in violation of Catholic Just War doctrine. The Pope understands this better than certain US Bishops, and is offering the morons an out. You hate the sin, not the sinner. As for the unzippered Priests, perhaps we should ask ourselves why this is an uniquely American phenomena? Is it the Catholic church, or is it the Catholic church in America. You are truly a moron if you think the Pope really gives a shit who is President of the United States.

      Postcript: The Pope did as much or more to bring down the iron curtain as that other sick, drooling man, Ronald Reagan. Show some fucking respect.

      • 4 Replies to woodstein2002
      • Woodster,

        You're so caught up in hatred of Bush & all republicans it is unbelievable... It permiates throughout your whole thought processes (if you have any!)...

        Yea, who gives a sh*t if the Popesters underlings buttfu*k little boys & the bishops protect the priests! I remember when the 300 marines were killed in Lebanon that Reagan took full responsibility -- did not blame the generals... Dont you think that the head of the Catholic Church should do the same??? I suspect that this is not just a US phenomenom... the US church was just too inept in hiding the offenders and paying off the victims... it is a worldwide problem with the Catholic Church...

        By the way... Have you read the DaVinci Code?? good book...

        I agree the Popester contributed to bringing down the iron curtain but give me a break... do you seriously believe he had more to do with that than Reagan? Your little mind is really clouded by simple political partianship...

      • The Catholic Church, as it evolved in and out of a political instituion, corrupts with wealth and power as well as any other man made institution. Pedaphiles are a fact as a percentage of any population.
        The crucifixion was a communique from God, and no pork barrel canon, or felony child molestation can ever change that fact.
        Christ really is coming back. Hint: you'll need a cup, and a tooth guard.

      • QWAK,woodstein2002, You are SOooooooooo full of SHIT your eyes MUST be BROWN!

        The Catholic church has been corrupt about as long as it has been an ORGANISED religon!

        It was a parallel form of GOVERNMENT and did EVERYTHING corrupt governments do to STAY in power including MURDER ,TORTURE, GENICIDE you name IT the CHURCH has done it or looked the other way wile others did it and the CHURCH benifited!

        THAT'S a FACT JACK!!

        The Church HELPED the HITLER and even suplied fake documents to his hench men at the end so many could escape! Agen a FACT!

        The Church may have done many good things over time but the CHURCH also BURNED the BOOKS and OBLITERATED most of the KNOWN HISTORY and KNOLAGE of man kind!

        ALL in ALL as an ORGANISED POWER the CHURCH did MORE HARM then any other group in history!

        When it comes to diping SHIT you dip with the BEST!

        the DUCK

      • Woodie, your crap runneth over today.


    • While I'm sure in several respects the Pope would understand Clinton the sinner and praise Clinton the President, let me see if I get this right:
      "I [Neo DiBs] was listening to a commentator <no mention of name nor media... hmm> today who was talking about WWII, and mentioned the difference in news coverage then and now. One item was that several thousand GIs were charged with rape or murder in the 1940s, some were executed for their crimes, some went to prison, but almost nothing of this appeared in the news.

      Beyond that why would criminal charges of several thousand (how many thousand is that actually) soldiers for rape and murder during an entire decade including the brutality of WWII, be of much news except in the locality in which the murder or rape occured.

      Unless a rape or murder invlolves a celebrity of some type (and do note Pres W and Rummy are celebrities) where is this any different. Case in point, Lindbergh Kidnapping got extensive national as well as local media attention.

      And lastly DiBs did you bother to confirm the veracity of his statement. Or is he [as perhaps you]obviously agenda=less.


    • In all due respect, I do not believe that the Poop, excuse me, Pope, has had the mental capacity over the past five or so years to even know what planet he is on... he certainly exhibits at the very least an advanced form of dementia and and appears to have totally lost touch with reality.

      Honestly can you imagine a man that leads an organization of 2 billion members pontificating about morality when his own priests cannot keep their zippers up when alone with young boys -- and the catholic church on top of that tries to shield the perpetrators?

      The man has the audacity to criticize the US about Human Rights??? Ha. As John Stossel would say, "Gimme a break"!

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