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  • splitrader splitrader Jan 4, 2007 3:13 PM Flag

    RE: gold

    duckie..what's going on here...gartman has reduced his position to one contract.....""i think he doesn't know which way is UP either""

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    • QWAK,What YOU don't EARN ---- YOU don't APRECIATE!



      Learn to INJOY working hard! The FRUTIS of ones labors taist sweeter than what is given FREE! Perhaps it is the SWEAT? HUMmmmmmmm??

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,hungry DUCK,I learned some time back THAT when you DO for OTHERS what they CAN and SHOULD do for them selves, that you DON'T REALY help but rather HARM them, SOooooo the reason You are not hear eating with me or solking in MY hot tub is #1 I am busy working making things better #2 I would NOT want to HARM you and #3 YOU are FUNKEY and would POLUTE my BATH WATER! HE HE HE

      I have told you HOW to BUY GOLD at ZERO intrist for 1 year and SILVER at 4% which went up over 100% in 9 Mo. IF you are TOO LAZY and or STUPID to follow SIMPLE instructions WHY do you believe I would be so FOOLISH to SHARE with YOU?

      I am always HAPPY to help people who TRY to help them selves but aint NOTHING FREE in this world and when TSHTF if you have not prepared, you gona be S**T out of LUCK!

      Perhaps the BANKERS will give you a LOAN and you can be a HAPPY "DEBT SLAVE" to them? HUMmmmmmmm

      the DUCK

    • QWAK, well then cuzin Duck sinse you are so KIND and GENNERICE, how come you NEVER invyte your CUZIN and naybour, Hungry duck, to the TOP of the mountain for dinner or a SOLK in the HOT TUB? And who was the ONE who tryed to RING you and warn YOU about that Yetti STAMPEED comin' over Hogeye ridge last SUMMER HUMMmmmmmm?

      Hey, a HUNGRY duck's gotta EAT to. Can't YOU spare some SCRAPS cuzin? You gonna LET your own CUZIN continyoo DUMPSTER-DIVING in devil's den's dark alleys?

      Uglyduck's cuzin,
      Hungry duck

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Has a NEW much more advanced COLORING BOOK,it shows how HE likes to play. Mostly BLACK and WHITE but it does have a SELF PORTRATE "ACTION FIGURE" --- kind of COOL or HOT depending on how one choeses to describe it.

      QWAK,canucanoe,You light up my LIFE! :) Now I don't need my ZIPPO! ;)

      the DUCK

    • Duck, re:

      >>>My CC DEAL was originaly INTENDED as a DISPLAY to others of the GREATER VALUE in GOLD over FRNs and AGEN I did it with SILVER to TRY and HELP others PROTECT themselves. <<<

      The reality is you borrowed something you didn't have to buy something you didn't need. That's a leveraged purchase of a speculator. What I just wrote is proper use of the English language. Whatever your "intent", that is what you did. I have witnessed your wailing and ranting when others did the same thing, especially some sort of "cabal" when they sold what they didn't own. Why is your buying, with something you did not own, better than their selling????

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Your RIGID thinking and perceptions both put you IN and KEEP you in a BOX of your own creation!

      I am inclined to believe that you are SOoooooooo inamored with FINDING FAULT with ME, that you concistently BLINDING your self the the GREATER REALITY, which I try every way I can, to show you and others.

      My CC DEAL was originaly INTENDED as a DISPLAY to others of the GREATER VALUE in GOLD over FRNs and AGEN I did it with SILVER to TRY and HELP others PROTECT themselves. BOTH deals were a SMALL portion of my PM holdings and NOT a way to EXPLOIT others as YOU are trying SOOoooooooo hard to suggest!

      As for NOT NEEDING GOLD and SILVER, I WILL and EVERY ONE will, be NEEDING BOTH despritly, in the not too distent future. BUYING EARLY when price is LOW is just being PRUDENT and FAR SEIGHTED, but to some one who is BLINDED by his own AGENDA ,it is easy to understand that you would see it that way and READ in to it what TOU want to believe!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, what can I say? You either lie or have a very poor understanding of the English language (spelling skills aside). Re:

      >>>I am NOT GREEDY and don't use LEVERAGE to get over on OTHERS! My objective is to SURVIVE and HELP OTHERS do the SAME!<<<

      Totally false. By borrowing money to buy a commodity, you are by definition applying leverage. As for your personal desire to make this action altruistic, I don't buy it. You have applied leverage to buy something you don't need. In other words, you are speculating which means that someone using savings to buy is going to have to buy at a higher price due to the artificial demand you created. In other words, you do not practice what you preach. I'm not sure what color that is, but it won't sanitize your ethical error in using leverage, to speculate, that you abhor in other people's activities. I suggest you clean up your act.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,You BOUNCE off the WALLS like some one in a RUBBER ROOM!

      I am NOT GREEDY and don't use LEVERAGE to get over on OTHERS! My objective is to SURVIVE and HELP OTHERS do the SAME!

      I share and had others accepted my offers of HOW and WHY, they would have improved their economic safty and position. The very REAL DANGER is largely UNPERCIEVED, making it all the more dangerous and INCIDIOUS!

      You are as usual, WELCOME to believe as you chose! When TSHTF you and countless others will LOSE, but by your own FREE WILL and FREE CHOICE, to BELIEVE in the FANTICY!

      Then YOU and THEY can COLOR it ALL BLACK, wile the DUCK kicks back in my HOT TUB, injoying REAL BLUE SKIES and the SECURITY that can only come with holding the ONLY REAL MONEY ---- GOLD and its next best alternitive physical SILVER!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, Brian Hunter and you have a similar view of the world. Only problem is that he toasted $6B last year with his "sure things" that he leveraged up on. I guess his color was red, lots of it.

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