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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Apr 12, 2006 10:17 PM Flag

    QWAK,now can the DUCK grow FOOD? :)

    QWAK,I finished seting up the Green house there are 7 independent hydroponic units, 5 are out of odds and ends but two are made from off the shelf parts and can easaly be duplicated and scaled up just by increasing the number of tanks.

    I planted a bunch of stuff,watermelons,pumpkins,sqwash,peas,
    radishes,onyons and letuce. NOW we will see if the automated garden can actualy grow FOOD! :)

    Check out the pictures!

    I am sure tecnique is important and it just may be that building it all the equipment may be the EASY PART!

    the DUCK

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    • Ducky, I understand your concern, but the world is not suffering from an inability to support its population, nor is it even close. The problem is resource MANAGEMENT, to which I'm sure you'll agree. I happen to believe that people, not governments, manage resources best when allowed to do so.

      Too many countries have leaders more interested in generating war than creating a stable environment for agriculture and commerce.

      Some would call for a united world government to counteract this, but that would be the ultimate mistake, as that much power concentrated under one banner would never be a good thing--it would lead to worse injustices and human rights violations than ever.

    • Don't have the India ratio handy, but Coke is about 2:1 in sales vs. Pepsi in China. Something to consider.

    • what's pepsi's market share in china and india...........coke just might clobber em.......

    • QWAK,corbydillon,There is SOooooooo much MORE going on than just MILK, it has been in the back ground since the early 60s but is NOW coming to center stage. It is about OIL and US DOLLARS and FOOD and POWER to control and that power sliping away!

      This is worth the time to listen to and just PONDER on,we have reached and passed the TIPING POINT but almost no one has noticed nor have they yet conected the dots so wile most have senced a change they fail to percieve just what it means or how it will impact on them both indivigualy and colectively!

      Give THIS a listen and decide for your self.

      Hour 1:
      Hour 2:

      We are NOT in Kansas any more TODO and things are NOT how we thought they were!

      the DUCK

    • No doubt you would. Actually it is my concern for accuracy. Bear is genetically having problems getting away from his parochial disposition. But he senses that something is amiss. Maybe not waht was amiss in Vietnam. But something perhaps as bad. His senses tell him something quite different is happening than this Administration wants us to think. Nurture v Nature in the self.

      Happy Easter Gurls.


    • How many years of 4H training and competition before you were 17 did you say you had.


    • Aim High. I'll take my Diet Pepsi. No better no worse health wise than the other diet wonders and hell of a lot better tasting. A BOD with a much sharper eye on the ball for most of the past decade.

      And how you can mix up the likes of W with greatness in any fashion is blind republican hope ratjer than any act of objectivity. Their is a good reason W looks an awful lot like Alfred E. Newman.

      I'll check out this tim horton thing. Hearing interesting chatter and am an easy target for food plays. Raise on dem Whoppers and love my Pillsbury for many years.


    • Duck, the dairy companies have somehow managed to convince us that cow's milk is the standard, and anything else is weird. Trust me, whenever I mention drinking goat's milk to those not accustomed to it, their noses wrinkle up worse than Alan Greenspan's forehead used to on rate hike day.

      The funny thing is that cow's milk is still only the standard in America. The majority of the world, however drinks goat's milk. Cows may be more economical in the ultra-large scale system, but goats take care of themselves much better in smaller, more mountainous plots where food is harder to find, and agility is an asset. It's all in where you are.

      The beautiful thing about free market capitalism, however, is that slowly, but surely, smaller companies are finding ways to edge into the public consciousness, selling whole foods that the average joe in New York or L.A. can't provide for himself. As long as government stays mostly out of the game, these things usually take care of themselves over time.

      Also, the unhealthy people will die off at higher rates, leaving the rest of us in charge of things eventually. Always a sunny side, eh? :)

    • Duck, you hitting the books? Your spelling improved dramatically! Maybe milk brings the best out of you?

    • QWAK,corbydillon,I believe the primary reason COW MILK is and has historicly been most common is realy quite simply COWS have a MUCH biger milk sack and produce a lot more milk! :)

      Today a modern milk cow likely produces many more times the amount of milk that cows did just 50 years ago threw selective breading and the wonders of modern science with hormones and other chemicals.

      A goat just don't make enough milk even a bunch of them and each one has to be cleaned and milked so it is a lot more work for a lot less MILK! Too labor intencive for large corperate type operations.

      They sell the public what THEY want to sell, NOT what people would want IF they relied on information other than ADVERTISING!

      The big AGRA BUSINESS has signifigently ALTERED what the public on a large scale eats and NOT because it is BETTER for the people but rather what will show the best profit!

      That is why they were feeding cattle with the unusable parts of other cattle ground up and mixed in there feed!

      IF people realy knew what the MODERN MILK macheans were REALY eating, the immage in their heads of a cow chuing grass out in a pasture would be destroid,and they would likely think more than twice about milk in the store.

      Just the same I do drink a lot of milk! ;)

      the DUCK

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