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  • mikiesmoky mikiesmoky Feb 21, 2005 10:23 PM Flag


    Truisms by Harvey with Responses by Me:

    by: canucanoe1 02/19/05 12:29 pm
    Msg: 79500 of 79762
    Message No. 79500: �...Gold is money. One doesn't tax money in its basic state. One taxes the use of money.�
    MY RESPONSE: I am sure that the gold traders would love to trade gold without paying tax on their gains. It might even stimulate price manipulation to enable them to move the price like a sine curve, buying at bottoms and selling at tops.

    Re: Gold is a Roth IRA
    by: canucanoe1 02/19/05 10:56 am
    Msg: 79484 of 79763
    If someone wants gold, buys it with tax'd wages, there is no reason to pay taxes on it.
    MY RESPONSE: Can someone buy gold with income from muni-bonds? LOL
    Can someone buy other investments or collectibles and not pay taxes? LOL

    �The value of gold does not change. It is the value of the dollar that decreased. Therefore, no taxes are appropriate from a retirement perspective or a dollar perspective.�
    MY RESPONSE: That is too easy to make you look stupid.
    Does it mean anything to you that gold went from around $200 to over $800, then to $260, and now, back to around $430.00. What is your definition of �change�???

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    • I see a pattern in FEAR. Nothing new CL. You have fallen into the stereo typical "Chicken Little Syndrome." Try and remember, the more things change the more they stay the same.]


    • QWAK,Bear,Voluntary is a slipery slope as people tend to take the easiest way out of situations, not UNLIKE lambs as they follow one another in to be sheered or down the kill shoot to be slottered by the butcher.

      You probably don't remember that when credit cards first came out in the 70s all that intrist was deductable and that was the first time many got in to credit card HELL,and they just changed the law!

      In any event VOLUNTARY don't make ECONOMIC SLAVERY right or fair,just LEGAL like DEBTOR PRISON was in England at the time the USA was becoming the NEW ECONOMIC leader and England was losing that position.

      Today China is set to take it away from the USA---do you see a pattern in history?

      the DUCK

    • ok duckie...i read it....not so sure they will get the bankrupcy law change passed...maybe

      >>from the article.... "Under capitalism, Debt Slavery is purely voluntary."

      >> think we discussed that(voluntary) a few days ago...

    • QWAK,The NEW REALITY---DEBT SLAVES--you can BUY but you will never OWN--welcome to the Hotel DEBT California!

      BTW: New banking/bankruptcy laws to HELP the POOR BANKERS, no more 7 but lots of 13s! YOU WILL PAY and the GOV. will be their COLECTION AGENT!

      You realy should read it to get a diferent perspective!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,By doing as YOU suggest YOU may be helping your self BUT you are also helping to perpituate (sp) a HOAX and ultimitly doing HARM to the people at the very bottom of the economic pirimid and also adding STRES to society that ultimitly come back on ALL of us in the form of a more violent and hostile world to live in.

      I would RARHER do with out things I dont realy NEED, than help make things WORSE!

      That is how I see and relate to it.

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,alpha, Now THAT-- "Thank you, Chicken Little."-- is an INTELIGENT responce one could expect-----from a 5 year old!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear, I got TWO brand new chain saws and I see the sun rise ever morning threw the window next to my bed. This morning there was a little rain but when I looked out there was a beautiful RED TAIL HAWK in a tree on my drive way! :)

      I seldom cut down trees, I find them to be too beautiful and there are plenty of naturly dead ones so no need to KILL even a TREE for fire to keep warm.

      I live as close to HARMONY as I can in a world controlled by GREEDY MAN! I try NOT to add to a bad situation as much as I can yet also survive.

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,the IDEA is to BUY NOW at LOW price and sell/traid LATER at a MUCH higher price!

      As for "....TILL THE inevitable collapse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then we buy gold!!!(FOR 800 AN ONCE)" LONG befor the COLLAPSE the POG will blast threw $800.00 like a bullit threw PAPER! The ONLY reason GOLD is SO cheep now is allowing the selling of virtualy UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of PAPER GOLD an other wise obvious FRAUD! By buying GOLD now CHEEP and being paitent it can be like WINNING the LOTTERY---you don't win the lottery every day and most likely that day will NEVER come but with physical GOLD you have somthing that will always be of VALUE and could one day be of INCREDABLE VALUE and it is not just a dream or a paper lottery ticket.

      the DUCK

    • you probaly should investr some of that gold in a chain saw tho...and cut down some of those you can see the sun come's a beautiful thing...the sunrising over the ocean...(i know..i know..melanoma.,..cancer etc etc)

    • yea..well....what can i say...hope you're right..for your sake any way,,,,at least the mountain will still be there...

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