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  • vlady84 vlady84 Jul 19, 2005 8:38 AM Flag



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    • QWAK,Bear,There were good reasons YOU never saw "GENTLE BEN" in side the house! He was NEVER "HOUSE BROKE", had terrable TABLE MANNORS and morning BREATH that could knock you out from across the room and NEVER trimed his TOE NAILS! :)

      Why do YOU think there is a OLD saying "Does a BEAR shit in the WOODS?" The CAMODE has to be STEAM CLEANED after a BEAR uses it! :)

      Most likely YOU are NOT a REAL "BEAR" and that is just a NICK NAME, because a REAL BEAR would likely try to EAT the computor KEY BOARD rather than TYPE and POST with it! :)

      LOL YOU SOoooooooooooo FUN!!!! ;)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,Most of the "NEW JOBS" number are NOT actual jobs counted" but are the result of a FORMULA for ESTIMATING jobs, much like the CPI numbers that leave OUT the cost of FOOD ,ENERGY and HEALTH CARE and related expences that allows the GOVERNMENT to clame that INFLATION is LOW and very MANAGABLE! It SAVES the GOVERNMENT paying out many MORE BILLIONS each year in SOCIAL SECURITY!

      IF you DON'T count FOOD and ENERGY and MEDICAL CARE ------- SHURE inflation is LOW but try living with out that stuff!

      FIGURES don't LIE but LIERS DO FIGURE! GOVERMENTS lie a LOT and people FOOLISHLY believe THEM!

      the DUCK

    • RE: just like keeping Lions,Tigers,Bears and Alagators as PETS!

      >> what in the hells wrong with bears?

    • chocolate pleeeeezz

    • ehhhh RE: Perhaps you have failed to notice or have believed the GOV. BS numbers but the $40.00 an hr. jobs are NOW in India and they are paying less that $5.00, but in Rupies!

      >>you watching to much tv...lou dobbs no doubt

    • QWAK,I thank GOD every day that I had the INSIGHT back in 1981 to BUY land and a cabin out in the country, because hard as it has been, it will be SOoooooooooo much better being a "COUNTRY DUCK" than a "CITY DUCK" in the years to come!

      QWAK,QWAK, (that's DUCK for YEE HAWAaaaaaaa!!!) :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Coming to a CITY or TOWN near YOU with in 7 YEARS. (most likely SOONER than LATER)
      A Begging Ban?

      Amid cries of protest, Atlanta city council members approved a ban on panhandling near tourist attractions on Monday. The bill, expected to be signed into law by Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, makes it illegal to ask strangers for food or money near downtown museums and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. The controversial proposal was pitched by a business group in advance of a large aquarium opening downtown in November. (AP)
      IF you think IT can't or will NOT happen perhaps even to YOU, The people who are BEGGERS today THOUGHT that TOO!

      HUGE DEBT seems OK untill it gets away and can NOT be managed any more,just like keeping Lions,Tigers,Bears and Alagators as PETS!

      DEBT is a MONSTER that seems OK at first when you first bring it HOME, but gets BIGER and BIGER untill it tries to EAT YOU!

      the DUCK

    • Go KO!

    • QWAK,Bear,Perhaps you have failed to notice or have believed the GOV. BS numbers but the $40.00 an hr. jobs are NOW in India and they are paying less that $5.00, but in Rupies!

      The car still costs 25k+ and that house costs $350K and the OWNERS (?) are realy just RENTING and the NEW jobs they got most often require waring a PAPER HAT and asking "Do you want FRYS with THAT?"

      ILLUSINS tend to work out THAT way and are INTENDED to HIDE the TRUTH from the people being RIPED off and SCAMED!

      the DUCK

    • RE: and in that time the US DOLLAR has LOST over 90% of its VALUE/PURCHASING POWER!

      >>everything is relative..or is that relevant

      >>the 2,500 car now costs 25,000....the 20,000 house now costs 200,000...

      >>the job that once paid $4 an pays $40..

      >>money is funny

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