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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Nov 15, 2006 1:42 PM Flag

    State of Denial

    Alpha, how come, with such knowledge, which was public before the war, that you wanted to go to Iraq with Bush, Cheney and your fav, Rummy, leading the way? It seems to me that you too disregarded Shinseki's thoughts. Therefore, why would you post this below if you didn't believe in it before? ...because you are a rock thrower...
    With Rummy Dummy gone, (Shouldn't our dummy Cunny also slink away) more truths are being acknowldeged:

    <A few minutes ago, Abizaid was asked if Gen. Eric Shinseki -- who famously told Congress before the war in Iraq that the military would need "several hundred thousand" troops to secure that nation after major combat operations, only to be slapped down by then-Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz -- was correct.

    "Gen. Shinseki was right that a greater international force contribution -- U.S. force contribution and Iraqi force contribution -- should have been available immediately after major combat operations," Abizaid said.

    He added, though, that he does not think more U.S. troops are needed right now. >

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    • OK.. Canoodle.. Shall we call you Dummy Rummy's Boot Black from here out or just NeoButtHeadest.

      While Bush and Co may well have been better off and advised by consulting with me rather your fellow NeoButtHeads prior to the Iraq mission, they chose not to. They did however have Clinton's top general, Gen Shenseki's advise which they chose to ignore. I think all the world and even YOu, NeoButtHeadest, recognize that tho who knows what spin you will try to put on that.

      Why you choose to misrepresent my position notwithstanding the number of times I have posted can only be attributed to your stupidity adn perhaps embarrasment to the extent of the fiasco those you chose to admire and defend wrought.

      So be it. But please try and trim your whining.


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      • I'm sorry Alpha, but I noted how you didn't follow Shinseki's advice. Why should Bush or anyone else have followed you? And why should you throw rocks at someone who did just as you did?
        You are a revisionist and a rock thrower. Stand up, be a man, and admit when you are wrong. It will help you understand yourself and permit others to look upon you as someone with a backbone. You may even find cause not to throw your rocks.

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