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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 24, 2005 7:48 PM Flag

    QWAK,a new GOLD RUSH has started!

    QWAK,Russia wants to DOUBEL its GOLD reserves so is ramping UP its GOLD mining big time but that's not all, it wil be BUYING in all GOLD markets TOO! :)

    This is going to push the GOLD and SILVER prices much HIGHER and add to the momentum conciderably! $500.00 will be history very quickiy and ware it tops out will be a LOT HIGHER than most dare to even think!

    the DUCK

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    • Thanks duck, I hadn't seen that article, but I keep LOL evertime I hear those monthly job reports come out, knowing full well that they are exaxtly what Mr. MacDonald points out when he breaks the numbers down and uncovers the raw lies that are published to deliberately deceive people. I guess that's why I despise frauds like alzheimer that pretend and think they're clever. Those kind are the biggest reason people are so damn stupid. They might even work for the government propaganda machine just to infiltrate websights like this, to sort of give it a little color while dropping a few more of those poison pills into the water, to be soaked up by the ignorant and uneducated who are like raw meat to a lion. Later.

    • QWAK,just4dummies,Speaking of higher education and jobs this may be of intrist.

      What the GOV. tells people about all the NEW jobs created is BS,WE both know that but most people are either BELIEVERS or are trying HARD to BELIEVE because they NEED to believe even if it is not TRUE because other wise they must accept ------ THEY are SCREWED!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Perhaps this "HINT" will HELP?? Most likely not, but I will put it out there any way.

      Worth a shot??

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,just4dummies,I know you are RIGHT, but I just GOT to TRY, that is WHO I am and WHAT I am about!

      Bottom line is we can't change the WORLD only OUR SELVES and that starts with changing our MINDS!

      It IS "do able" and EACH has the ABILITY!

      The door is OPEN but it is CLOSING slowly and fiew are noticing, no matter how LOUD I SHOUT!

      Once agen I feel like CASSONDRA and like that Kondratieff Wave I dbout 1 in 1000 know WHO "Cassondra" or the "Kondratieff Wave" is or is about, perhaps even fiewer than that number.

      Just the same I feel compelled to TRY because other wise it would be like watching the WORLD BURN and NOT shouting out a WARNING!

      It's OK if they think I am CRAZY, I know I am NOT,I know what I got and I just want THEM to get SOME TOO, because I know and YOU do TOO, that THEY are going to NEED IT and NEED it BAD! Like FOOD or WATER, with out IT, so many will NOT SURVIVE!

      the DUCK

    • You may be on to something, i don't know what
      but it sounds like...
      moikee schmokee

    • Wow i didn't know that,took me by suprise
      moikee schmokee

    • QWAK duck... if people don't yet understand what money is, and the history behind... what, how and why... then the point is lost, and will be figured out the hard way. Pounding it in, cannot, and will not help change anyone. But, there is a sure fire way for them find out! Not here, and not in school. The schools do not teach anything worth the time of day anymore. Most kids are not interested in learning, are told they have deficiencies and are encouraged to be lazy and feel good about themselves even as failures. Unless they can win a big league contract to play professional sports where they can throw a ball around better than normal failures, they will never be able to be anything but paupers, criminals, or just freeloaders. That is, until the system changes, and they end up with nothing at all. Right now the only advice they get from school, is to use drugs to take care of their so called hyper-activity, or their attention disorders. I guess all of us were afflicted with those same diseases before drugs were the rage. So, unless the poor drug ridden and withering population... that is getting poorer and poorer, by design, and for their own good, and dummer and dummer also for their own good... snaps out of it, they're going to learn anyway. It's really not very complicated at all, because the root of it all is actually right in front of the world, and is easy to find. History is very repetitive and people always have the same reactions to their normal daily living experiences that they did way back in the stone age. Life has progressed all the way to this day, and history has shown how it all started from the ground up, and then, all the way back to ground level again, where the whole thing is destroyed.... and so on and on and on. Same lesson, different time. It always requires a good house cleaning in order to start over, and rebuild a bigger and better place to live. That's ALWAYS the best lesson, albeit usually a little too late for most. A sad lesson along the gulf coast is being learned by SOME people who decided that it's just too dangerous and costly to live there! But, not everybody learns that lesson. They'll rebuild and then shudder when the next hurricane threatens their homes, and their lives. They don't necessarily have to lose their lives over it, but they'll probably lose everything else again. It's just too hard to change on your own. It takes a greater force than ourselves to make it happen. Whether it's mother nature, or the long term business cycle, easily show by looking at the Kondratieff Wave. Now how many people on most of these forums even know what that is? A very small percentage for sure. Would many of them understand what it is, or what it means, or how it came about? Not smart enough to know or even think about stuff like that. It's one of those "Who cares?" responses. It's not especially difficult to understand! And it's always right! Why? All it does is reflect what people do and how they react. Same lesson, different times. :)

    • QWAK,analchord,The last fiew hundred years as the ROMAN EMPIRE CRUMBELED the SILVER coins that the people used for purchasing their daily needs have been found over their empire all the centuries since. What is most interisting is that much like our current EMPIRE the currency was gradgualy DEBASED going from 100% down to about 20% pure!

      For ROME it took about 400 years for the empire to totaly colaps but WE are almost there today in only a little less than 100 years!

      No one back then wanted to BELIEVE or could understand what was happening to them just as today in a slightly diferent way it is happening AGEN!

      the DUCK

    • Duck yuck what are you quacken about
      i,i just don't understand you, or are you just pulling my leg, me thinking your smarter than me
      moikee schmokee

    • QWAK,canucanoe,I am inclined to believe that WHY alpha and the majority of people are confused about PMs is that wile there are similarities to STOCKS and other investments PMS are also very DIFERENT in that they are much closer realated to the BASICS of WHAT real MONEY is and with most people having all their lives been relating to FIAT CURRENCY the REAL STUFF is totaly FOREIGN to them, as if it came from a GALIXY far far away! ;)

      It has taken the BANKERS about 100 years to REEDUCATE and CONFUSE the public in to totaly accepting first PAPER and then FIAT currency. The bankers came to believe that they had KILLED GOLD and SILVER and when ever it returns it is LIKE a GHOST returning from the DEAD! The bankers go in to high gear in every way they can trying to convince people to "STAY AWAY from the DANDEROUS GHOSTS" because they are the ones who FEAR GOLD and SILVER MOST! The KNOW all too well what they have done and that WHEN the public realises the HOAX "THEY got NO WARE to RUN" and will be held accountable for ALL they have DONE!

      The bankers minipulations and deceptions have percipitated WARS and MAYHEM going all the way back to the dark ages, perhaps as far back as ROME!

      It ALWAYS ends the SAME WAY with up heavial and VIOLENCE as the public wakes up and realises they have been HAD and HOW BAD they have been HAD! The GREEDY BANKERS are tared and feathered and run out of town (worse actualy)and in a generation or two TRY it OVER agen ----- THEY never LEARN as GREED is what modivates THEM and EXPLOITING ingorent people is SO tempting to them.

      KNOLAGE can set people FREE but MISUSED as bankers ALWAYS DO,it traps people in ECONOMIC SLAVERY and always has!

      All that people need to do to ESCAPE from ECONOMIC SLAVERY is reach out and TAKE their REAL MONEY "GOLD" back and the BANKERS are CRUSHED and CONFRONTED by what THEY have DONE and it is OBVIOUS WHY!

      the DUCK

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