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  • oleman_river oleman_river Nov 3, 2005 6:30 PM Flag

    Frogs show their tolerance

    November 3, 2005

    France to Let Rioters Govern Themselves

    (2005-11-03) � After seven nights of riots by youth in predominantly-Muslim sections of Paris, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) announced today that police would pull out of areas where dozens of cars burn each night to �let the freedom-fighting insurgents govern themselves.�

    �Just like the United States should not force democracy upon Muslims in Iraq,� said Mr. de Villepin, �we should not impose our own provincial thinking about the so-called �rule of law� on Muslim immigrants who have established a homeland in Paris. We�re withdrawing our occupation forces immediately.�

    The Prime Minister, who, when he was Foreign Minister, vigorously opposed the U.S.-led war against Saddam Hussein�s Iraq, today enthusiastically endorsed self-determination for �these peaceful religious people in our midst."


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    • if you were to try to burn my house and there was no law enforcement present to prevent you from attempting it i would be forced to shoot you myself and then contact the propper authorities to come and clean up the mess.

    • Crush,,, more rock throwing at the US? You obviously don't know France. That anger has been present in France for decades. Has nothing to do with US actions, and your declaration that it does is just a whitewash statement. A way for EU citizens to avoid dealing with their problems, one of which is now laid bare for the world to see. You want to 'blame it on others', when it is the outcome of decades of societal shunning and Gov't actions ensuring large unemployed. The current frustrations are not just resident in ethnic Arab communities, it also resides in ethnic French folk, some of whom returned from Algeria and were shunned. Others just part of the large contingent of unemployed. I'll even add middle class France who is quite tired of the Gov't giving their money to those that do not work. The problem has been there all along. It has nothing to do with America, other than the fact that Gov't leaders like Chirac and Schroeder chose to sanitize their problems by blaming the US the past 5 years. It doesn't work now, does it? The actions of EU citizenry in toasting marshmallows with a burning car can't be blamed on the US if one is a contemplative, sane individual.

    • Regarding: the us american invasion has a lot to do with what we see in france today

      Response: Didn't take long for the American Hate Mongers to blame the Greatest Country in the World for THE BURNING OF FRANCE.

      Name almost any problem occurring in the world and the American Hate Mongers will tie in OUR GREAT COUNTRY as the culprit.

      Regarding: I don't see the gangs and the rioters proposing a different system of government ..... and then you say ..... they would love it to distribute france amongst rival gangs and warlords.

      Response: Well which is it? Must be difficult for you to discuss a situation in which the United States is not painted in a bad light!

    • Crush... what's your point. There is a problem in the EU.

    • Crush... this is your backyard, going up in flames, and you throw a rock at the US? Get real. Take some interest in your own problems, and stop throwing rocks at the US as your 'remedy'. That's a failed Schroeder tactic.

    • Crush... so do I. What's your point?
      My point... the EU has not problem with awesome levels of unemployment. After a while, the cancer tends to spread to more productive areas, i.e. riots. Again... what's your point?

    • "I'm not sure what you mean by "challenging French democracy". I don't see the gangs and the rioters proposing a different system of government."

      they want anarchy. in anarchy they could blossom. look at the gang structure of somalia and the lack of enforcable government. that is where such people flourish. they would love it to distribute france amongst rival gangs and warlords.

      but so to speak, the us american invasion has a lot to do with what we see in france today - it has raised public anger to a level that was nothing short of explosive, especially in the outskirts of the big cities.

    • ...and after they destroyed whatever small industry and shops is there in the problem areas, that figure will most likely rise to 35-45%. fact is, france owes them nothing, but they owe france!

    • not to say that that what is happening in france right now is not going to happen in major us cities...

    • i see a crucial difference between those immigrants that work in their small self-started restaurants, or in the restaurarnats and shops of others, and those that decide to sell drugs on the street, rob others in parks, and destroy public order. not the same kind of breed.

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