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  • springtheory springtheory Jun 26, 2005 10:59 AM Flag

    Leading cause of obesity

    Fully 13 percent of a typical teenager's total daily calories come from sugary sodas and fruit drinks. When researchers from the University of Vermont, the University of British Columbia, and ENVIRON Health Sciences Institute studied the diets of 3,000 children and teenagers ages 2 to 18, they found that no other single food provides more calories to a teenager's diet than sodas and fruit drinks. It's even more than cakes and cookies! Sodas and fruit drinks are also the single leading source of added sugars in a teen's diet, providing more than half of all added sugars they consume.

    Grown-ups aren't far behind. A different study from Purdue University found that many adults can blame soft drinks for their ballooning figures as well. People who drink regular soda consume about 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories per 12-ounce can.

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    • Alpha, except for you (and maybe Michael), we all realize that what we print is 'our view' and not 'fact'.

    • QWAK,alpha,NOT just MY perception but very REAL changes in every thing from the FOOD we eat all being high in preservitives and LOW in esencial nutirients because how it is prepared for long shelf life rather than FRESH prepared at home by Mom, to our MONEY which for the first time in history is no longer SILVER and GOLD backed
      ,any ware not just here in the USA.

      Basic life VALUES have been DEGRADED more in the last 30 to 50 years then in any other time in known history.

      IF you don't see it, then it must be because YOU don't want to see it!

      The concept of HONOR and HONISTY has been DEBASED and devalued and exists in NAME only and as for a WORK ETHIC every one wants FREE,somthing for NOTHING and have it NOW pay fore it "SOME DAY" "may be" and IF not who cares, just declare BANKRUPCY!

      NO it is NOT just how I see it, but HOW it NOW IS,perhaps not for ALL but a high enough percentage that things are SO out of balence the system is CRASHING just in SLOW MOTION!

      the DUCK

    • Interesting that caloric intake has not increased in the last 20 years but we are all fatter today then we were in 1985. Soft drink per caps have been declining for years especialy in younger age groups. When most of us grew up the drink of choice was Kool Aid until we were old enough to switch to full calorie beer. What we eat and drink has almost nothing to do with obesity unless done to the extreme. In which cae it is worth noting you will drown if you drink to much water.

      What has changed is both parents working outside the home now. No one is home sending the kids outside to play. Most kids have no real chores anymore. Most teenagers never hold a regular job. Today we think it is a sin for a kid to have to work while going to high school or college. These habits do not change when we become college educated bumps on a log. The draft is gone so the odds of this generation getting a little exercise is even lower than their parents.

      The secret is getting America off it's fat ass and back to work. The jobs we think the illegals are taking from us are the jobs our kids used to do but are to lazy to do now. Bring the moms back home to raise the kids and they will bring back the old traditions in no time.

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      • <<<The secret is getting America off it's fat ass and back to work. The jobs we think the illegals are taking from us are the jobs our kids used to do but are to lazy to do now. Bring the moms back home to raise the kids and they will bring back the old traditions in no time. >>>> AMEN!!!!!!! Boy did you hit the nail on the head. Most people nowadays think all they have to do is hold thier hand out and say gimmie. The bad thing is that some part of the gov. gives it to them. They think "make do" are dirty words. I sorta feel sorry for them, because when push comes to shove, they won't know what the hell to do. What a wonderful post. Thanks, thought I was the only one who felt that way....

      • I can tell you one thing for sure, neither one of us are gonna stay home and raise the little bastards.....and I worked all thru high school and never did one freaking thing that's now done by illegals.....

        The only illegal thing I see is nations invasion of Iraq!!! I'd rather have an illegal in the Whitehouse than who we least he'd know how to swim and would have the balls to tell Carl Rove and his group of right wing extremist Wackos how have escounded with our gov " ADIOS AMIGOS!!!!!"

      • It's not just caloric intake, but also where the calories are coming from. Much more sugar in our diets now. And it's not just kids not getting exercise, therefore caloric intake should have dropped to match activity levels. Working at a keyboard doesn't require many calories.

    • As science catches up with the why of fact, the industry has seen the future. It is less sugar water and more super water. Sugar water is far from dead. Its market however is no longer growing with any certainty. Alternatives are the name of the game for the leaders of this industry.


    • Maybe everyone should have grown up during WW11. Everything was rationed then and a coke or a piece of candy was a BIG treat, not the norm.If even hard pressed, I could not tell you the last soda I have had , either coke or any other........ now wine is a different story. LOL

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      • REGARDING: .. now wine is a different story. LOL

        RESPONSE: Anyone looking for SCREAMING EAGLE or an old PETRUS?


      • QWAK,bikelady,Growing up IF we asked for a COKE and there was NOT a special holiday or reason to HOPE we may get it, MY MOM told US we could have ALL the "MICHIGAN SODA POP" we wanted, right out of the TAP! ;)

        IF we persisted SHE would explain that, IF we GRATAFIED all out 5 SENCES any time we desired, then there would be NO PLEASUER in geting the things WE WANTED!

        We always HAD the things we actualy NEEDED not nessarly the BEST or NEWIST, but ALL our NEEDS were given and with LOVE and APRECIATION on BOTH SIDES!

        Today fiew kids have CHORES and EXPECT a weakly ALLOWENCE just for NOT causing problems or geting in trouble!

        Their parents may LOVE their kids BUT they are ALSO ROBING and HARMING them and FAILING to HELP make them become STRONG, both physicly and MORALY and THEN the parents wonder why the kids REFUSE to OBEY!

        The KIDS have grown up having PARENTS who behaved like SERVENTS and when they get out in the world they EXPECT others to do the SAME as their parents have done!

        My Mom did not have much school but the MORE I look back, SHE was a VERY SMART LADY and I feel a bit ashamed that I did NOT RESPECT her MORE!

        the DUCK

    • Parents refusing to let their kids ride their bicycle to events, and driving them instead.

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      • ebonics. soda and ebonics are the cause of fatness.

      • QWAK,canucanoe,The world has changed and NOT for the BETTER, we just got more STUFF and usualy it is on CREDIT and NOT payed for!

        In the park ware I played less than a block, away from my home, there were MANY big bushes and trees ringing the park. We had "SECRET" places in the bushes ware we could pretend we were CAMPING or out in the WILDS of NATURE. Many of the trees were CLIMBABLE and I would climb as HIGH a I could or DARED and feel the tree sway in the breez.

        ALL are GONE NOW and that park still exists but is as STAREL and FLAT as a POSTAGE STAMP!

        As for the BIKE RIDING yep you are RIGHT AMD even threw to my jr. year of HS I walked,WE were NOT allowed to ride our bikes to school, my grade school was about a mile away and in HS it was over 3. IN HS I was on the WORK PROGRAM so I got out at 1:30 pm to be at my JOB which was BACK that 3 miles and 2.5 the OTHER WAY and I had to be there by 2:30 to PUNCH IN,if NOT the store would CALL the SCHOOL!

        I also believe part of the problem is just GIVING kids MONEY to SPEND rather than having to EARN it them selves and SAVE to BUY the things they WANT, BIG PROBLEM and instills WRONG thinking about what MONET is and SHOULD BE!

        Agen on bike riding US kids would ride MILES each day to fine POP BOTTLES to turn in for $.02 each! We would keep going untill EACH had a DIME to spend on a COKE, our EARNED REWARD. Having a COKE was NOT an EVERY DAY thing, NOR were there COKE macheans at SCHOOL!

        LITTLE by little so much has CHANGED but also SO FAST, in about ONE GENERATION!

        the DUCK

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