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  • just4dummies just4dummies Jan 8, 2007 11:41 PM Flag

    War with Iran is imminent

    Gold is up $5 in overseas trading and trouble appears to be right around the corner. The following is an excerpt from the article that can be seen at this website:

    "Should an Iranian missile sink a U.S. carrier, the U.S. population would experience another 9/11 moment. At that point, a massive U.S.-led military strike on Iran would become inevitable. Would President Bush provoke Iran to make just such a move? A pre-emptive strike on Iran would never be approved by a Democratic Congress, but U.S. massive retaliation for a serious act of war by Iran would be a totally different matter."

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    • Yo Splitter... I agree with you on crox. The weekly is positive plus. The daily still looks like 52ish and Mon or Tues could well be just about right! I also agree with you on AAPL! How about THAT?! I don't really pay too much attention to Cramer. But if he happens to be on when I'm not busy, I will take a look to see what he's talking about. The other night I was at my computer and the TV was still on CNBC, when I happened to catch his CROX comment. That was the exact same day I said it looked like it was going to pullback! And pullback is did right at the open in the morning. AMAZING coincidense. As for MA, I didn't watch Cramer last night. I see it took an eleven point drop, and if he says it's a buy, I'd have to question his reasoning. Something is wrong somewhere. On the golf course Thursday, I hit the ball real well, but couldn't putt worth a can of disgusting Coke. Didn't the schools remove that crap from their vending machines? I thought there was an uprising against that fast food and soft drink poison recently! If people want their kids to have that stuff in spite of the warnings about it, then I guess fat diabetic kids will keep the drug industry humming and a decent investment for a long time to come. But that depends on how long the dollar machine can keep printing all that fiat paper. Did the duck ever explain that gold is valued differently against each currency seperately? That it really doesn't go up or down so to speak, but the currencies themselves change and gold remains valued pretty much the same, so far as what you can purchase with it. So if a currency goes down, you have to spend more of it to buy things, while the same amount of gold will still be enough to pay for it! That's beyond the ability of the average moron to grasp, so that kind of mind never can go much further than the caveman stage. Bad habit... bad diets... fat... bald... lazy... too much TV... too much yahoo! BRRRRRRRRRP. Later... :)

    • seriously appreciate your input...hope you had a good day on the course yesterday....

      >>i'm looking at the weekly chart....and holding....

      >>i believe..monday or tues will tell the story

      >>also think aapl want's to fill that gap... (and the bad PR..pixar..& samsung new phone

      maybe aapl is done

      >>have great weekend...>> wasn't cramer pumping MA last nite( i know..i did!!)

    • Yo Splitter... it looks like Cramer opened his mouth at EXACTLT the wrong time! Maybe somebody should tell him to give me a call before he runs his mouth in front of the world telling them to BUY or SELL. My 50 - 52 target is in play right on schedule. The guy used to run a hedge fund, but I guess he isn't as sharp as he used to be, and probably has a few people that might have a leash on him too. And that other Palooka telling people to lighten up on the PM's the other day. According to that jackass, it was supposed to be heading down to 500 something, instead of breaking out to higher highs. Of course I pointed out the errors of his foolishness and that he knows zero about GOLD and SILVER just like the rest of the limpdicks that can only blow hot air up people's hiney's. I wish a few good people would post here once in a while that know what's going on for real. This constant posturing and empty minded bellowing about politics and financial conquests sucks because none of these JO's can do anything buy brag about what they did way before they mentioned it. What a bunch of lazy do nothings. Nothing but criticism and hollow opinion that you can get on places like from the child molesters and drugged up teens... product of the very morons who post here about their non-existant claims. I'll mention it again... please don't buy any PM's yet people. Just watch it run again and imagine how much you could have made, but knew much better wouldn't be something you'd lower yourselves to dirty your portfolio with... other than KO. I remain the person you hate most and enjoy it more and more at time goes by.

    • 8 years

    • canoe has been on the sell side of KO for the last 5 yrs....(and i agree with his thinking on that subject)....KO can eventually go no---where..

      >> if uou wanna make money..i csn give you 3-5 stocks that will beat KO in the next yr..3 yrs...5 yrs...some "investors" are really new to the game AND thats and learn..we all started somewhere!~!!

    • Sure I like Barbara, but only when she sings.

      Are you sure canoe didn't go to KO heaven too, but he just doesn't know it yet?

    • good idea...wish i could do it and look in weekly......(once a week)..(john murphy..daily/weekly/monthly) duckie...i am working on my project WHEN i can tear myself away from this (stupid) posting stuff

      >> however..i think we have a few good people circled round the camp wagon...AND i am glad you have decided to join us...i appreciate your's like the OLD TIME KO board.. (pre split to 80+))

      > hang in there with us...WE may all learn something

      >> i been readin this board since 96/97....except for one has been here longer...some have died and gon to KO heaven

    • J4, spending my tax dollars...

    • Yo Splitter... CROX gapped down on the open. Apparently somebody dumped a pretty good load of stock and that put it below the top area causing a little overhead resistance around the 57.80ish area. (I forget the number up there) If the bulls can't fill that gap, then the bears could take over and get that pullback started with or without Cramer telling everybody to buy last night. Should be an interesting day.

    • if you can get it down to 550..i'll be a happy camper

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