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  • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet Jun 11, 2007 10:09 PM Flag

    The Widening Income Gap

    Average reported income in the United States increased 9% in 2005. But average incomes for those in the bottom 90% actually went down.

    The gains went mostly to the top 1% of earners, lifting the average for the entire population.

    The top 300,000 Americans collectively made as much income as the bottom 150 million Americans.

    There are wide implications on the national economy of what is happening.

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    • QWAK, canucanoe,Now you are just talking STUPID --- agen as USUAL!

      the DUCK

    • Seems to me that the majority of Iraqis hated Saddam more than they hate America today. Maybe you need to understand the situation better, Duck.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Unfortunately in 200 years the basic concept/system has become SO CORRUPTED that it "IS" what the original FIGHT was agenst, but it happened so gradgualy that YOU like most have NOT noticed or percieved that it is NOT what it WAS!

      Our current situation is about DEFENDING the US DOLLAR and trying to make shure OIL continues to be sold for US DOLLARS and not local currencies especialy the EURO!

      The EMOTIONAL reasons are for the public and to maintaine a sence of FEAR but the TRUE reason is based in GREED!

      The BS that they HATE us being FREE is the BIG LIE because most of our TRUE FREEDOMS have been taken away little by little so are actualy long gone. We got lots of STUFF but it is all bought on CREDIT and we and our children and their children will be paying for generations to come.

      They hate us because WE are THERE and IMPOSING on THEM what our Government wants and THAT is what the BANKERS want actualy, because the BANKERS run the GOVERNMENT!

      the DUCK

    • Actually Duck, I agree with you! It is not a war against a country, but an ideology. The opposing ideology embodied in the Vietnam War (communism), that embraces force, died after it was forcefully confronted. Same is true when we confronted the pirates "over there" (from "the Halls of Montezuma - to the shores of Tripoli fame"), 2 centuries ago. There is no real war to win, as this is not about taming a people or acquiring territory.

    • QWAK,canucanoe, The Iraq war will end up much as the Viet Nam war did and for the SAME REASONS --- it was STUPID in the first place and your believing it will NOT just indicats that YOU have yet to realise the TRUTH!

      the DUCK

    • I'm sorry, biasp, but it truly does reflect war and a hostile environment where the Iraqis look to the US for stability. Your posting is complete nonsense. But then,,,, what's new?

    • In Iraq under American military rule (2003-?) there was a cast system implemented where American political leaders and private contractors rein supreme. Below them comes American military personnel, then foreign contractos and way down the list come Iraqis. In fact, to make it short, everybody in Iraq holds a higher status than the Iraqi people.

      " FORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, Iraq � The sign taped to the men's latrine is just five lines:


      It needed only one: "NO IRAQIS."

      In fact this is the exact opposite of a war of liberation. This is a war of enslavement where the young men and women serving in the US military are taught in every possible way that Iraqis are not the same as other human beings and should not be looked at the same.

    • biasp, get out in the world. You may find it fun and exciting to return to the USA.

    • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet Jul 30, 2007 10:31 PM Flag

      For ages countries most notorious for torture were American-supported and propped. Most notably in south and central America but also in places were the U.S. engineered a coup to replace a democratically elected leader with a dictator (Shah of Iran) who also happened to pick up the bad habits of our "allies" in central and south America.

      Now Libya is our new ally, low and behold, they are into it too. Go figure!

      Wait, now we are into this business ourselves.

    • Stop insulting birds.


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