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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Aug 20, 2004 1:14 PM Flag

    Who's Lieing

    " �Kerry's Bronze Star. On March 13, 1969, Lt. (j.g.) Kerry pulled Army Green Beret Jim Rassmann from a river and saved his life. Kerry, Rassmann and all the surviving crewmembers of PCF-94 recall enemy fire from the riverbank after a boat in their squad hit a mine. Several sailors on other boats say there was no ambush.

    One of the other swift boat commanders on the Bay Hap River that day, Larry Thurlow, swore in an affidavit that he "never heard a shot." Thurlow's contention is contradicted by his military records, posted on The Washington Post's Web site Thursday. They document his own Bronze Star earned that day and include references to enemy fire.

    Thurlow told USA TODAY that he assumed he had won the award for his efforts to assist injured sailors on the mine-damaged boat. He said he left Vietnam shortly after the incident and didn't read the citation until he was back home in Kansas a few months later. "If being under fire is a requirement for getting that medal, then I didn't earn it," he said.

    Thurlow said his and Kerry's Bronze Star citations were based on "fraudulent" after-action reports by Kerry. Van Odell, also serving there, said Kerry's report was "a hoax on the entire chain of command."

    However, the single eyewitness listed on Thurlow's Bronze Star recommendation is not Kerry. It is "R.E. Lambert."

    Michael Medeiros, one of Kerry's crewmates on his PCF-94, told USA TODAY that when a mine went off and badly damaged PCF-3, "that started a massive ambush. There were rockets and light machine gun fire plus small arms."


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    • Thanks.

      That may be tinnitus.


    • Love it, Dawn, when you repeat the name Ken Cordier, music to my ears.

    • Since Sen Kerry has been on every side of almost every issue, select quotes or position statements can be pretty compelling.

      It is when it is all put together, and compared, that it starts to come apart.

      Yea, don't think this is even close to over.


    • Your words seem to ignore reality of the UN as dormant at a time enforcement of its resolutions is vital to credibility and any hope of its future peacemaking status, so the U.S. again sets the example and buttresses the principles that should be advanced by the UN(?)

      Perhaps you should consider there are larger issues here. Regardless of the results in November, the actions taken during the past three years has moved forward the idea that freedom will continue to be extended worldwide, and we, as well as the rest of the world, will eventually be more secure because of it.

      To believe otherwise is to ignore the low probability of U.S. survival at its beginning, repeated defense of its continuance, abolition of slavery, elimination of child labor laws, granting of male and female suffrage, and joining with nations that had evolved similarly to continue the experiment in democracy, capitalism, and freedom. What is happening now is part of this forward progress of civilization and no one of reason or constructive responsibility is advocating it be turned back.

      Note the U.S. would be more than happy to halt fighting and withdraw inside its borders if flashpoints elsewhere did not threaten our legitimate interests.


    • REGARDING: washingtonbonguments, what is your criteria for saying 'he's been a great Commander in Chief"? And if you know history, how would you compare Bush's successes to Napolean's?

      RESPONSE: Harvey.......STOP IT!!! You are killing me! Ha, ha, ha.......cough, cough, cough!!
      Ha, ha.......
      Do you think you will recieve a response???

      LAST: $44.19 down 15 cents (yuck!!) with the DOW up 30 points

    • washingtonbonguments, what is your criteria for saying 'he's been a great Commander in Chief"? And if you know history, how would you compare Bush's successes to Napolean's?

    • Retarded. Of course there are terrorists in Iraq. There are even more in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Countries should be attacked to the degree that they either sponsor terrorism or are such failed states (Afghanistan, Yemen? Sudan?) that they are benignly passive about it being nurtured in their countrie(s). Like all good fascists, Saddam kept the power on(ex sanctions of course). He certainly was a danger to his own people, but of course that was not the orignal raison d'etre for the war. Of course we've now morphed from WMD imminent danger, to free Iraq from the tyrant, to Iraq as a model of democracy for the mideast. Israel has provided a model of democracy for the mid-east, and nobody there seems too intent on following it. Take the rose coloured glasses off, exchange your putrid pastels for some primary, blood red.

    • Perhaps those who were once smeared decided they would not be lied about and treated as pawns again. Perhaps they are the real patriots, who again feel called to come to the aid of their country.

      And they realize fighting an enemy doesn't relate only to combat arms.

      That is not unique to Vietnam. For example, copperheads in the north helped kill thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers by prolonging our Civil War. Had they been only slightly more successful, Lincoln would have been defeated in 1864 and we would have at least two countries today. I say "at least" because there is great liklihood there would have been successive splits and some of the splintered sections would now be part of Mexico, Canada, or some overseas power(s).

      Wars normally are fought to resolve great issues, and this is the case with the war on terror (does anyone really not believe there were (are?) terrorists throughout the world, including south Florida, yet there were/are none in Iraq(?)

      Troops fighting abroad are supported by those at home in many ways. Perhaps the most critical way is to have solidarity so it is clear only (unlikely) military victory (not generation of dissent on the home front) will carry the day, and we can win as quickly as possible and bring them home.


    • he's gonna have to stand up on his senate record before this over...if there is and see what happens..

    • How can you believe, much less be certain, it is not good(?)

      No one has refuted that the President became an Air Force pilot, he received an honorable discharge following his military service, he has lived an honorable life to now be denigrated for that service, without besmirching his detractors, he was very successful as governor of our second largest state and is successful as our President.

      It was the dems who invested over $50M in Section 527 special interest groups and millions in propaganda movies to bash the President, yet cry foul when groups supporting the President invest $2M. It is Sen Kerry and his supporters who are making 35 year old military service the primary campaign battleground.

      Perhaps he has better character than you believe.

      By seeking to stay above the petty stuff, he may also be showing himself to be a tad more intelligent and Presidential than many choose to believe.


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