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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Jul 21, 2004 5:20 PM Flag

    Ugly Market

    This is sure looking like an ugly market. How many weeks in a row has the market declined overall. How many weeks since January have been down overall.

    Frankly this is merely just desserts for the incompetence of W's admin in handling the economy and budget. Didnt his dad also do something like this when he was steward. Oh well... less than a yr left for this turd.


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    • that was last time that it did not go below $37. this time it will. Hey nok didn't go below 10 last time either. this time it will. ko will do same. ko is vulnerable. nothing is guaranteed with ko or msft. dont be a dreamer

    • While I agree KO and MSFT are bloated, I can support your recommendation of NOK nor your dissmissal of PEP.

      Nokia may well be on a long term down trend. Once the overwhelming choice in cell phones, they now find themselves on an ugly downtrend in terms of market share as well as sales. They are also being challenged in terms of cell phone inovation.

      Don't let the appealing yield fool you. Such yields in growth tech companies are usually an indication of trouble and an impending dividend cut.

      To sleep and night and still own equities, you cant do better than broad tradeable indexes and none more than total market index.


    • Yep. Thats about it. All the handwringing and gnashing of teeth here is getting a little tedious. At worst it goes down to 40, you buy some, and get superior risk adjusted returns(40-45 in a year is a 12.5 return, not counting dividends). KO is gift to the lumpen, but they can't see the forest for the trees. I've been out of the stock for many months now but its approaching time to come home.

    • I've heard all the talk about KO being over-valued. BUT, its more fairly valued at a PE of 20 times earnings than it was at a PE of, what, 50? Also, KO is king, make no mistake. Its not the wireless handset industry where quite a bit of competitors share the pie. We won't see the $30s again IMO. We were lucky to see 'em once in the market meltdown, when everything got brutalized. KO continues to trade at a more attrctive valuation in the low $40s, and KO ALWAYS gets bounces of 10-15 points along the way. It makes for easy, predictable investing. No home runs, but almost always singles. Been that way for years now with KO.

    • KO is a rabid dog. Only thing worse is PEP. I would buy KO sure but not over $30. That would bring its valuation and yield in line with say a Nokia. KO is #1 brand in the world, msft is #2. These pigs are bloated and overvalued and will fall. KO's problem is they don't have a sexy flip can like some competitors. Sounds a bit like NOK. NOK has dropped 50% in 4 months. KO may not go that low but close as will msft. My rec., dump your KO and msft as they will drop 30%+ and put the cash into a blue chipper and #8 brand in world acc. to Forbes, NOK. NOk has no debt and 17 billion in cash and pays a 3% dividend. Here's your value. these pigs mentioned, along with other overvalued pigs like intc, mot, pg, hsy, k, g, hdi, cl, ebay, amzn, hd, wmt etc etc. the list goes on and on and on. put the cash in nok and sleep at night. sell the others short. nok has already been punished. watch these dogs do same

    • I sold this sucker around $50 quite a while ago and was wondering if it would ever drop again. I'm tempted to start buying here but I really want the key $42.50 level to pop up again before I start loading the boat.

    • Suggest you get more scholarly or contemporaneous books to read. Such as:

      1980's book: Secrets of the Temple

      early 20th century: Books by Congressman Lindbergh (THE Lindbergh's father, believe it or not)who discusses Middle America's battle within the Gov't to thwart Eastern establishment banking monopoly interests.

      There's more meat and believability in these than many of the gold bug oriented books. there's a purpose to the FedRes, but it's not been required to adhere to it by our Gov't. For example, just what the heck is the FedRes doing research on the economy for? It should be the Commerce and Treasury Depts! ...with the Fed then following suit from their data and insight...

    • QWAK,Bear, I posted THIS some time back>>>

      IF you go to the link at the bottom you can LISTEN to the basic story behind the book it is INTERESTING and worth the time.

      I expect you will realy like the book! ;)

      the DUCK

    • qwak,,qwak..qwak....great minds think alike...?

      well..i'm not in your league..but..same b ook..(i didn't realize you ahd posted this already)

    • canu...have you read "creature from jekyll island"....? just bot the book..but if i can find time will read it

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