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  • splitrader splitrader Apr 19, 2007 7:36 PM Flag


    you wanna weigh in here? from 65-74....or real estate....performance

    >>i know you guys think RE is dead and gold is the seventh wonder of the world

    >>only IF you wear a gold chain around your neck!!>>welcome back...hope you enjoyed your visit to the great state of FLA

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    • Alpha, I note you offer no alternative comparison. I'll keep what I offered and note once again your view of reality is tunnel visioned. You keep putting your foot in your mouth because of it.

    • CAnoodle... Glad to see you do seem to recognize the substantail difference between our occupying countries with which we had fought a substantial ground war and Iraq, a country which we invaded by choice because we feared they contained WMDs. The former countries with whom we had entered the conflict per a Declaration of War versus a country we invaded per a resolution to invade. Perhaps you really don't understand the substantial difference. That mihgt explain your demogue like rhetoric respecting out Mission in Iraq.

      Or perhaps you share like Cheney, the false impression that Hussein and Iraq were responsible for the destruction of 9/11. Maybe that is your disease.


    • Alpha, re. your statement:

      >>>Canoodle.. Now you are comparing post war Germany and Japan to Irq. Have you lost your mind. Completely. <<<

      I'm sorry Alpha, I was looking for an example of countries whom we fought ground wars against and occupied territory afterwards. I could find only these 2. And they both were led by autocratic, military supported Gov'ts.

      In fact Germany stood out most clearly as we fought 2 successive ground wars and occupied, just as we have done with Iraq. If I have lost my mind, I am pleased to know I did so with a sound intellectual correlation.

      I again note that Alpha was all in for a war with Iraq choosing Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc. as the executors of the action. You seem to conveniently lose your memory on this. Maybe it is you who have lost your mind.

    • Canoodle.. Now you are comparing post war Germany and Japan to Irq. Have you lost your mind. Completely.

      Again for your ingnorance I will repeat: I wanted to go in a. to insure there were no WMDs in the hands of Hussein and b. as long as we were there to depose of the likes of Hussein. Last I looked both of those objectives were achieved within 4 months of the invasion.

      And while we are on it, I agreed with pre-Iraq Missadventure Bush who stated he was staunchly AGAINST Nation Building. There was something he was right about.

      But now we have a dissagreement of fact. Though I somehow doubt you care about facts. That is whether the majority of Iraqis want us there. I really dont think it is even close to 50% of Iraqis wanting us there any longer. Where do you draw your proposterous conclusion that an overwhelming majority of Iraqis want us to remain. I havent heard or read that even Cheney is making such nonsensical claim.

      As I have said, we will begin our pullout within the year voluntarilly or the Iraqi gov't will ask us to leave. Its only a matter of time. Eitehr way, whatever you thought was worth the lives and lucre we have paid for this Missadventure, it aint happening adn aint gonna happen.


    • Alpha, we have the same influence as in Japan and Germany, '45. We have a different kind of influence than Iran '70s, most likely a more stable kind of influence. I see no relevance in your initial rant. You wanted to go in. We are where we are in the influence category. It is not a good or bad influence, for there are a majority of Iraqis who endorse it. A huge majority. That's fact, outside of your domestic policy issues, that still remains.

      I bet if you were in England in the '60s - '70s, you would be telling all to bow to the IRA. And we don't run for no purpose.

    • No Canoodle.. Its just sometimes you stop listening to your own nonsense and actually acknowledge what I said, not what you think or wish I said.

      You are a mcuh like mini-version of the Bush PR machine. YOu create your own facts and torture other's statments in an attempt to bolster your nonsense.


    • Well, Alpha, I do see that at times you do bend towards correcting your nonsense.

    • "QWAK,Estimating the PRICE is a hard thing to do but others much more knolgable than my self see NEW high prices real soon! :)"

      Yo duck... you're so modest! Price estimates are not as hard as you say at all. There are simple mathematical formulas that work quite well, ergo... those you say are more knowledgeable than you. That's not true at all. You just haven't learned how to do it. But "alas"... just because people can do estimates, doesn't guarantee that it will happen. The only way you can find out is by following the estimates. The estimates will also follow the basic fundamentals, and knowing the accuracy of the estimator is very useful also. Estimates are just guidlines. So if you're going to follow an estimate, be sure to follow the fundamentals and the technicals. It's all part of the BIG picture. Most folks don't look at ALL the peices of the puzzle and depend on someone else to tell them, or just guess, and hope they get lucky. Luck is the best thing to have no matter how you go about it anyway. But if your smart you'll make your own luck. :)

    • QWAK,bush,how much HOME inshurance or car insurance do you have to protect you from a FINANCIAL CALAMITY?

      GOLD aint an INVESTMENT, it is HARD CURRENCY SAVINGS that can NOT be devalued by BANKERS and GOVERNMENTS,it is a KEY to get out of DEBTOR PRISON, if needed!

      Each must decide how much REAL MONEY they will NEED to be FREE to do what they WANT to do and NOT what they HAVE to DO or DO WITH OUT to SURVIVE, hopfully in some degre of relitive COMFORT rather than SUFFERING!

      There is NO exact answer BUT having SOME will make any one FEEL more SAFE and SECURE! What't THAT worth yo YOU? HUMmmmmmm

      the DUCK

    • " if you aint HOLDING, you gona WISH you were!"

      How many ounces of gold should we be holding?

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