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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jan 23, 2006 10:38 AM Flag

    QWAK,give me LIBERTY not FRNs!


    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,Wile I still think LIBERTY MONEY is better deal for the people at the bottom of the economic ladder than FRNs I found a better deal for them! :)

      Sort of a SAMS club ware they can get DISCOUNTS buying small amounts of physicle SILVER!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,A "TRUE" dollar.... is 371.25 grains of silver....that is the official DOLLAR of the United States by the coinage act of 1792, with subsequent admendments.

      Today the US DOLLAR is backed by GUNS,FORCE and FEAR it is a FARCE,a LIE and a SCAM! IT can NOT and WILL NOT hold up to the public HERE and in other countries questioning WHY it was allowed to happen!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,bear,The answer is ZERO! :) When I was a kid PEZ was too expencive for me so I never ever had even one PEZ dispenser!

      I often walked or rode my bike miles colecting COKE and other pop bottels to return for 2 cents each! To buy PEZ after THAT seemed as foolish THEN a it does today! I learned very early to be very FRUGAL and PRATICLE about MONEY! It is also why I never colected BUBBLE GUM traiding cards TOO! :)

      Perhaps IF I could get a SOLID GOLD or SILVER TIFFINY PEZ dispenser at or below SPOT PRICE then I might concider owning ONE! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,When Hitler had the Jews cornered in the GETTO and marked for EXTERMINATION most people think they did NOT fight back but THEY DID!

      Some were VERY CREATIVE and took simple things and turned them in to WEAPONS!

      They turned cooking GREESE in to GLISERIN and boiled down UREN to get the NITRATES and mixed them to make EXPLOCIVES!

      The FED is a SIMILAR MONSTER and not unlike Hitler it wants to control the WORLDS CURRENCY and has almost achieved that by having the US DOLLAR as the worlds RESERVE CURRENCY and by DEBASING and devaluing it, TAXING the WHOLE WORLD who uses it! Any who would DARE apose that becoming the TOTAL reality are CRUSHED or their governments DEPOSED or over thrown!

      The FED controls the US GOVERNMENT because the FED controls the US CURRENCY!

      It realy is just THAT SIMPLE, but it is done in covert ways so as to NOT have the public realise the TRUTH of what has been going on!

      I m NOT ANTI AMERICAN, I fight for ECONOMIC and TRUE FREEDOM, not the FAKE kind the FED and GOVERNMENT try to IMPOSE which is REALY just SLAVERY by another name!


      the DUCK

    • the real question is how many PEZ dispensers does the Duck have....

    • did you cheesecakes....

    • QWAK,alpha,THAT'S it GRAB for the STRAW perhaps you can convert canucanoe to YOUR DARK SIDE perspective TOTALY! LOL

      The GOOD FORCE and INLIGHTENMENT always WINS but YOU just keep TRYING! HE HE HE

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,alpha,YOU would LEAD the LAMBS to SLAUTER, I only show them a WAY OUT and that it IS POSABLE to take back THEIR POWER!

      You make YOUR LIVING FLEECING THEM, a DUCK don't NEED their WOOL and DON'T eat MUTTEN! :)

      the DUCK

    • Gee Canoodle.. Did you really think that you were seeing the world differently from the rest of the rational world. Did you really think that the Duck would not attack you if you pointed out his foolishness. How many times does he have to repeat, if you disagree with me, you are Wrong. Only the Duck sees all. The rest of the world is just not enlightend. How many times must he post that before you will recognize that applies to you too.


    • QWAK,canucanoe, MUCH less healthy for the average JOE than living in DEBT and on CREDIT!

      It is a SMALL start like a kid having a PIGGY BANK!

      the DUCK

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