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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jun 15, 2006 6:24 PM Flag

    QWAK,He reminds ME of ME! :)

    QWAK,about 15 years ago I found a filled in old WELL near the cabin and knowing that SOME WARE near here is an ancient SILVER mine that has been lost since the 1920s I doug it out down a little over 20 foot.
    MONTCLAIR, California -- A homeowner searching for gold admitted he
    got a bit "carried away" after neighbors complained about an 18-metre-
    deep hole in his front lawn.

    Henry Mora, 63, began digging 10 days ago after his gold detector
    reported a positive hit near his front patio. He told authorities he
    only intended to go down about a metre.

    "I figured, well, maybe there's something down there -- you would
    logically conclude, right? So I started digging," the semi-retired
    musician said.

    He started finding gold dust in the dirt and the detector kept
    hinting that he was getting closer, so he kept digging.

    "It was still beeping, and that just gave me the idea to keep
    digging," he said. "I think it's a normal human reaction, especially
    when you think there might be gold down there."

    A neighbor who saw the mound of dirt growing on Mora's lawn became
    concerned and called authorities Tuesday. Fire officials found two
    men Mora hired were inside the unreinforced hole, using a bucket and
    rope to remove dirt.

    "We told him, 'You're done,'" Montclair fire Capt. Rich Baldwin
    said. "It's amazing no one got killed."

    Authorities fenced off Mora's property and ordered him to hire an
    engineer to safely pack the dirt back into the ground.

    Mora acknowledged his search for buried treasure was getting "totally
    out of hand."

    Yet when asked whether he regrets the dig, Mora was conflicted.

    "In a way yes, and in a way no," Mora said, "because I think there's
    still gold down there."
    I did not find the silver mine but DID get a back up emergency source of water! :)

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,canucanoe,I am a little fuzzy on the date when celibacy was placed in the MIX but believe it to have been around 800 AD, how ever it was frought with HIPOCRACY and LIES mixed with SHAME, as many just HID what they DID and used their positions of power and authority to convince the young and ignorent to comply because they SAID it was GODS WILL!

      In the "NEW WORLD" the Americas, it was not uncommon for priests and brothers to insist on taking young virgens befor they were wed.

      The recent EXPOSURE of many PEDIPHILES is not actualy NEW but rather the result of people having the way and means of leting the public know of WHAT in the passed had been supressed.

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,The actual properties of GOLD make IT "UNCORRUPTABLE", Silver and COPPER do carrode and react and so does PLATINUM.

      GOLD coins retreved from sunken ships in salt water for hundreds of years come up when retreaved just as shiney and uncorrupted as the day they went in! This holds TRUE with coins and artifacts even thousands of years old!

      the DUCK

    • Just gold? Why not silver, platinum or even copper?

    • Just curious. Who knows when the policy of celibacy was demanded of priests and why?

    • lol! biasp,,,, as I said earlier, you are such a hypocrite. Look at your post. It's so sad. You've been feeding off of America while abandoning "the faith".

    • QWAK,alpha, "they are somewhat different breed than the Catholic Church." --- a COW is a COW HOLLY or NOT, a WHOPPER with out a BUN on the HOOF!

      No less dangerous be it LONG HORN or holstean when it is IGNORENT and acts with out THINKING and can do much DAMAGE when loose in a China shop!

      the DUCK

    • Rwastor Dwcuk. Unfortunately you are right.

      That hasnt stopped the Rise of the Religious Right. And they are somewhat different breed than the Catholic Church.


    • QWAK,fe4o3, "The old testament was translated into greek about BC200." --- The OLD TESTIMENT it self is an AMALGUM of even much more ancient stories from earlier religons and governments that colapsed and were over thrown.

      The story of NOAH is lifted almost word for word from an ancint sumarian story of GILGAMICH.

      What is IMPORTANT is the WISDOM in the STORIES not the name of the person or even the geographic location or when the story was first writen down. The KNOLAGE and WISDOM are TRUTHS that are TIMLESS and have been told by MANY and in many lands and languages!


      TRUTH is like GOLD ---- UNCPRRUPTABEL even when covered in CORRUPTION it is SEPERATE from the corruption and recoverable too! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,fe4o3,400 AD there was a conclave called to SORT out the many CONFLICTING stories and ORGANISE the "CHURCH" and set down the OFFICIAL BELIEFS and DOGMA that would be the FUNDAMENTALS.

      As for WHO wrote WHAT there is a lot of confusion about THAT it is FAR from FACT except from the CHURCH it self!

      The history of the CHURCH is incredably EVIL and has been PAPERED over more times then a HOTELL ROOM in an OLD BORDELLO! Especialy the EARLY YEARS when it was an UNDERGROUND forbiden religon that was in direct conflict with the STATE GOVERNMENT!

      Popes BOUGHT their positions, some were POISENED and the CARDNELS were some of the MOST WELTHY people on par with KINGS and had standing armies!

      The great CATHEDRIALS were built with money colected by SELLING DISPENSATIONS to the RICH and POWERFULL, a FREE ticket to HEAVEN no matter how EVIL THEY WERE or what they had done! That is just the TIP of the ice burg!

      Down threw history the CHURCH has been a DEN of THEIVES and LIERS, CHEETS, PEDIFIELS ,you NAME it it is there, but with a GREAT PR dept. and a CLOKE of SECRACY and conspirice suposidly with TIES directly to GOD! YEP that makes SENCE to ME! LOL

      Do a google search on Project paper clip and the RAT LINE! Ware did a lot of the GOLD and other PLUNDER from WW2 end up never to be seen agen? The CHURCH got it and also helped HIDE war criminals and give them FAKE identities! Thats a FACT JACK! Just SOP for the CHURCH!

      People put things out of their minds and in a short time forget or PRETEND it never happened and this has happened countless times with the church. The power is just TOO tempting to ABUSE, so is so OFTEN IS!

      Any teaching from such an organisation should be at the very least SUSPECT and certinly can not be OBJECTIVE, in less the objective is to maintain the ILUSION of having a MONOPLY on TRUTH ----- strait from GOD of corse! LOL

      the DUCK

    • Not exacly on the topic of KO. Which has been an excellent trading vehicle. But curious how you come up with 400 years AD for the scriptures.
      The old testament was translated into greek about BC200.
      Duck nearly all scholars believe the gospels were written in the 1st century. they were written by the apostles who knew Him and saw Him. The exact years become unclear.
      Was it before AD50, AD70, etc. but undoubtedly before AD90.
      If you are interested look at the following link for a reasonalbe apologetic;
      What is your basis for the 400 years after Christ?

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