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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Mar 10, 2005 11:29 PM Flag

    Buffett says, Greenspan says...

    Buffett says trade deficit is what is bad. Greenspan says fiscal budget deficit is what is bad. Who is one to believe?

    Well we all know Buffett's record. But Greenspan's has a lot of spin. Let's look at some of his insights:

    a. Just 2 days after the Dow peaked in 1973, Greenspan said, "It is very rare that you can be unqualifiedly bullish as you can be now,". That was Greenspan commenting to the New York Times when he was president of Townsend Greenspan.

    b. Just a few years ago, we all heard Greenspan tell us that the $5T of budget surplus coming down the pike posed danger to the economy and that this money should be returned before it was received. Today, we have budget deficits forecasted that dwarf what he saw as surpluses!

    Why does anyone listen to Greenspan? He's toxic.

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    • RE: I would never go to see Bush. I can barely stand to listen to his insincere drivel. He is so transparent. I don't understand why people can so taken in by the charlatan.

      >>HUH?? amelia... was ref to the car show over the weekend...didn't know bush was there..he mighta been tho (meaning jeb)

    • Oh, please, enough with the new age babble. Of course, dictators and tyrants do destroy people and their way of life. Hopefully, this is temporary.

      I would never go to see Bush. I can barely stand to listen to his insincere drivel. He is so transparent. I don't understand why people can so taken in by the charlatan.

    • Split,

      Yes, I guess I do. I understand the "realities" surrounding meaningful 3rd party intervention.


    • RE: He has adversely affected the stock market, much more than 9 11 ever did, thus my conservative portfolio has shrunk.

      >> told ya not to sell hsy at 52

    • RE: His policies (read WAR, destabilization of oil) have already made gas prices so high that I cannot afford to travel to various events that shape the quality of my life.

      >>get rid of the SUV and get a moped...

    • RE: If Dems can't get this right

      >> you actually hold out some hope...hum

    • >>He's already destroyed my way of life.

      >> my guess would be..if it really is destoyed can't get thru life blaming everyone else....


      did you go to amelia today? beautiful fla day (hopefully bush didn't say anything to ruin it for ya)

    • I knew that dog, I was using the royal "ya'll."

      Ha, ha. I know you're one of the good troublemakers. I'm still awake. Still sentient.

      Sorry to impune your Canine Rin-tin-tin qualities.

      Woof, woof, Bite 'em in the leg, Betti

    • Alpha,

      I also believe public financing along with mandatory "air time" and "print-time" by media is necessary. Further the current practice of re-districting as seen across the country must be stopped. The process is meant to add representation to growing areas and reduce to an extent declining areas. It is not meant to be an opportunity for political pros to gerrymander boundaries to their advantage.

      By the way public financing would, I think, reduce party influence in selecting and electing candidates-an important plus IMO.


    • Betti,

      RE:"Ya'll think I'm some blonde, I know that. But each of us "radicals" are like the canary you take down into the mine shaft. We're sqwaking pretty loudly, but there is a whiff of poison in the air, and we're trying to tell you something, and you're not listening. Thus we have to exaggerate. But here, in this message, I'm not exaggerating. And I could go on."

      You're assuming my ridicule or opposition for some reason other than what I've posted. I was merely interested in what you meant in the earlier post.


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