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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Jun 14, 2007 7:10 AM Flag

    Like Oz, the curtain is drawn back

    Back in the early '90s, the US took a terrorist, propped him up, gave him cover and... loads of $$$. Proclaiming a "new beginning" our tax dollars bought time, but not what we were told "peace" and sustainable change.

    Today, we read that "Hamas" fights "Fatah". But we don't read of what the Gov't is doing. Why? because there never was a democracy in Palestine, just autocratic rule with lots of US and Euro $$ buying the veneer of content. Where are Alpha's journalists writing the real story - the hoodwinking of Western citizenry to feed new generations of corrupt society?

    While the Palestinian people again go through turmoil, let's not forget they chose these leaders. Yes, the same leaders biasp worships.

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    • biasp, re:

      >>>One has to be blind and deaf not to know that the country is heading in the wrong direction.<<<

      Yeah, you keep telling us how you prefer first strike WMD leadership.

    • Not to forget Canoodle, can there be anything more child like than your daily whining.


    • lCanoodle... You lmay see it as childish. And Arafarce might see it as..chit who the hell cares how Arafarce sees it. FAct is it ably sums up what comes out of both of your mouths. You are knee jerk NeoHead who has no trouble criticising all except your fellow NeoHeads and whines all the while. Arafarce.. his name says most of it. You may not like. Doesnt make it any less true.

      And btw CAnoodle. Look at yourself and the last post. Perhaps you can find where I defined liberal or liberalism. Bet you a cheesecake that you can't. Once again proving when your lips move, it is more than likely defensive nonsense.


    • Fresh poll: only 29% of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction.

      I don't know if you are in this 29% or are just lying to us and saying that you believe so. One has to be blind and deaf not to know that the country is heading in the wrong direction. The stench is getting harder to hide regardless of all the propaganda you and the mainstream media keep bombarding us with.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,When you are living in HELL any place that is a little COOLER is a LOT BETTER and once you are HERE most could NOT afford to go any ware else ANY WAY!

      WARS,FAMIN and POVERTY is ware THEY came from but for the VAST MAJORITY of IMMIGRENTS what they got was SLAVERY dressed up with promises and dreams that could NEVER come TRUE!

      It was a PIRIMID SCAM and they have broken every RUEL or TREATY or agreement EVER MADE ---- THAT is the AMERICAN WAY!

      Any thing to keep it going including WAR and minipulating foreign governments so the USA can get their RESOURCES CHEEP!

      It SUCKS I know and IT bothers me knowing the TRUTH but NOT knowing is WORSE! Pretending that what actualy happened did NOT is a SELF SERVING memory and DELUSIONARY thinking.

      the DUCK

    • All this namecalling Alpha. So childish.

    • Funny how biasp and Alpha both want to define what a liberal is. I never use the term. Never. There is no need to if one wants to hear what an individual has to say.

    • Duck, people have been flooding to America for 230 years. You keep saying it is for false opportunities. You have pointed out the wrong decision from the 1770's, you point it out today. lol! A 230 year old trend is based on falsity??? hmmmm... when are you going to see the light?

    • What's the matter azalp... Arafarcism, Islamfacisim, militarism, missadministration fascism? Are these real words or you making up new terms?

      Do you understand the concept of projection in psychology? Well, you demonstrate it perfectly. If you are looking hard for fanatical extremISM azalp you only need to open the blinds in your living room and look at what's happening in your backyard.

      Bullying the azalpism style:

    • kCanoodle.. While Arafarce is certainly a Horse's arse and Islamofacist piece of chit, it doesnt chang the fact that you are one of the principal offenders of twisting others statments. Moreover when you are called to task for your views, you whine and make your lame-ass excuses in defense of your NeoHeaded Buddies. Your militarism and apologies for the excesses and missadministration of Bush, Cheney & Co. frequently cross the line into classic fascism. OK, go ahead and whine.


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