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  • grkqst grkqst Nov 1, 2004 10:41 PM Flag


    Bush invaded Iraq and occupied it rather than finishing off al-Qaeda and putting Afghanistan on a proper footing. He has most of the fighting units of the US military bogged down in a quagmire. His adventure in Iraq, which had nothing to do with September 11, has the potential for destabilizing the oil-rich Persian Gulf for some time to come, producing high petroleum prices, high gasoline prices, and risking a major economic downturn for the US and the world.

    A second Bush administration will continue to pursue iron fist policies in Iraq, which have obviously backfired. If Bush overstays his welcome in Iraq, he risks creating a new kind of pan-Islamic nationalism. It is not impossible for the Shiite leadership to join hands with the Sunni clerics if both decide it is crucial to expel the Americans. I would put the odds of an anti-American mass revolution in Iraq during a second Bush term at 50/50. The aftermath will be further instability in the oil rich Persian Gulf (see above).

    If Bush is reelected, it is clear that he will continue to attack his hit list, which is pre-announced. He will strike at Iran. His infantry and armor are tied down in Iraq. But he could mount a naval blockade of Iran, and he could strike it from the air. He could also intrigue with impatient junior officers in Tehran in hopes of making a coup. It would probably fail. But Bush will be tempted to try.

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    • You sure are hung up on Ike.
      I'm not hung up on Truman, even though I admire his tenacity, and ability to think and shrink, just brought him in to give you another link in the chain. All links are a factor, not just ONE.
      You are completely missing the point. Kennedy, if, he knew what was going on could have wound it down and didn't. Thus he either was in full agreement with Ikes policy, or was ignorant. If one wants to say that JFD was in charge during Ikes term. THen you must also admit that McNamara was equally or more involved during Kennedy's short term. Then
      we come to LBJ with McNamara behind the scenes.
      As the Duck said, any link in a chain, if broken, breaks the effect of the entire chain. anyone of these administrations could have put a stop to it. It wasn't until Nixon that anyone started the wind down.
      I never said the Truman was focused on Vietnam.
      U.S. Policy that started the entire cold war process over the entire world BEGAN with him, and Vietnam was part of the fabric. Ike was mostly focused on winding down Korea, the forgotten war.
      But as Mikie says, you have the tenacity of a Pit bull and will not concede any point.
      For me I'm letting go of this one now.
      But as you pointed out, Truman loved Key West, Nixon loved Key Biscayne. Both had their retreats in South Florida. Nixon was closer to the mainland.


    • I agree OMR, but fe4o3 is going to tell you that Truman had the focus on Vietnam... Maybe Harry liked rice with his Pina Colada in Key West?

    • There was a lot of other stuff going on, fe4o3. Berlin Wall, Cuba, etc. had communism on the march. With Roosevelt, Truman and Ike pacifying the USSR, it was much like Reagan, bush I and Clinton pacifying the Middle East creatures that Bush II needs to address today with a sledge.

    • Ya gotta love it when the resident Napolean justifies his grade giving. Give him a pat on the head and send him to bed with a glass of warm milk...

    • REGARDING: Nothing Michael. But their are days on end where my criticism is aimed. If you don't realize that, run a representative sample of your posts for your own edification.

      RESPONSE: Then, I suggest you pick a posting and express your perceptions.
      I have accelerated the decibel level of rhetoric with Harvey and a couple others when I found that normal conversation was fruitless.


      Michael Z.

    • REGARDING: Anyway a good time line is available at the following link.

      RESPONSE: Actually, I was flown into, not dropped into, Saigon.
      While reading some of the information via the hyperlink, I recalled the occurrence on February 27, 1962.
      I shared an apartment with four others at 63 Tran Hung Dao, just across from the Metropole Hotel (for those of you, who spent any time in Saigon). That morning, I was the last to leave the apartment. As I was locking the door, I heard a ra-ta-tah-boom-boom. My immediate intuitive response was that there was work being done in the street, but it seemed as though the sounds were coming from the roof. A few seconds later, as I got to the front of the building and officers were yelling at me from across the street, in front of the Metropole, to get over there, I looked up and saw two planes. It was a cloudy day and the sight looked like a dogfight in a movie scene. By the time I made it across the street, the planes were gone. A few minutes later, we went into the hotel and up to the top (7th floor, I think) floor to the restaurant. I ordered breakfast. A moment after ordering, a plane with U.S. markings flew by, barely above window level, and all yelled in apparent gratitude. A moment later we heard more booms. Well�, those planes were attacking Diem�s palace during an attempted coup. All either plane had to do was hit us with a bomb, and�.., well, I wouldn�t be typing this.
      One American died that day. He, an architect went to the roof of his home to take pictures and fell off, breaking his neck.

    • Nothing Michael. But their are days on end where my criticism is aimed. If you don't realize that, run a representative sample of your posts for your own edification.


    • ~~~ If nobody had pointed it our previously, it tends to put others off.~~

      Yeah, like when he incessantly berates GWB, I get really 'Put Out!' LOL


    • REGARDING: Michael... You have a nasty habit of spewing intemprate eppitaphs with those that don't share your view of reality. You can and do at times, assign motives to even overall allies' views instead of simply stating your difference and moving on. If nobody had pointed it our previously, it tends to put others off.

      RESPONSE: Alpha.., what about my Message No. 72770 offended you???

    • ~~I said he started us off with true involvement in that theatre of the world. ~~

      Canoe: My recollection is John Foster Dulles recommended replacing France as a 'Colonial' power when the Frogs got whacked( and shortly thereafter expunged) at "Den Ben Phu" as LBJ liked to call it. Ike of course made the decision, but I really think JFD was the responsible party precipitating the decision, no?


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