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  • twiceiwasrich twiceiwasrich Jun 7, 2005 11:55 AM Flag

    I feel so much safer now......

    the Gov now has the power to tell America's Physicians what they can and can't prescribe to their patients.....

    In a 6-3 vote, the justices ruled the BUSH ADMINISTRATION can block the backyard cultivation of pot for personal use, because such use has broader social and financial implications.

    In its hard-line stance in opposition to medical marijuana, the federal government invoked a larger issue. "The trafficking of drugs finances the work of terror, sustaining terrorists," said President Bush in December 2001. Tough enforcement, the government told the justices, "is central to combating illegal drug possession."

    The Drug Enforcement Agency began raids in 2001 against patients using the drug and their caregivers in California, one of 11 states that legalized the use of marijuana for patients under a doctor's care. Among those arrested was Angel Raich, who has brain cancer, and Diane Monson, who grew cannabis in her garden to help alleviate chronic back pain.

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    • FYI, There isn't an E in "individuals"

      Next time you're in Walmart, you should pick up a dictionary....It'd help ya hide your 6th grade education...

    • Ain't "freedom" and "democracy" great??

      These are people who have doctors prescriptions and grow their own.

      Making it illegal only stimulates MORE criminality.

      Brilliant court!!!

    • Actually... the Supreme Court has clarified what the executive branch is permitted to do. No politics need be injected. You should be more concerned about stem cells than weed.

    • QWAK,twice,The constitution gives the FED. GOV. very limited rights and powers, ANY rights and powers NOT given belong to the STATES. Over the years the FED.GOV. has taken more and more away and FIGHTS like the DEVEL after your SOUL to get and keep more powers.

      The POWERES they get are the FREEDOMS people LOSE!

      This latest court fight is just more OBVIOUS and a FRAUD that has been EXAGERATED as USUAL by using the FEAR of somthing else unrelated to the situation at hand.

      The original marajuana laws were passed in the 1930s to PERSECUTE and drive out MEXICANS in Arizona,New Mexico,and Texas because JOBS Americans had NOT WANTED were agen wanted because of the on going economic depression at the time.

      There WAS no DANGER from Marijuana THEN and there is NONE NOW, it is ALL EXAGERATED GOVERNMENT SPIN intended to create FALSE FEARS in the minds of the public. The GOV. has spent many years and many millions of ALL of OUR tax dollars to COVER UP and JUSTIFY what was done back in the 1930s rather than ADMIT they were WRONG and take RESPONCIBILITY for all the HARM that has ACTUALY been done to so many people!

      The GOVERNMENT never admits they were WRONG and will SPEND unlimited amounts of money to AVOID being held RESPONCIBLE!

      In recent years "Agent Orange", "PTSD", "Gulf War Syndrom" are obvious examples but there are MANY,many others such as the burro of indian affairs LOSING (?) billions of dollars held in TRUST (? LOL) and MANAGED (? LOL agen) for native Americans. Usualy they just burry things in PAPER WORK and BUROCRACY and eventualy people go away,give up or just DIE!

      the DUCK

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