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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Jun 3, 2006 4:16 PM Flag

    Crush, what's up in Germany?

    Sure hope Europe doesn't continue to decay. Ever since this EU thing caught steam, xenophobia in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France is blossoming. It's only going to get worse, I'm afraid.

    Riots are quite common in France now. Another wave last week. Here's something one would have never anticipated. From the NYTimes today:

    >>>Surge in Racist Mood Raises Concerns on Eve of World Cup
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    Published: June 4, 2006
    HAMBURG, Germany, June 3 � As he left the soccer field after a club match in the eastern German city of Halle on March 25, the Nigerian forward Adebowale Ogungbure was spit upon, jeered with racial remarks and mocked with monkey noises. In rebuke, he placed two fingers under his nose to simulate a Hitler mustache and thrust his arm in a Nazi salute.

    In April, the American defender Oguchi Onyewu, playing for his professional club team in Belgium, dismissively gestured toward fans who were making simian chants at him. Then, as he went to throw the ball inbounds, Onyewu said a fan of the opposing team reached over a barrier and punched him in the face.

    International soccer has been plagued for years by violence among fans, including racial incidents. But FIFA, soccer's Zurich-based world governing body, said there has been a recent surge in discriminatory behavior toward blacks by fans and other players, an escalation that has dovetailed with the signing of more players from Africa and Latin America by elite European clubs.

    This "deplorable trend," as FIFA has called it, now threatens to embarrass the sport on its grandest stage, the World Cup, which opens June 9 for a monthlong run in 12 cities around Germany. More than 30 billion cumulative television viewers are expected to watch part of the competition and Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA's president, has vowed to crack down on racist behavior during the tournament.

    Underlining FIFA's concerns, the issue has been included on the agenda at its biannual Congress, scheduled to be held this week in Munich. A campaign against bigotry includes "Say No to Racism" stadium banners, television commercials, and team captains making pregame speeches during the quarterfinals of the 32-team tournament.<<<

    >>>Players and antiracism experts said they expected offensive behavior during the tournament, including monkey-like chanting; derisive singing; the hanging of banners that reflect neofascist and racist beliefs; and perhaps the tossing of bananas or banana peels, all familiar occurrences during matches in Spain, Italy, eastern Germany and eastern Europe.

    "For us it's quite clear this is a reflection of underlying tensions that exist in European societies," said Piara Powar, director of the London-based antiracist soccer organization Kick It Out. He said of Eastern Europe: "Poverty, unemployment, is a problem. Indigenous people are looking for easy answers to blame. Often newcomers bear the brunt of the blame."<<<


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    • what did you expect? when the east of germany was integrated into western germany, it was basically a completely bancrupt country. even though a lot has been done, unemployment rates are above 20% in some places. then you have many german companies going to poland and other cheap labour countries, and the same time you have many russians and their criminal organizations move into germany. this has in turn led to a raise in radical sentiments in some areas in eastern germany, especially in saxny but also in brandenburg. there are several places where i would simply not go when i would be a foreigner with a different skin or language. isnt much different than the ghetto in your city where you probably wouldnt go when it is controlled by gangs.

      at the moment a lot is done in order to disturb the movement and when the economy is turning you will see it getting much smaller. that said, i can assure you that racial sentiment in germany is still much lower than in the us. we dont have minorities around that are treated like white americans treat their negro and indian minorities - only good for low educated jobs. in germany every child still can have a decent education including university even if the parents are poor. and by the way it is not as if you do not have a nazi movement in the usa, to the contrary i would say it is much stronger than in germany.

      speaking for france - they are merely getting their payback for their colonial sins, just as the british. besides that their ghettos are still in better condition than the ones i9n the us. just people are not as stupid in france, as to let themselves getting exploited by an elite to the extend as it is happening in the good old usa. in france heads of the aristrocracy were chopped off before. let us not forget that FRANCE, not the USA is the birthplace of modern democracy!!!

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      • Crush, no wonder you Germans permit France to be the diplomats. You have such a poor knowledge of world history! Please adjust your attitude. The French Revolution occured well after the American Revolution which installed our democracy. It was installed with laws that came about then from the Constitution Convention, also before the French Revolution. I will also remind you that it was not installed by a mob, which caused chaos that a dictator, Napolean, had to quell. You see, not only is France xenophobic, like Germany, but you Germans don't even know your history. I would also say you personally can't judge the quality of a democracy. It appears to me that you accept "President" Saddam as a leader of similar ilk. Words have immense meaning to you, irrespective of the truth.

