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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jun 22, 2007 10:11 PM Flag

    Gold panics

    QWAK,alpha,The base ball card and the GTO will take a WAY BIGER hit in lost VALUE than the GOLD ---- that is WHY -- GOLD has ALWAYS been REAL MONEY! HE HE HE Virtualy by definition it STORES value best!

    You are believing that the passed fiew decades of FIAT are NORMAL but it is an economic anomily produced by the bankers not just market forces.

    High end colectables may be of high value to the RIGHT BUYER but not to the average person and even with GOLD not having been in circulation since the 1930s, IF you place 12 one ounce GOLD EAGLES in some ones hand THEY KNOW they are holding somthing of GREAT VALUE that they will be able to TRAID or SELL very easaly!

    High end colectables require a WELTHY colector to get top value, physical GOLD only a REASONABLE person, not to mention there IS somthing SPECIAL about holding REAL GOLD and feeling the weight of a pound of the stuff right in your hand! :)

    the DUCK

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