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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 May 4, 2007 8:46 AM Flag


    QWAK,Today DEBT is the MODERN form of SLAVERY it works so much better than WHIPS and CHAINS and is SO much harder to ESCAPE!

    the DUCK

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    • We now see the problems of America.
      Politics trumps action.
      Politics trumps historical fact.
      Politics is confused with leadership.

    • 5 were killed yesterday and another 3 were taken prisoners (US accuses alqaeda, I thought we toppled the Talibans and defeated alqaeda late in 2001! What happened!)

      Today we hear this:

      Associated Press - May 14, 2007
      Four US troops have been killed in separate attacks in Baghdad and south of the capital.

      The US military says a fifth soldier died of non-combat related causes.

      With that, at least 3,398 members of the US military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war.

      A roadside bomb near the southern city of Basra also killed one Danish soldier and wounded five.

      Is the US administration going to start releasing quarterly earnings result on the Iraq war business venture? Let us hear some good news on a regular basis to balance the regular basis death toll bad news. Let us know how much profit was made in the latest quarter in Iraq. Heck, why not list the whole business venture on the stock exchange.

    • Keep Bailing, Bear. EVen moderate Republicans recognize the nonsense that is the Iraq Missadventure. Whatever missguided Conservative you are attempting to draw sustenance from aint helping you, your cause or the debacle that is the Iraq Missadventure. Wake up. Nearly nothing good is happening in Iraq. And the leadership, Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld have been a disaster there.


    • it has to do with the re-surfacing of the "Copperheads"...

    • London: An American soldier's graphic account of fighting in Iraq has won the "Lulu Blooker prize" for best book based on a blog.

      Colby Buzzell's My War: Killing Time in Iraq is a spin from his blog, which he wrote from a frontline internet tent as a way to "kill time". He was then serving as a machine-gunner in Mosul.

      The blog ran for just eight weeks before being shut down by the US military, but publishers offered Buzzell a book deal when he left the army in 2005.

      "I would come back after missions, my ears still ringing from the firefight ...

      In one entry titled Men in Black, Buzzell describes being ambushed by a man "dressed in all black, with a terrorist beard" shooting a machine gun at him.

      "I heard and felt the bullets whizz literally inches from my head, hitting all around my hatch ...

    • And do pray tell Bear... What in hell does the current Iraq Missadventure have to do with "martyred Lincoln, the salvation of the Union and the destruction of slavery."


    • For 30 years after the war the Democrats carried the burden of having opposed the martyred Lincoln, the salvation of the Union and the destruction of slavery.

    • Bear... Didnt realize that you thought Iraq was a sessionist State. Lincoln knew better.

      Isnt it time you started thinking through this Iraq mess instead of following your Conservative KnumbNutz into the Valley of Death.


    • alph,,good thing Lincoln didn't think like you

    • Stop with the revisionis Vietnam nonsense. Like this Mess in Iraq, you militarists fools have oversold your mantra. Iraq or more exactly Hussein was neutralized, years ago. These past 4 years have been a lesson in failure. Failure to impose our values of western democracy and compromise. American lives are being wasted. Ten years from now, fools like you will even realize this. But as with Vietnam, you will choose to argue the irrelevant.


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