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  • vlady84 vlady84 Nov 6, 2004 4:37 PM Flag


    To bigger and better heights. Unlike Kerry, The Traitor, Bush believes in America and it's Values. Like Ronald Reagan he sees the good in us not the bad.

    Like good little Liberals, they see The United States as an evil force in the World and that it must be taken down a bunch of notches. Thank God our Countrymen did the RIGHT thing and voted in the hero, not the zero.

    Let's see if ANY of the Liberal crowd go to Liberal Canada. I'll bet they stay in the Greatest Country that ever was!

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    • should we send angel....?

    • 25 words or less, moron.
      You have the dullest mind i've ever read.
      You need regrooving.

    • Bear, for you to understand this, you need to understand Quebec politics. A lot of apathy up there. It is the highest taxed area in North America. Blows away all other parts of Canada as well. The hospital system in Quebec is in the worst shape in Canada. Don't get sick there, for although it is 'free', it cannot control the C difficile virus, you may end up on a slab for your low cost service. Unions? They trash everything, including the offices of politicians they don't like. Last episode had them sh*tting on the office floors and locking in the patrons at the Gov't run casinos. Nobody in the electorate cares, no good citizen really wants a politician's job. Would you want to expose your family to protests on the house front lawn? Racial inspired fire bombings and 'accidents' are frequent. There's no municipal schools, they are referred to as the 'Greek School', 'Jewish School', etc. This extends to who the citizen is, for they are not 'Canadians', not even 'Quebecois', they are 'French Canadians', Jews, Russians, Italians, etc. Note that only one set of Quebec citizens even use 'Canadians' in their description (French). Pierre, like so many Canadians, but especially those in segregationist Quebec, has trouble focusing on his own Gov't, his own communal identity, and getting value for their tax dollar. But... has no problem commenting on other nations.

    • QWAK,Bear I wonder if that Canadian guy Lemieux has been talking to old Melven Froid I understand he has been saying about the SAME thing for a LONG time and I am inclined to AGREE! ;)

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • *** "Americans seem to have become a lot more democratic over the years - more and more people are allowed to vote - but a lot less free," said our old Canadian friend, Pierre Lemieux yesteray. Pierre is French Canadian and co-author of our not-bestselling book, The Idea of America. He lives in the backwoods of Quebec and comes to Paris infrequently.

      "People lined up for hours to cast their votes in the American elections," Pierre continued. "It's a little like a sporting event, where the fans stand up and yell at the umpire or the home team...or do 'the wave' at a baseball game. It has no effect whatsoever on the outcome. It's just how crowds operate. People get caught up in the spirit of elections like they get caught up in the spirit of a ballgame."

      "Every votes counts," is the official line. But, in fact, almost none do.

      "The odds that your vote will actually matter," said Pierre, a professor at the University of Quebec, >>>>>>>>A QUALIFIED EXPERT<<<<<"are so slight as to not be worth thinking about. The race would have to be dead even without your vote. And then, of course, your vote would have to be in an electoral state where it mattered. The actual number, that is the real odds that your vote will decide the outcome are something on the order of 8 chances out of 10 raised to the 8000th power. For comparison, the number of seconds since time began is something such as 3 times 10 to the 17th power. In other words you'll be shipwrecked on an island with Paris Hilton and win the lottery every day...before your vote will matter much."

      But people seem to need myths, rituals and team sports.

    • Oh master of HarveyLand. How can I get back in your good graces..NOT.

      You are an AHole and a Fool. Canudle is an apt name. Always in your own reality. Quoth the Harvey and no one else.


    • Alpha, I agree with everything you present. Yet you don't understand squat. The point is, you need to now start cut/pasting his 'expert' opinion. For you rely on 'experts' to speak for you. Ashcroft had as much success and competency as your Zbiggy. Royally screwed up a myriad of projects. Has wasted tax dollars on security. The FBI remains mired. Looks like he lost the ability to steer separately from the CIA. Home security is now over him. Start quoting him with your mouse jockey propaganda. lol! He's earned your attention and respect, just like ol' Zbiggy did. With ineptitude and the leverage of his connections. He's wonderfully talented in all that we should value in an 'expert', huh?

    • Canudle... Notwithstanding my profound dissagreement with Asscroft, you are beginning to get the idea as he is an expert on several things. First and foremost is the opertion of the Office of the Attorney General.

      Now is he an expert on the Constitution and Constitutional Law. Not either by my standards or IMHO. Does he have credentials on Prosecution, I believe so. Are you beginning to understand Canudle.

      You don't have to like an expert. You don't have to agree with his opinions or conclusions. You just have to understand the objective standards which makes someone an expert.


    • Alpha, I look forward to your cut/paste jobs of Ashcroft writings and interviews. By your definition, he is an 'expert' worthy of your respect and should be placed in your propaganda compendiums.

    • Tell 'em what they won Harv!

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