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  • one_1eyed_monster one_1eyed_monster Jun 22, 2007 2:55 PM Flag

    Gold panics

    Regards: that is as expected from some one of YOUR low calaber and obvious LOW inteligence!

    Response: At least #2 Son, Donald, I didn't pull the computer monitor a/c cord out of it's socket and think the monitor was defective and order a brand new one for $250.

    Oh and wern't you the one who was saying Euro's were backed by gold for many years?

    Let's not forget how you lost all your money in Netpliance, filed a lawsuit against Mchale and lost. Afterwards when it reorganized and was bought out the stock soared with the eagles.

    Look who's the real dummy. With apoligies to the other dummy.

    "ALL is ONE" What we DO to and FOR others we DO "TO and FOR" our selves ultimitly!

    People SELDOM look for TRUTH! What they look for is CONFERMATION that what they have chosen to believe IS TRUTH! This is why people will believe almost ANY THING and also WHY the WORLD is SO MESSED UP!

    You can QUOTE me on both!

    For I AM, ONE-EYE .)

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