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  • just4dummies just4dummies Jan 11, 2006 2:09 AM Flag

    Not heard on Tout TV.

    Did the duck write this?

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    • About posting TOO MUCH, and taking up TOO MUCH VALUABLE TIME, I couldn't agree more!
      As if I didn't do my share of it, but I just
      can't find enough time in the day, every day
      do devote as much time as the handful of people that can be seen on any site you happen
      to stumble upon. Yes, it's fun, amusing and sometimes worthwhile when an interesting bit of new information comes up. But, better than 95% of it, IMHO, is just yadyadaya. It's fun to banter back and forth, but on a continuous basis, it does get in the way, and becomes cumbersome. Everybody's got their opinions, and if it isn't obvious to people, that attempting to prove a point and change someone's mind, is probably in the range of happening once in a thousand times. So, THAT point is mute, as far as I'm concerned. Newbies drop in all the time, and ask the same questions that have been floated for eons, and when they get an answer, or several answers, they're usually right back where they came in! So, the right way to go about this investing business is to either hire a professional, and hope he knows what he's doing, or better, do a little work on your own, and if you don't do well, take responsibility for your own mistakes, and stop blaming others for your problems. But, one step much better than that possible negative outcome would be, just stay away from the markets in the first place. Mutual funds might be okay, if you get into the right area. But, even those are not guaranteed. It still takes a little DD. So, READ, READ, and then READ some more, and don't spend too much time talking to strangers, when there's a lot of things to keep you busy that might make you healthier, wealthier, and wiser. Is it okay to say happy holiday, without mentioning the name of it? :)

    • QWAK,LOL,That may be a "HEAD CHEESE" or perhps a new kind of "CHEESE CAKE" or then agen just a "CHEESEY LAWYER"! :)

      HE HE HE,just being ME! ;)
      the DUCK

    • QWAK,People who REFUSE to BELIEVE that the US DOLLAR and all things VALUED in IT and ALL FIAT currencies are being SET UP for a FALL or better yet a CRASH and will likely discover that they will find there HEADS served up on a SILVER PLATTER!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Obviously perceptions do change some times fast and in the extream, the thing about GOLD that is totaly missing with the dollar is that GOLD injoys physical REALITY and a long history of HIGH VALUE. The US DOLLAR has been riding on its PASSED perceptions of strenth that SAD to say no longer is TRUE and THAT sets up BELIEVERS for being SCAMED. One can compare it to a company that has a long established reputation for QUALITY products and a well reconised logo being bought out by a company that hides behind the NAME RECOGNITION to sell CHEEP low quality goods and runs the name in to the ground but makes huge profits untill the public finely catches on and shuns any thing linked to the company or its famous logo.

      The PERCEPTION aspect of both GOLD and the DOLLAR have generly had an inverse relationship but in recent years it is obvious things have been in flux but GOLD is physicly REAL with 5000 years of a perception of being the HIGHIST UALITY currency posable ware as the US DOLLAR after going totaly FIAT in 1971 has been falling in value and it became NESSARY to discredit and discourage the public from TRUSTING in GOLD to disguise the fall in value of not only the US DOLLAR but also ALL FIAT currencies as they are ALL linked to the US DOLLAR because it has assumed the position of the global RESERVE CURRENCY that GOLD had always had in the pased.

      You may find this article of intrsit in the current discusion.

      The problem historicly of ALL FIAT currencies has alway been that when public opinion changes it tends to do so quickly and in the extream and with FIAT currencies actualy only being PAPER with NO INTRINSIC VALUE the people holding the paper as it falls and ultimitly CRASHES get economicly devistated and all things held valued in the flling currency are impacted in the same negitive way.

      the DUCK

    • Perspective is choice. Not seeing or understanding another's perspective is narrowness at best ignorance at worst.

      Gold went from 855 an ounce to 250 an ounce in under two years. Was it just the value of the USD$ that was changing. Pretty unlikely.


    • It is the value of the USD$ that is changing. However, your choice of perspective blinds you to this.

    • Just let me add one more thing to MY bag of tricks that is more fun for me than watching a cage full of monkeys. I also am a position trader, which keep me very busy. I'm up very early in the morning, watching the markets from around the world, getting ready to roll over to our time zone. I'm right up to date with the currencies, and the metals in particular, because they are my favorite and I follow just about every tick. That keeps me busy and I LOVE the game like you wouldn't believe. That part of my life takes up most of my investment time, because it's more like a hobby to me, while my long term investments like physical gold and silver, mutual funds etc. just lay there, but are closely watched for the long term trend signals which are just like the short term trend signals. First in any market is just coincidental, but I sometimes get awfully close. It's much riskier to try it, but never-the-less, it does happen once in a while. Same thing on top. I don't even try to get the last dollar. Only a luck person can get it, and only a fool would dare risk it. I've been doing all over it, for a pretty long while now, and since I'm still at it, I can assure you, I am not in the habbit of giving my money away at a loss. As I said, to me the fast trading is something I love to do, and treat it as a little business and look at it like a hobby turned into a business. It works. I don't advocate anyone try it thought, unless you have a passion for that sort of thing, and can afford to do it. My risk is minimal, and like anyone with an ounce of common sense, I keep my risk at no more that 2% of my portfolio. Losses are not taken well, because I hate to lose because of a mistake, or an unforseen event. But I don't ever let a loss get out of control, and I don't let a loss turn me negative. I examine the reasons for them, and learn how to avoid making the same one again. Learning is an ongoing way of life for me, and I am driven by the challenge. Like they say, "don't try this at home". Not everybody is ready for certain things, unless they are like those fools on that stupid TV show, "Jackass". There are lot's of those out there too.

    • "...Spookey, dont you think..."

      Dopey, aren't you a fink?

    • QWAK,Well here_today_gone_tomorow,They took the SILVER from our quorters and dimes and replaced our copper pennies with ZINK so you could well be right BUT I believe they will likely TRY just INJECTING us with CHIPS and have NO actual currency, just computor CREDITS that BIG BROTHER will issue good for food and other necesities.

      Spookey don't you think?

      the DUCK

    • here_today_gone_tomorow here_today_gone_tomorow Jan 13, 2006 11:34 PM Flag

      Good point Mr Duck!

      What's to stop our Government from stamping $500 overtop $5 and telling us they're saving us money by not printing new money. And I'll bet most people will accept this explanation and go about their business.

      Someday, soon I expect this will happen because what's to stop them as the public is so gullable into believing that a piece of paper is somehow money just because someone says it is!

      However, it appears that Governments across the globe are now building a GOLD reserve in order to calm the fears of their populace as the time soon approaches that the FIAT CON GAME will come to an END!

      Methinks a financial storm is fast approaching and many governments will attempt a quick fix by printing more and more worthless paper money thereby causing inflation to go through the roof.

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