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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Jul 4, 2005 7:29 AM Flag

    Duck, re. silver

    Duck... I don't see that 8 cent 'Asian' silver pop you mentioned for Friday after hours. That's a 1.1% jump. Kitco shows flatlining, with a smaller bump today. It looks more like a retailer took advantage of you. Is that why you get free shipping?

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    • ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. Wake me if he ever tires.


    • Duh, my lobotomy and all my meds make me weak and silly, duh, please dont make fun of me mister, it's not nice to make fun of tarded tard tards..duh....DUH.......PPFFTTHHHH!

    • RE: epileptic fit!!!

      >> at last.. i may now understand where you have been coming from...!!

    • QWAK,analchord,If I am right and I believe I am,What YOU just described is how YOU relate to a BOWL MOVMENT,to YOU it may be an ART FORM (if you say so) but to others (sane type other people) it is still just S**T! :)

      the DUCK

    • Hey duck, can you please dumb down this post?
      Remember, after my lobotomy and all those meds, when I see all caps and lower case letters mixed all together it makes my head spin and I cry....duh, I cant understand high finance presented so cleverly like that without experiencing an epileptic fit!!! duh....please dumb it down.
      You know, Duckwipe, you need to start looking at posts like an artform, you know, like each one is a little individual gem of artwork and can stand alone as a complete masterpiece.
      Then, not only will the content be think tank eligible, but the very appearance of the post will be artful.
      That's what you should do.

    • QWAK,canucanoe This post from the GOLD FORUM today may be of intrist to you, or not.
      Well, did you here the news this week that a silver coin auctioned off for over a million dollars? And a $2.50 1795 gold piece was bought by Big Mo for over a million dollars.
      IM not saying go out and buy rare coins for crazy prices. Stick to bullion 10 oz 100 oz bars, IF YOU KNOW AN INDUSTRY THAT BUYS BULLION.
      IM not getting sarcastic again, IM still saying don't go out and buy $20 Liberties, Flying Eagle pennies, NO MOTTO gold pieces. They have recently been losing value,
      and the mark up on them is inflated beyond reason.
      But if you notice that if you buy silver eagles they go up in value every year. Look at the 1996 Eagle. Most
      Coin dealer's want over $40.00 for this coin.
      Also 90% silver bags are recommended, because right now it is still the cheapest, most divisible most widely
      recognised traded form of silver.
      Buy silver first and gold last because silver right now is way undervalued compared to gold.
      If you buy gold, the best buy for your money is the Krugerrand, British sovereigns, German Marks, Mexican peso, and rarities like the 25th anniversary Maple leaf set that has already gone up over $100 in value. Right now is a good time to buy the 20th anniversary gold Eagle set, spend the extra $30 to get a (PCGS MS-69) or
      (NGC MS-69) grading. It will be worth it when you go to sell. Also the Austrian coin is easy to sell, but don't buy strange coins like the Iranian Pahlavis.
      I avoid the gold Maple leaf though it is very popular because of the 24k gold and cheaper price than the 22k Eagle. Because they damage to easy. In 2006 the Eagle will go to 24k, but will they hold up? A massive TV sells campaine will start on this coin by the US Mint in
      2006, should be a good year for gold.
      Do not buy coins like Elvis, The Mogambo, Twin Towers or scapmans silver and gold smores coins. They will not go up in value. Silver rounds also don't increase well like an Eagle.
      Always take delivery.
      Try to buy overstock or something sold back to the dealer that is being sold "years of our choice" under the new price but brilliant uncirculated. Bought some 2003's just recently that way and some 1989's that looked brand new.
      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,I believe HE was going off the Asian market price but LIKE I said it was/IS a fair price and I do EXPECT that by the time my order is delivered the POS will be senifigently higher!

      Even thow I am an EXPERT SHOT, I don't hit the BULLS EYE every time but I am ALWAYS close ENOUGH to get the BULL and that is what realy counts! :)

      the DUCK

      • 2 Replies to uglyduck555
      • QWAK,canucanoe,The way I see it is to argue over the $.08 cents is or would be like dogs fighting over a BONE in a BUTCHER SHOP full of MEAT that is BURNING DOWN. Better to grab a nice ROAST and be satisfied! :)

        Whith MY long view and intention to HOLD well in to the future $80.00 more for each 1000 oz. is virtualy INSIGNIFIGENT.

        I honistly EXPECT to see if not HYPERINFLATION somthing very much LIKE IT down the road, so physical SILVER and GOLD too at current prices will seem like both were almost FREE and being given away. In a way they ARE because both are having their prices minipulated and held artificialy LOW to benifit the BIG GUYS and I feel LUCKEY that knowing THIS to be TRUE, I can take advantage of a TRUELY RARE once in MANY LIFE TIMES OPERTUNITY! I am NOT going to get bent out of shape over $.08 an ounce I am and DID THANK the MAN and feel GOOD to have made the TRAID of some FALLING VALUE DOLLERS for some RISING VALUE SILVER!

        the DUCK

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