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  • angel_angelica_1 angel_angelica_1 Sep 9, 2004 5:24 AM Flag

    Duck, Give Bush Dishonorable

    Discharge? I assume you've heard the 60 min. revelations. Duck, what do you say now? These two candidates are not the same. Kerry would not have created another Vietnam nor does he have a goal of global domination as is the stated goal of Cheney, Perle, Rove and the complicit goal of Franks, Rumsfeld and Bush. You think these two candidates, Bush and Kerry, are the same? They are not. Please vote.

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    • QWAK,Bear, LOL, Perhaps you were not PROMOTING in the right aeria? ;)

      Corse you could have been doing it back word too and actualy been DEMOTING. HE HE HE

      the DUCK

    • NOW NOW.... duckie.............before i traded stocks..i was a promoter...AND i can guarantee you promoters don't "always" win...(i'll show you "box office" receipts to prove it, if necessary)..or you can just ask Don King..

      ... :,)

    • QWAK,Bear, Either way I don't want to be part of that GAME!

      All the PLAYERS are LOSERS and the PROMOTERS alway WIN----that SUCKS!

      the DUCK

    • i agree with ya till the last's definitely become like a super bowl.........

      but unless you are gonna run in 2008...the solution is "not to vote"....i don't think so...btdt too...but i am gonna vote for some one this year...and i only hope the damn machines can count my vote

    • QW@AK, dawn, LOL You are a HOOT! ;)---"Whatever Duck" ROTFL, Aparently, a man of fiew words?

      No question it takes COURAGE to go to WAR,been there done THAT, but that is a diferent kind of courage from being a TRUE LEADER who takes the RISK of telling the people NOT what they want to HEAR but what they HONISTLY NEED to HEAR so they can protect them selves and AVOID disasters that would do them harm.

      Neither of thease two JOKERS gives a rats ass about the REAL people who built this country or their children who will be IMPOVERISHED by the actions of this government and the LACK of LEADERSHIP and STATSMENSHIP is truely SAD.

      People are relating to the ELECTION like it was some sort of SPORT like a football game between long standing rivals with promotions that are ment to convince VOTERS they need to back th WINING TEAM.

      We have no LEADERSHIP, we hav no STATESMEN----only the GAME and the ones who promote the GAME are the only WINERS of the GAME!

      Get out there and VOTE----even if it is NO CHOICE at least you are "in the GAME!" LOL ROTFL!

      the DUCK

    • Whatever Duck.

      Take care,

    • QWAK, dawn, Your comments are full of ASSUMPTIONS that are false,basless,and rather childish not to mention lacking in REAL LIFE EXPEIENCE and judgment that reflects common IGNORENCE held by many who lack the capacity or ability to THINK and make decisions on their own with out relying on worn out trite euphanisims that are not suported by actual historical FACTS!

      "I don't think a weak United States would benefit democracy/peace loving countries"

      Democracy and PEACE have seldom ACTUALY coexisted for any extended lenth of time and to ASSUME that I prefer WEAKNESS is just silly and stupid.

      Strenth is not just the ability to project DISTRUCTION but rather the ability to demonstrate TOLERENCE because FEAR is over come by WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING and a willingness to ADAPT to the NEEDS of others who may have been neglected and IGNORED to the point of extream FRUSTRATION.

      In adressing the NEEDS of OTHERS rather than SELF, leadership becomes OBVIOUS and FORCE becomes unnessary even FOOLISH and detramental to the goal of TRUE PEACE.

      By arming much of the world with WEPONS and confronting issues using PROXIES WE only demonstrate OUR lack of VALUING the lives of others who WE would use to achieve our own self serving GOALS and rewarding GREED with the SPOILS of WAR.

      You also totaly IGNORE the cost and effects on thoes YOU would send to do WAR on YOUR behalf to achieve DOMINENCE over OTHERS who already have fiew of the basic needs YOU take not only for granted but as YOUR INTITELMENT!

      To KILL is to LOSE a part of SELF even if the warier come back physicly in one piece, because the warier has lost the sence of what true PEACE is and like a missing arm or leg the warier will never agen be WHOLE or COMPLEAT there will be an ABSENCE and an emptyness that can not be replaced!

      As for having a "shielded by rough men and women waiting in the night to do violence to those who would do you harm" that makes as much SENCE as taking POISEN to combat DISEASE, it only destroies and it does not REPAIR the DAMAGE and more often helps the body DIE FASTER!

      I would not wish for YOU the expience of KILLING but with out it you can only IMAGIN what it is like and it is DEFINITELY not like what you have read in books or seen in movies and descriptions by thoes who have KILLED can NOT adiqitly describe or define the many subtile and ignored changes to the WARIER as they are too personal to be shared with others who have not lived threw the same or similar experiences.

      Finely AFTER the WAR is over historicly the surviving wariers will no longer FIT in to "NORMAL" social reality and to some extent always be OUT SIDE and CHANGED by experiences the PROTECTED ones can not comprehend.

