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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jul 6, 2006 11:21 AM Flag

    QWAK,IF you think MARKETS are FAIR

    QWAK,IF you think markets are FAIR and are NOT minipulated, YOU are thinking like a CHILD and believing the very ones who are DECIEVING YOU!

    ALL burocracies become CORRUPTED and SELF SERVING, it is the nature of the BEAST and protecting the BUROCRACY becomes the #1 priority very quickly, resulting in the FLEECING of the public and all minorities with out power and authority to compeat in a FAIR MARKET that is NOT RIGED in favor of MAJOR PLAYERS!

    When the MAJOR PLAYERS assume control of regulating burocratic agencies they will ALWAYS protect them selves and use that power to SUPRESS thoes who have little or NO POWER!

    At first this is SUBTILE and goes unnoticed and unchalanged but over time this becomes the ACCEPTED NORM and becomes BLATENT, OBVIOUS and extreamly distructive.

    The ULTIMIT RESULT especialy in MARKETS, is that when EXPOSED there are minor FINES and MAJOR corrections, which tend to cause EXTREAMS in the OPOSIT DIRECTION!

    SILVER has been SUPRESSED and MINIPULATED for a very long time and because IT HAS,IT is perhaps the single best opertunity for the small investor to get IN at low peices and ride the WAVE as MUCH HIGHER prices eventualy result from the CORRECTION to NORMS with out CONTROLS,MINIPULATION,ans SUPRESSIONS!


    the DUCK

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    • QWAK, Bear,This is a GOOD READ on modern DEBT releaf and bankrupcy.

      The biger picture is that because DEBT is SOooooooooo enormus on virtualy ALL levels for GOVERNMENTS GLOBALY and localy and down to the PERSONAL level, what currently exists is a CRITICAL MASS of DEBT that is being MANAGED by an UNREGULATED DIRIVITIVES market of such HUGE proportions even the players in IT don't know how big "IT" is and can only HOPE and ASSUME that IT will some how manage to NOT BLOW UP!

      Sort of a "Planet of the APES" get hold of a NEUCLAR REACTOR situation! :)

      The BANKERS have created this situation and have managed so far to keep the "REACTOR" from blowing up or melting down BUT the REACTION must constently KEEP expanding OR it will IMPLODE in on it self. There have been some NEAR catastrophies like LTCM or the bail out of Mexico and Argentena to name a fiew and the FACT is at SOME point there WILL be a BREACH in CONTAINMENT of the REACTOR and then an ECONOMIC HELL will be LOOSED, most likely resulting in a GLOBAL WAR!

      That is WHY to ME DEBT is such a MAJOR ISSUE!

      As I see it the WORLD is DUE for a REMEDIAL LESSON that will include RESPECT,HONOR and an RETURN to VALUES which are NOT defined in DOLLARS, but DO reflect the REALITY of HUMANITY and sets a HIGH and FARE value on ALL lives ware ever they may be and what ever they may do to contribute to ALL of HUMANITY!

      the DUCK

    • Pwease Pwastor DWusk. Take your meds. They will help.


    • QWAK,alpha,When you get DONE talking out of YOUR ASS do remember to WIPE ---- it is the LEAST you can do after taking a DUMP in public and displaying both your ASS and IGNORENCE!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,alpha,What I have been telling you for years "IS" the MOST PROBABLE SENARIO because it HAS HAPPENED again and agen MANY TIMES in history, ACTUALY every single time people were FOOLISH enough to try creating FIAT currency as a SUBSTITUTE for REAL MONEY with INTRINSIC VALUE of its own!

      You have YET to see EXTREAM but YOU WILL and this time it WILL set NEW EXTREAM RECORDS!

      History will look back at our current situation and reguard it as the END of an EARA of unpresidented GREED and DEBOCHERY in many ways WORSE than the end of the ROMAN EMPIRE!

      the DUCK

    • Pwastor Dwuck... It is such a sorry situation that your emotional disorder prevents you from understanding worst case scenarios from probable scenario.

      Consult with your Qwack about doubling your dosages.


    • Suggest you do your reading before opening your yapp, Canoodle. When you understand the genisis, you should not have to ask such nonsense.


    • QWAK,Bear,I bought the majority of my GOLD with SAVED CASH,the CREDIT CARD was a DEMONSTRATION to OTHERS of how much and FAST the US DOLLAR is falling!

      As for my monthly check I would be VERY HAPPY to be PAYED in GOLD and SILVER ----- REAL MONEY!

      In MODERATION all things are GOOD, in EXCESS or EXTREAM all things are BAD! The BANKING SYSTEM and FIAT CURRENCY have taken DEBT to such EXTREAMS that the very CONCEPT of WHAT money IS and REPRESENTS has been virtualy LOST and FIEW believe or understand WHAT REAL MONEY is!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,hungry_duck,Well you can always go to Mexico I am shure similar rules apply down there --- RIGHT? ;)

    • RE: "BANKERS who actualy produce NOTHING yet live very well off other peoples LABORS!"

      GEEEEEEEE...too bad they created credit would you have bot that gold (or the silver)....and with no interest too boot..

      >> and where is it you cash your monthly check...7-11?

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