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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Dec 14, 2007 2:17 PM Flag

    More serous Dwuck & Dummy&Canoodle

    And any other self styled gold bug or just student of the market. As the fed and others try and ameliorate the liquidity and sub-prime mortgages crisis, why do you think gold and silver have behaved so tepid. I know Dummy has contributed and intelligently on this question. But at least Dwuck isnt this a near perfect storm for your gold predicitions of 1500 and 3000 "soon." So why havent the precious metals performed much better.

    In fact, why has KO performed so much better than gold for close ot the past 18 mo/s. Curious people wanna know why.


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    • What charts do you read. If you look at the 18month or 2 year chart. Gold and KO are about the same.
      The 5 year chart, KO is no where near Gold.

    • Yo spliter... yes duck has been right for the past 5/8yrs. His methods have been quite a bit different than mine, but that's not important. One major difference is that he has focused on silver, while advocating gold also. But, I believe he used that strategy to work his credit as leverage. Today he's home free and beginning to go with gold too. On the other hand, I began buying gold bullion in 2002, followed with silver in 2003. At the same time I was buying and trading a few gold and silver stocks, along with very cheap uranium stocks that had huge runups in the thousands of percentiles. Dines gets all the credit for that. After the profits started piling up, I went back into trading a few options but got into gold and silver futures contracts and made some fast money... putting the extra money into more bullion all the way up. Now I've slowed way down on all that busy trading and have moved away from most of the paper trading. Going way back, I've owned gold mutual funds since the early 80's. Those things have increased by re-investing all those dividends. I still have all of it, and don't pay much attention to it. But will probably sell the whole thing before the gold bubble in a few more yers. That's it. We all do our own thing. If it comes out right, then there's no need to look back with any regrets. I hope everybody can do that after this phase resolves itself.

    • yes duckie...don't mention your mistakes....your too funny.................what the computer play???

    • not a big issue........i like you as a poster....just as you point out my flaws...i pick up on a thing here or there...none of us are perfect....except maybe duckie..5/8yrs on the money!!!

    • Yo spliter... you took that out of context. I know I sometimes put ... or , into my posts and they can easily get confusing, but I was saying maybe about the southwest, not for hurricanes, but for earthquekes. If I said it wrong, I meant hurricanes in the southeast. I stand corrected either way.

    • Yo spliter... you don't need a law degree to spot a yutz who just blows smoke up everybody's ass. Do you know what a wordsmith is? Didn't you ever notice that most of the politicians are lawyers. They are the LAW makers in congress. They shape the laws to fit their own needs, not yours. They don't depend on S.S. (Socialistic Insecurity) for themselves. They made their own plan that is way better than that. They even have a super health insurance plan that we pay for. S.S. is just a fund they use to pay for all those programs they sponsor for their friends. So what good are lawyer's? You think they're on your side? If you do, you might be that guy who buys the Brooklyn Bridge.

    • ALP>>>>>>>>>when was the last time you had a hurricane......DID bush step up and offer aid???

    • QWAK,J4D,I guess the TEST always seemes like PUNISHMENT to me! HE HE HE :)But I'm a quick learner and seldom make the same mistakes. (well at least if we don't mention weamon) ROTFL

      the DUCK

    • RE: Maybe the southwest, but we've been hesitant to move there permanently because of the hurricanes

      >>HUH...hurricanes in the southwest???

    • QWAK,J4D,Hate to tell you this but they already HAVE chips that can be IMPLANTED in human brains! The ultimit totaly controled society is or soon will be POSABLE!

      I am not talking about rfid chips for identification but rather chips that can link a brain directly in to a computer! Now they are being tested to HELP people who have been pralised but it should be equaly posable in the future for the computer to send out comands to the brain!

      Aint THAT a scarey thought? The one thing GOD gave every person "FREE WILL" taken away or given up so the GOVERNMENT can CARE for them! Could happen! :(

      the DUCK

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