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  • just4dummies just4dummies Mar 23, 2006 4:31 PM Flag

    How come those dumb KOheads...

    ... have been doing all the KO pumping and spouting off about how wonderful their stock is, because they are making money because the dollar is losing value, which in turn increases their earnings..... but none of them have dared to even try answering my questions about how companies with no can earning can somethimes go up, and companies with with good earnings can sometimes go down. They ran like scared rats back to their holes because they have no idea what they were blabbing about to start with. They can make me puke, with their unbelievable crap about a company that's been losing value for over 5 years and all of a sudden the idiots have uncovered the holy grail. Does this chat thing have anyone other than me and the duck that knows anything at all? Oh my, I forgot about ding and dong the village idiots who run this chat. Sorry fellas, you're easy to brush aside after all the stupid posts you've been putting up. I'm used to so much of your criticism of everone, and no real answers to financial problems or ideas, just junk you read in your locale disinformational news paper and stock tips from Jim Clamer, and his buddy Larry Krudlow. And don't forget all the great news updates and opinions from that good looking chick, Maria Fartaroma! What a great source for money losing investments like KO and their lost followers. Cya.

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      Would YOU actualy want to be constently exposed to UD or perhaps your children or any one else you cared about? - <br><br>Hmmmmmmm .... I don't think anyone would want to be constantly EXPOSED to you! <br><br>I can foresee a casual encounter by you, but I believe that you would be harmful to any person if you "exposed yourself CONSTANTLY". <br><br>P.S. Would you have your HEY NAH NOO NAH NOO hangin out?

      regard, FM

    • just pass over the ducks posts...unless you see some new info/insight

    • QWAK,alpha,What YOU believe was the SPIN at the END, what went down previously was LOST in the DUST! The ones who WIN wright the HISTORY any way that makes THEM look BEST!

      The US GOVERNMENT has a BAD HABIT of CHANGING the RUELS and REINTERPITING the WORDS when ever it is profitable to do so! Ask any NATIVE AMARICAN, hell We have always done IT, it IS "The AMERICAN WAY"!

      BTW: We knew and believed Sadam had WMDs because WE (CIA) gave or made it posable for him to get them, to use agenst the Iranians!

      the DUCK

    • I left this part out......Kuwait has never been part of Iraq because Iraq is a synthetic sovereign nation. No real boundaries existed other than cultural prior to its creation.

      And, Saddam H. was not around during the British colonial days or when Iraq was part of the German Axis. Saddam has no claim to Kuwait. Iraq has no claim to Kuwait.

      In a certain sense, we are trying to fix what was screwed up 50-100 years ago.

    • Duckie, geographically you are quite correct. The boundaries and territories in question have all been arbitrarily established about 75-100 years, give or take. Iraq, as well as Israel, and a few others were carved out in negotiations with the British (authorized in the Balfour Convention/treaty 1917) and the French who occupied Syria. All this was immediately after ww ONE era. It was only after the power void post WWii that the new Palestinian cause gained a toe hold in the region. The Persian (Iran) have always been seperate from the Mesopotamians.

      And ironically, some people suggest it was the CIA who helped Saddam H. achieve political power.

      Since about 1919 or so, the only cause for war in the region is fuedal. Some one claims a heritage to land which has been decreed to another party which they are excluded from.
      All war does is change who is in power. It does not make a country richer, smarter, more prosperous. It can make a culture more civil and with more traditional governance.

      Since when have Canada or Mexico put up arms against the USA for prior territories ? USSR for Russia, anywhere in the world you name, the disputes about BORDERS are over. The disputes are now about political and cultural power. Whether it is the IRA in UK or ETA in Espana and even the Serbs, it was about ethnic power with a theme of so called independence.

      I don't think Iraq wants Kuwait to be independent, and the same for Iran.

    • Qwacked One... Saddam was told up front with no equivacation that any invasion of Kuwait would NOT be tolerated. Any allegation to the contrary is a figment of your imagination or worse.


    • QWAK,courage_and_truth? You left out a lot of the TRUTH to project your position.

      One thing in prticular "Iraq had previously demonstrated a willingness to wage direct war to achieve political and economic control over a sovereign nation - Kuwait, Iran."

      Iran historicly concidered Kuwait part of it self or the general teritory of Iran. Kuwait was a TOTALY mad up country and set up by the British and USA governments and their BIG OIL companies. Historicly ther NEVER was a SOVEREIGN state of Kuait untill the OIL got discovered! :)

      Iraq has been a USA pupit previously and the USA had helped Iran and the Shaw, then helped Sadam and Iraq in a WAR that killed many THOUSANDS! Sadam was some what lead to believe with a WINK and a NOD that the USA would look the other way when Iraq took Kuwait.

      This WAR/GAME has been going on a very long time, it IS much MORE than most people percieve it to be. Sort of like a MODERN "100 year WAR" but the participents only relate to RECENT history.

      the DUCK

    • RE: "in '04".....<< i think i see the problem.....

    • dunkin donuts...or krispy many dozen?

    • I got the solution.

      We lock and load and go toast some Iranimals!!!



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