      • Crush, Germans torched Turks in the '80s. It's not new developments that bring this out of the German character. Not only that, but the premise of the EU is for Europe to knock down EU borders, so movement of people is to occur for the betterment of Germany and the EU. As for your comparison to the US, it stinks and is wrong. America as a culture has always welcomed immigrants (legal and otherwise), whereas Europe has always shunned them. While there are areas that are poor,America hasn't insitutionalized its immigrants like Europe.

    • QWAK,analchord,There are a infinent number of questions I could posably ask her, how ever just off the top of my head, I would likely ask her ------- "If a DUCK came to your door and offered you a casheers check for $1,000,000.00 PAYABLE only in GOLD and could ONLY be cashed at the LOCAL BANK with in the next hour,would SHE come with me to that bank NOW to cash that check?" Her answer would determin which road was the right road! :)

      HE HE HE,One can always COUNT on GREEDY people to do what SERVES them selves BEST!

      the DUCK

    • Current account (funded liabilities): $8,342,863,384,478.03
      Unfunded liabilities (including the war on terror): $70T
      Trade balance: $65B per month.

      Cost to service funded liabilities interest - $1.14B per DAY.

      Current account debt is more then 7% of GDP. Most countries economies collapse when current account reaches 6% of GDP.

      8,000 people are reaching social security age each day.

      Totally unsubstainable.

    • "If a DUCK came to your door and offered you a casheers check for $1,000,000.00 PAYABLE only in GOLD and could ONLY be cashed at the LOCAL BANK with in the next hour,would SHE come with me to that bank NOW to cash that check?" Her answer would determin which road was the right road! :)

      How would that question help? If it was the sister that always tells the truth, she'd likely say yes and take you the right way. But if it was the lying sister, she'd smile and say ok and then lead you the wrong way. She always lies. Are you willing to take a 50/50 shot with your life and your gold? And all the gold in the world won't do you no good if you take the wrong road and DIE!! WHAT'S THE MATTER CAN'T FIGURE OUT THE ANSWER HOTSHOT?????? HOTSHOT DONNIE IS STUMPED?


      Dr. Mike

    • QWAK,analchord,You altered the perameters of the original question! ;)

      BTW: Do you actualy believe SHE would LIE and risk losing that much GOLD? HUMmmmmmm Not LIKELY! Not in the REAL WORLD which by the way in the REAL world, she would NEVER get any GOLD any way, but her GREED would BLIND her to that reality!

      HE HE HE Any way as a DUCK I would just FLY to the town, so your silly senerio is pointless!

      the DUCK

    • Yawn...Dwuck... You should really give credit to the statistician that labors to come up with those nealy meaningless comparisons. We know you think you are a Genuis. But even legit Genuises give credit to those that earn it.


    • Duck, this is all gibberish until you put it in context. So, will you try. Let's start with:

      >>>Current account debt is more then 7% of GDP. Most countries economies collapse when current account reaches 6% of GDP. <<<

      Never before has one country's fiat currency been the world's reserve asset. Please explain what is going to happen considering that the whole world has USD$ as their MAIN reserve asset. Can these countries permit the USD$ to collapse as you say "most" situations end up?

    • Ahhh, mogambone. Thanks for stopping in. You know, that bum Ted Butler stopped here once in a while. He couldn't put things in context either. He spouted all this nonsense about supply and demand and when asked how reliable the #'s from totalitarian regimes (china, russia come to mind as being most significant), he admitted his whole rant falls to pieces. How about putting your rant into context. Tackle:

    • QWAK,alpha,I did not dig up the numbers but THAT does not NEGATE their importance or validity! This country is SCREWED and so deep in DEBT it will likely be the most remembered thing about this country by history!

      You are agen trying to DIVERT attention away from the OBVIOUS reality that the USA is a heart beat away from finantial CATASTROPHY and colaps!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you told us that the monarchy of France was no good and was overthrown. Now you tell me that I got things back ass wards because the monarchy supported America? My point is that America led France in creating a solid, democratic institution. Your various presentations are conflicting and really don't have anything to do with the discussion or real history.

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