      Dawn, I undestand you speak out of ignorence and that is NOT a put down, just a statment of the fact that you can not posably KNOW what the REALITY of WAR is with out actualy personaly having confronted the situation and having KILLED so that others may have what you have given up-----TRUE PEACE!

      the DUCK

    • Well Duck, won't give you an "A" for spelling, but darn close and, graded on a curve in competition with most of your posts, definitely an "A".

      Enough frivolity. I agree with much of what you say (comparing my/your insight seems a wasted exercise, so won't go there), and agree pacifiers, peacemakers, and conciliators are very important--would be nice if all were such. A prominant recent conciliator was former Pres Carter, a disaster as our president, but probably a very good minister of the gospel.

      I also agree the U.S. engenders a David vs Goliath mentality in some who like the thought of bringing down the giant, without regard to more important ramifications. As I have mentioned here, when asked if they prefer Pres Bush to Sen Kerry as our president, the majority of people from other countries prefer Sen Kerry. When asked if they prefer a strong or a weak U.S. leader, they favor a weak one.

      I don't think a weak United States would benefit democracy/peace loving countries. I think many who feel that way are more afraid of those who would really do us all harm, and know we will do them none, so they try to protect themselves in an unseemly way by vocalizing against us. That is one reason the U.S. is a world leader and, as time passes, our present role in world peace will be better appreciated.

      It is superficially admirable that you view yourself as a citizen of the universe, caring for the general good of all mankind to the exclusion of other considerations. However, universality works only if one is shielded by rough men and women waiting in the night to do violence to those who would do you harm.

      And I don't admire your view which I interpret as saying the U.S. indirectly created the entities who hate us. I think evil, and hate, have always existed and is far from disappearing. We are focusing on haters with the means and the will to do almost unthinkable harm. Blaming victims deserves no respect.

      A common mistake is to wish for failure of the U.S. based on the supposition our failure will somehow elevate others. Although the U.S. could ignore development of horrible weapons by leaders of peoples who have shown they will destroy themselves in order to destroy us (mutual assured destruction doesn't work as a deterrent)--we have already ignored them too long--we and many of those who speak against us now would be long term losers.

      On this third anniversary of the most vicious of the escalating attacks that continue to kill our citizens (might many of them have been universalists like yourself?), you can consider convincing those doing the killing to also become protectors of mankind. Good luck.

      Finally Duck, this is pragmatism, not fear, cold calculation based on experience and the facts as we know them. It is doing versus merely philosophizing.


    • REGARDING: Mickey I indended for you to miss the point.
      that I wanted to show was that It is two ones!. 11 = two ones. but if binary it is 3, if decimal it is eleven. but in ones count it is two.
      RESPONSE: That is sheer nonsense.
      You simply stated, in binary, 11 = 2
      That is a very simple and definitive mathematical statement....and it was wrong.
      Not complicated...,at all.

      REGARDING: I was addressing the ambiguity of speech actually.
      RESPONSE: Language (speech) is to be used to communicate. You were not communicating or you made an error...., take your pick. You have, by saying you errored by offering a wrong answer. LOL GREAT WORK!!!!

      REGARDING: the statement in binary form is three; However, it is also TWO ones.
      RESPONSE: My friend..., these are DIFFERENT languages!!!! I have seen "rationalizations"..., but this is foolish and unworthy of you. You are too intelligent for this nonsense.

      REGARDING: See alot of us miss what you are saying also.
      RESPONSE: First...., I didn't "miss" anything. If any of my comments are ambiguous, it shouldn't require too much integrity to inquire as to the perceived ambiguity.

      REGARDING: It gets pretty tedious at times.
      RESPONSE: LOL Yes! "Thinking" can be very tedious! LOL

      REGARDING: Midey, As I said , i droped your class, you can't give me an "F". Most on this board seem to be giving you F's these days.
      RESPONSE: Find a comment I have made that deserves an F!!!

      50% of the posters, on this board, are worthless and damaging to the board, i.e., if we can assume to place value on incremental knowledge.

      You deserve another charge.

    • QWAK,Bear, Who are the "smith brothers"? LOL

      Why would they want or need a DUCK?? HE HE HE

      I just speak out of an understanding of a GREATER REALITY, our physical reality is REAL but only a tiny fraction of TOTAL REALITY.

      One should not fear death as it is inevetable.

      One needs to have great concern and RESPECT for the CHOICES one makes in LIVING because in DEATH there is no END only a change in BEING!

      It is NEVER OVER things just CHANGE, physical reality is mostly an ILUSION.

      E=Mc2 means MATTER and ENERGY are the SAME just existing in diferent FORM like water,ice and steam are the SAME thing.

      We are ENEGY BEINGS and physical reality is one level of of MANY levels of REALITY, this one is about LEARNING many things and BIRTH and DEATH are just how we enter and leave THIS level, nothing more.

      When YOU think it is OVER----IT'S not OVER! HE HE HE, Things just CHANGE!

      the DUCK

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