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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Oct 1, 2006 6:25 PM Flag

    State of Denial

    Why doesn't it surprise me. The faux non-partisan, Canoodle and his beloved Bush Administrarion. Two peas in a pod. Incompetent and untruthful. Moralists. Worried more about a Democrat's sexual dallience then protecting against terrorism pre 9/11 and not even planning for an insurgency and denying it for months. They also all like to whine an awful lot about those that recognize the facts and state them plainly.


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    • lol!

      Alpha, what nonsense. You selected Bush, Rumsfeld, etc. to go to war for you. Then you turn tail and say they didn't do it good enough. lol! Yes, you certainly do have 20/20. And you let everyone know when you turn and flee that it is not "you" that is the problem, but "them".

    • rumsfeld will go down in history as a great warrior.....Geronimo.../// you can cut and run!!

    • You forgot to also mention how accurate and on point my critique of Rummy company has proven to be. And how you chose to attack my critique as rock throwing while you chose to whine.


    • first in...first out!!!

    • Alpha, re:

      >>>YOu who have remained vigilant in your defense of Rummy and Co are now venturing forth to blame everyone other than yourselves. <<<

      I don't believe I have ever defended Rummy and Co. I have only noted how shallow and undefensible your rock throwing is.

    • Canoodle... where are you trying to go with this. YOur points. What points would that be. Seems you are saying in effect that Bush and Co did indeed fight the wrong war in Iraq. Seems you are now, 3 years after the fact, throwing your own rocks. And while throwing your own rocks, whining to boot. And you wonder why I note your 'stupidity.'

      Time for you to close shop and crawl away on your Iraq missadventure. Seems you think you can now blame any and all others for debacle. YOu who have remained vigilant in your defense of Rummy and Co are now venturing forth to blame everyone other than yourselves.

      Keep whining Canoodle. You do that well and consistently.


    • All part of a normal process. Nothing much in that article. Seems the journalist had a deadline to meet. Why it was posted as containing something of interest, or meaty, is beyond me.

    • Alpha, I have never once:

      a. wanted to nation build. I have stated otherwise.
      b. referred to us, liberals, teams of any sort, neocons, conservatives, etc. I don't believe in that partisanship.
      c. spoken of Clinton's sexual proclivity. I have spoken how lieing under oath and putting his personal interests, sexual in nature, ahead of the nation, are ethical lapses that shouldn't be tolerated in a leader.

      There are few who view Serbia as a job well done. There are many that are quite embarassed.

      If you were interested in honesty, you would not have written what you did.

    • Alpha, I don't lie and I don't misrepresent. I certainly have not misrepresented you. You are on record as wanting war with Iraq. You too were able to digest Shinseki's early going Iraq conflict testimony as well as others who felt Iraq was inappropriate or not well run. Yet you chose war. Most who chose that live with their decision and adjust to achieve goals. Most would feel wrong to throw rocks at others by quoting past known objectors that they too disregarded. Not you. You will sling mud at anyone to cya and impress the naive. You will grasp for straws, change positions on the fly and forget your own past history to look good and proper. The problem is, I remember as do others. Get a backbone and a strong ethical streak. Your lawyer skills don't obviate your need to do this.

    • Lets face it Canoodle.. YOu and yours got trashed. You lie adn misrepresent. All of your 'character' is faux and you have no compunction about throwing your own rocks.

      My position respecting Iraq and WMDs was clear from the get-go. It was not as you represent. Again your faux demeanor. I never supported your 'clandestine' agenda. It was and is fairy dust. Stupid and wasteful of our time, money, men and other resources.

      You want to Nation Build a country in the Middle East. Say so and run on the platform. Dont ask those of us that recognize our national security might indeed justify a preemptive strike to assure that a hostile nation/leader does not have viable WMDs, to then 'legitimize' your desire to try and nation build. And then dont ask us to allow the fool that asked for our approval to strike to assure no WMDs when he elects to stick around to Nation Build and makes a mess of it.

      Your lack honesty. I imagine you know it, but somehow think your crticism of Clinton's Sexual proclivity somehow inoculates you. Quite the contrary. Worry less about the Presidents sexual trysts and more about his trashing of US world reputation.

      Again. Look at Serbia as the rest of the World does. A job well done. Then look at Iraq. A job likely screwed beyond repair. Whine all you want. Throw rocks exclusively at Clinton. Free country. But your international sense stinks beyond beleif. YOu are indeed the prime Canoodle.

      You should follow your foolish mentor Rummy and slink off in the sunset.


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