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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 May 4, 2007 8:46 AM Flag


    QWAK,Today DEBT is the MODERN form of SLAVERY it works so much better than WHIPS and CHAINS and is SO much harder to ESCAPE!

    the DUCK

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    • Not really Duck,,, taking on debt is a personal choice. You exercised the same choice in buying assets you didn't need. Assets (gold) that didn't house the family, nor feed it. Most everyone else takes on debt to live better or more economically - not you.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,As usual YOUR logic especialy concerning MONEY is not only FLAWED but INSIDE OUT and BACKWARDS! SAVINGS are/IS a PRIMART NESCITY to avoid ECONOMIC CALAMITY!

      This is TRUE on ALL LEVELS from the PERSONAL to COUNTRIES and even GLOBALY!

      GOLD is the #1 MONEY and has been a globaly accepted CURENCY for 5000 or more years ALL other CURRENCIES are SUBSTITUTES for GOLD!!!!

      The central bankers have tried to BAMBOOZEL the people in any way they could, by HOOK or by CROOK, to believe that their FIAT CURRENCY is REAL MONEY but it can NEVER be REAL MONEY because by DEFINITION it can NOT and DOES NOT hold and STORE VALUE over time. FIAT currency constently LOSES VALUE and the closer it gete to ZERO VALUE the FASTER it LOSES VALUE because the amount of NEW FIAT must grow EXPOTENTIALY or the system IMPLODES!

      I do NOT SPECULATE ---- I operate from a position and PERSPECTIVE of KNOWING and SEEING the MUCH biger PICTURE!

      Right NOW our country is FIGHTING a WAR in some other country on BARROWED FIAT creatinh INCREDABLE DEBT for the people of this country because it MUST keep the HOAX SYSTEM going/rolling, it MUST keep EXPANDING the FIAT in CIRCULATION which INCLUDES geting controll of the Mid East OIL so every one MUST buy OIL in US DOLLARS!


      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Some NEW .999 1oz. SILVER rounds that will soon be ISSUED by the GUYS on the GIM board (GOLD is MONEY) board! :)

      IT is custom made and a little more expencive than other .999 SILVER ROUNDS but it SPEAKS TRUTH in your HAND that FRNs are NOT MONEY just an IOU from the FED!

      the DUCK

    • RE:---GOLD is the #1 MONEY and has been a globaly accepted CURENCY for 5000 or more years

      >> what was the #1 MONEY before that??

    • duckie...i didn't look at the link...BUT...why would they want to trade silver for FRN's..?? does that make any sense?

    • Duck, so full of inaccuracies today. let's start...

      Gold is not currency. It is not in circulation and is not widely accepted.

      Gold meets the description of a hard asset, though.

      You bought gold with debt last year, that is not "savings" but speculation.

      You diss all others, continuously, who also "know and see a bigger picture" and choose real estate, art, antique car, stock, etc. investing.

      You diss all others who borrow to speculate, yet you did just that last year with your gold speculation.

      You continually abuse the word "savings".

      ...btw, a primary necessity is to earn money, i.e. work. Health is a primary necessity. Good eating and living is a necessity. Investing/savings is secondary.

    • QWAK,Bear,Befor that was BARTER! Befor Gold was measured in ounces or grams it was measured in GRAINS spicificly grains of WHEAT! :)

      GOLD did not SPOIL, was easaly IDENTIFIED, was easy to move and could NOT be COUNTERFITED and concidered of HIGH VALUE every ware because it was INCORRUPTABLE and did not RUST or OXIDISE and remaind BEAUTIFULL ---- it is the SAME today but today beople have FORGOTEN GOLDS virtues and come to favor PLASTIC DEBT CARDS and no longer remember WHAT real MONEY is or REPRESENTS!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,Thease are the posters from GIM,they contracted with a MINT to COIN their own SILVER ROUNDS and the BUY them with FRNs! We all voted on what the coin would look like and what would be said on each side of the coin.

      It is PURE .999 SILVER ---- REAL SILVER BULLION valued for WHAT it is made of, NOT issued from THIN AIR like dollars or other FIAT currencies. What ever the current cost above SPOT PRICE the value/price of the SILVER will only INCREASE as more FIAT is CREATED! :)

      Most will be kept as KEEP SAKES or given as GIFTS and used to CONVAY the understanding of WHAT REAL MONEY is and WHY it is REAL MONEY!

      the DUCK

    • or at least something you view as useful, or right or good. Notice that I used the word "do" because you talk something you think is useful but like they say, talk is cheap. It's the doing part that can yield results.

      There is a congressman from Texas who is running for president. He doesn't share my political leanings but you may like him. He's for an intereference-free government. Individual liberities. Personal honesty, freedom and responsibility. He even talks like you saying things like gold is money and fiat is bad.

      Foxnews didn't like this republican candidate and wanted to exclude him from an upcoming debate in SC. Paul's fans, regular Americans fed up with current governments, hounded the tv network with letters, emails and phone calls. Foxnews now says it never intended to exclude Ron Paul from the debate! I hope you called and are supporting somebody who is championing the same values you say you care about. He is even taking them around the nation and speaking up. Do you do, duck? Do you walk or is it too much trouble!

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Just keep believing THAT and you will be a HEALTHY WORKER in a GOVERNMENT LABOR CAMP some day like countless others!

      GOLD is MONEY, always HAS BEEN, always WILL BE, the #1 form of MONEY! A bunch of LIEING, GREEDY, BANKERS can't change THAT REALITY no matter what the DO or TRY!

      GOLD can always be TRAIDED for the LOCAL CURRENCY ---- "What is in YOUR WALLET is a SUBSTITUTE for REAL MONEY" be it PAPER or PLASTIC it is a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (FRN) which is actualy an IOU from a BANK!

      the DUCK

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