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  • fredarber fredarber Nov 20, 2004 11:46 AM Flag

    Sometimes it is simple to understand

    All the parents I know no longer allow their kids to drink high sugar drinks, especially with caffeine. Adults avoid caffeine due to various medical reasons. The Coca Cola company has become a flavored water utility. People drink so many ounces of fluid per day and that is a commodity market that competes with good quality tap water. For whatever reason Coca Cola is not as profitable as it should be outside the USA, even with a falling dollar. Coca Cola is no longer a growth stock. Since it makes about $2.00 per share dividend per year and it's a water utility then it should be priced at $30.00 per share and fluctuate in value depending on when the dividends are next issued, just like a utility stock. How can anyone justify the $10.00 premium of this stock?

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    • You have my proxy on this one BT. Decide for me.


    • "AND you are who from where??? "

      I am just an average investor from clyde, nc (the center of the universe) as my uncle said you can get anywhere from clyde.
      but i am not here to be critical of posters who use the stock board for stock info.
      seems you have followed ko for more time than i have lately. i was in at about $45 and out at about $48 a few years ago.
      what is your best guess of ko over the next 3 months? based on what i know lately, i would guess prices of $37 to $43 over the next 3 months.
      I never invest based on stk board info, but it is interesting to see what others have to say about stocks.

    • are family..

      that's why i take exception with bettina re omr...he has probaly been here longest...before me for sure..!!!

    • QWAK, Bear, I expect a lot of people will be EATING there STOCK certificats? NOT!

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    • let me put it another way..there are about 10 posters on this board that know more about ko..both fundamentally and technically...then i would guess you ever will know......

      you are welcome to join the club...BUT there is such a thing as pay your does..and you are welcome to join us as far as i am concerned..(can't speak for the rest totally..but i'm pretty sure they might vote to let you join the KO club too)

    • !QWAK,Bear, YOU are FAMILY----ciber any way;) I think there was a SONG like that, wasen't there? :)

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    • it's really none of your biz....BUT to help you better half had 4000 shares i had to figure out what the hell to do with as it fell..and fell..and's gone now...

      but after 7 or 8 yrs...this is my sencond daily home..AND..i like most of the people here...

      AND you are who from where???

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