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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Jun 30, 2007 9:13 PM Flag

    Real Sexual Perverts.. the GateKeepers

    Hey, Canoodle, Fibs, Bear & Arafarce. Are you guys helping these moral Hooligans:

    Vigilantes target Iraq porn surfers
    By Afif Sarhan in Baghdad

    <Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar was tortured and made to drink his own urine for looking at pornography
    The Iraqi Aid Association (IAA), a Baghdad-based non-governmental organisation working with displacement, children and youth issues, says dozens of Iraqis have been killed after using the internet to access erotic sites.

    Fatah Ahmed, spokesperson for the IAA, said: "We have received information from many sources that militants are operating spies inside internet cafes just to find out who is browsing sites they have deemed offensive to Islam."

    Ahmed said most of the killings or abductions happen directly after the victims leave the internet cafes.

    "It is very serious because in an Islamic country in which violence is spreading on daily basis, people search for some entertainment and it is found today only on the internet," he said.

    "There are no places to go so young people are making friends via chatrooms which are now also being condemned by Islamic extremists."

    Torture, beatings

    Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar is a university student who gave up meeting friends and going to restaurants because of the violence and lack of security in Baghdad.

    Spending most of his free time alone, he turned to browsing the internet and soon began surfing online pornography. But that is a decision he now bitterly regrets.

    "They told me to take off all my clothes and handcuffed me. They started to beat me and use cigarettes to burn my legs"

    Ibraheem Abdel-Qahar
    Late in May, Abdel-Qahar was kidnapped after leaving an internet cafe. He was blindfolded and taken to a house he believes to be on the outskirts of the capital.

    "Someone was sitting near me at the internet cafe and probably was an extremist spy. He saw when I was watching some erotic movies and when I left the place I was immediately taken in a car with three men," the 23-year-old engineering student said.

    He recalled that he was beaten with an iron bar and belt and forced to drink chicken blood and his own urine.

    "They told me to take off all my clothes and handcuffed me. They started to beat me and use cigarettes to burn my legs.

    "I was desperate and was shouting asking why they were doing that with me and after three hours of continuous torture they told me that it was because I was watching non-Muslim sites on the internet," he said.

    After enduring six days of torture, Abdel-Qahar says he was dropped near his house and warned that if he was found browsing internet pornography again he would be killed.

    He was also advised to seek salvation in the local mosque.

    The IAA has reported many cases like Abdel-Qahar's and have called on the government to protect victims by forcing internet cafes to guarantee privacy for their customers.

    The government has not yet responded and an official from the ministry of interior declined to comment.


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    • It's your call to ignore the Emily Post advice, but ignoring reality is naive and childlike. Then again, when did a few facts ever disturb the argument of a lawyer? You guys are paid to obscure the truth!

    • Canoodle... Thanks for the Emily Post Advice. I find it about as reasonable as your Iraq Missadventure nonsense.

      Try and do something about your whining. I know it is what you do best, but it detracts from your arguments and you have you so little to begin with.


    • Alpha, you really have to lay off the name calling and misdirection plays. Argue your point. Just a couple of years ago you confused domestic politics (France and Germany) with international condemnation. It wasn't. Chirac and Schroeder didn't want to address domestic issues and used anti-Americanism as a bait and switch political tactic to get re-elected. Now we see France and Germany embrace America, lead by a lame duck low popularity President, and you continue with our wrong, "Ugly American", diatribe. You spout like a hick, not a professional.

    • The indictment is of you and your NeoHead crowd. It is you and your pompous beleif that you know what is best for the World that our former allies have rejected. Now you blindly miss the real picture and see in France and Germany's rejction of the leftist extremists, the embrace of Bush & Co's NeoHeadism. YOu are so foolish.

      Guess we should and to your world class whiner rep that of blind and dumb. Yeah... you are.


    • Alpha, re:

      >>>Except y0u allude to the Ugly American of the 50s' novel, a very insiduous gov't/corporate personality. <<<

      No. The book is about internationally insensitive Americans who transfer their ideals and history to others, not to mention a willing blindness to learn about other cultures. As I presented and you ignored, in a most definitive way a good chunk of Europe (France and Germany) moved in the direction of the USA the past year, you fit the title. What's worse, you choose to label a whole book for just one chapter, a chapter that again fits your agenda but doesn't reflect reality.

    • Alpha, re:

      >>>Try and reconcile your simplification of the France's and Germany's Pro-US foreign policy with 'No Troops for You.' <<<

      You are an "Ugly American" as defined in the 1950s book. Grow up. Learn the world doesn't revolve around your "me" centric views. Here again, as with most of your Gov't "save me" views, if you want something done, go out and do it yourself. Stop crying for others to bear your burden. You sent the troops to Iraq without their help, stop crying that you deserve it now.

    • QWAK,Bear,Crank UP the SOUND! :)

      No holidays for the DUCK got too much stuff that HAS to be done befor the snow falls this year. Down to bed rock ware I need to lay the new rock wall but got about a ton of MUCK I may have to haul out in buckets as it keeps pluging up the drain line :(

      The rain helps move the mud but most years by NOW it is very dry,this year long term forcast is WET and cooler than normal CAN'T tare off the old flat roof and rebuild it IF it keeps raining.

      Any way MY "MABEL" was a -- REAL SLEEPER! ;)

      the DUCK

    • lets get real here....who is for America..and who is not??

      >> do your math again........

    • Again Canoodle..

      Try and reconcile your simplification of the France's and Germany's Pro-US foreign policy with 'No Troops for You.' Time for you to understand that these Nations' Leaders ran against an extreme Leftist and isolationists. They did not run with any adoration of Bush & his Boys or you and your NeoHeads.


    • Bear, re: >>>...$100 reward for the best name..<<<

      He Ain't Here

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