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  • just4dummies just4dummies Jan 11, 2006 2:09 AM Flag

    Not heard on Tout TV.

    Did the duck write this?

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    • you need to learn how to cut & paste...would be helpful!!!

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      • QWAK,Bear,just4dummies posted it corectly, YOU are just being LAZY! You want it SO simple all you have to do is CLICK once RATHER than having take SLIGHTLY more effort and coppying it and paisting it your self!

        You remind me of the LAZY guy who when offered $20.00 for FREE said "Roll me over,ahd stick IT in my pocket"

        Just4dummies POSTED it THAT way because YAHOO would NOT post it the way YOU prefer and to see it you would have had to take the h**P prefix and remove the ** and replace it with the tt!

        HOW much HELP do YOU want and NEED? Both just4dummies and my self are TRYING every way WE can to show YOU and every one that SOMTHING extreamly UGLY and EVAL is COMING and it WILL hurt YOU and EVERY ONE more than you can now IMAGIN!

        the DUCK

    • Also possible that someone will find a huge gold mine and flood the market with gold forcing the price to $33 an ounce. I would bet on the gold mine before the hyperinflation malarky.


    • QWAK,Well canucanoe,IF you are hungry for a roast beef sandwhich that COW won't do you much good,it may give MILK but you are going to be hungry for at least a day or two and then there is the MESS when you slauter it and you better have a REAL BIG deep freezer or the meat will spoil! ;)

      LOL HE HE HE

      Obviously my point is that PAPER is NOT GOLD and the reasons for owning PHYSICLE are to name just a fiew; that YOU have it in your posesion,it can't be taxed,it don't burn up,and MY personal FAVORITE is that it is a WEALTH MAGNET! A picture of GOLD or a stock certificit held by a broker is a VERY DIFERENT THING! I could also mention that PAPER GOLD can and IS used agenst the owner as was demonstrated in a previous post and link that ilistrated how you get HURT by SHORT SELLING and even buying stocks that don't even exist!

      the DUCK

    • Qwacked and Whacked... Yeah yeah.. the system is corrupt. Ony problem duckward is that long term owning the market has been very rewarding even if as you say, it is sham. I'll take 10-15% annaual return long term. Only the stupid would not. Are you stupid.


    • I will not likely ever be a one trix poney like the duck. Life is too beautiful and complex. And this posting krap can indeed get in the way of work. And play sometimes too.


    • Blah, Blah, Blah.

      Change your routine. Your mantra is dumb and boring.


    • Hey splitter, that's a real nice post. Thanks for the kind words. Age? I keep hearing that I'm older than dirt, but I sure don't feel like it. I grew up in the 40's if that tells you anything. Actually, I don't mind telling my age at all... 66 is the number. I feel more like 36, and really enjoy life. I'd rather think and act positively, than be negative, no matter what I do. So, when I make an investment, whether it's just a short term trade, or a longer term hold, I NEVER think that I'm going to lose. I'm ALWAYS positive that I'm going to make money. Of course, there ARE times when mistakes are made. So, who's perfect? But, just planting that positive thought is a big factor when it comes to being successful, no matter what you do. Most of the time, it really does work! But, on the other hand, when I feel that I screwed up, I'm not afraid to take a loss, put it behind me, and start looking for the next opportunity. The short term stuff is much harder to do all the time, but I manage to be about 75 percent on most of it, and I'm always thrilled when I get it right! I don't know why, because I actually expect it anyway. I read Sinclair, as I know you do. That man is fabulous, and the exception to the rule of ethics, like nobody I've ever heard of, bar none. He's going to take TRE to unbelievable heights, and all of us that hold it for the long term are going to make a lot of money. I have this thing with those dumb and incessant bashers. I think we need them, because when they go away, that means they're buying. And when the negative crowd changes direction, so does the stock. So, the fewer people on the positive side, the better for the longs! On the doggies... I have miniture schnauzer puppies. They are show quality, and came from the best dog in town, whose a 7 time winner, and has 6 blue ribbon winners that he's sired, which are all still out there competing. However, I do not aspire to showing dogs, nor no breeding any more either. This was the first time for that, and only because my brother gave me a great dog two years ago, and then asked if I would breed it to a west coast champion. I did just that, and we are having one of the most delightful experiences in our lives, albeit an expensive one, but a fun and rewarding one.

    • lets use the gold much is gas up...???

      >> lets see...17 c to 25c to 3$'s UP!!!

      can i afford bet ya!!!

    • If you were talking aobut fraud, you should have said fraud. Those companies are all interesting also, b/c they each have an officer or two or 20 spending time in prison. And to repeart myself, to some extent they have spawned the changes in accounting for stock options and Sarbanes Oxley legislation. Add some hefty beef finally added to the SEC. And need I mention the white knight of all.. Mr Elliot Spitzer, prosecutor extraordinaire.

      So as I say.. where are the examples of frequent and earth shattering blow-ups.

      Where is your sense of balance. Where is the extraordinary growth of the GDP in China, India, S. Korea, Brazil, Argentina and more recently Russia. Would you like me to mention a half a dozen great companies that have grown to prominence in the past 20 years, 10 years, 5 years. Small ones, such as Google, Yahoo, Genetech, Samsung, LG, AMD, Nokia, Verizon Schwab, Walmart, Vanguard, Barclays, Ikea. And the world Championships of the Red Sox and White Sox.



    • OK.. CAnoodle.. Will stop trying to confuse you with reality. Hold em to your higher standard. Frankly, I hope it works.

      I say hire more Spitzers.


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