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  • jeffrey898 jeffrey898 Oct 13, 2004 11:58 AM Flag

    Let's talk Ko for a change...

    Why is this stock down again today? Mc Donald is up big w/ higher store sell and larger profit. Ko supplies Mcd, so I figure it should go higher today not lower. Is ko lower because of tax selling and mutual fund window dressing? I'd like your thoughts.

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    • Damn, you're good. I feel better about my absence from the board latterly.

    • can u decipher this?

      If you want me to continue to watch you masturbate, please shave your legs, put on hose and garters, slip out of your Depends and get back to me.

    • grkqst, another vaccuous point? Roll your sleeve up and talk substance. And what's this with 'loyalties'? For whom and why do you want to know if I glide behind a tribe's banner?

    • can u overcome a lifetime of brainwashing? I pointed to chapter and verse and you respond like THAT?

      I've asked you twice now if you hold dual loyalties and from your stance on the Middle East I think that you do. Too bad for you. Even worse for our country.

    • QWAK, canucanoe, LOL Did you know that the Wizard of OZ was an alogory stoy about the US gov. going OFF the GOLD STANDAD and the BANKERS and the Govenment.

      Much like Gullivers travels, the Wizard of Oz was and is much more than a childrens story except for childish minds ;)

      the DUCK

    • Make your points clear, grkqst. Please... the Wizard of Oz was exposed as a crank. You can't keep pulling these neurotic levers. It would be great if you stay in the real world, I'm not going to join you in the ideal world. I don't know how to get there...

    • Please return to your post-message#69964. Then read your answer to #3.

      Thank you.

      Now you see why I try to keep it simple. But alas...

    • grkqst, your argument is intellectually dishonest. We have exploited Arabs? Give me a break. Well, okay, we have exploited Arabs just like we exploited Germans, Frenchmans, Japanese, Koreans, etc. etc.

    • can u believe I've gone out of my way to simplify my discourse so you people who present invalid solutions to complex problems cannot say you haven't been offered fog lights.

      An academic would take one glance at this board, check his shot card, and continue administering to the less afflicted. Me? I wallow in the ignorance.

      I believe our discussion has led to agreeing that our country has contributed to the exploitation of those less powerful in Middle Eastern countries and, thereafter, I have accused you of cowardice(terrorist!! terrorist!!) or insincere intellect(do you hold dual loyalties and, if you agree we are responsible in any measure for the misery and extremism that cohabit Arabland, why kill them?).

      Still befuddled?

    • grkqst, dive in. Present your context. Better yet, choose your reality and build your case. I've presented my arguments, in context. I've at times had trouble understanding your points. Are you an academic? Sometimes the idealism is so strong, and smooshing together unrelated trains of thought, that I really don't know where you are coming from and where you are going!

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