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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Feb 5, 2008 12:52 PM Flag

    QWAK,BIG change coming ----

    QWAK,That WAR with IRAN was only DELAYED and the PLAN continues!

    Bottom line is: "If OIL is not traided in US DOLLARS the USA goes from WELTH to POVERTY and THEY won't let THAT happen" or will do any thing to delay or avoid it!

    I don't think any one gona blink or back down!

    Guess we will just wait and see,seems to be, how SOON not how LONG,to me.

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,Perhaps it is just a COUNCIDENCE (?) but it seems way too CONVIENIENT and SOoooooooo perfectly TIMED to occure just as the OIL for EUROS change goes ON LINE! HUMmmmmmmm ?????

      Things like THIS don't just HAPPEN, they are made to happen, with intent and purpose!

      You may want to PONDER on it a bit befor just sluffing it off.

      the DUCK

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      • Great post duck... a couple of excerpts that are very freightening.

        (There has always been talk about disrupting commerce by screwing up the Internet. We've just seen a proof of that concept, whether done on purpose or by accident. It doesn't make a lot of difference how it happened if we want to learn a lesson as to how delicate the Internet mechanism can be.)

        (More importantly, investors should know more about this sort of risk and which companies in their portfolio could suffer a negative impact from this sort of event.)

        Yo duck... PRECISELY the reason I dumped my low cost online broker. A disruption can have a devastating effect on anyone's account. Even worse would be the effect on ALL financial transactions... brokers, banks, government etc., if it can be done so easily. Danger is lurking in more than ways than one, and for many of the forseeable reasons. There's only one way I can see to protect yourself from financial ruin.... GOLD/SILVER BULLION in your own possession. The day is coming when horror strikes our economy and panic runs rampant in this country. Ever get that feeling when your heart suddenly feels like it's in your throat? I only hope I've done enough to get my family through whatever might come our way. Good Luck to everyone, especially those who have no financial insurance.

        I can't immagine anyone not buying homeowners insurance incase of fire, natural disasters, someone hurting themselves and sueing them. Automobile insurance... health insurance. Why wouldn't anyone have FINANCIAL INSURANCE?

    • Yo spliter....

      >> not sure where i said that...BUT..i did tell you long time ago one secret to RE profits was to buy for 50% of mkt val....

      >> i've got plenty of gold sitting around.....i just need one of those kits they used to sell to melt it all down

      Re the above... Yeah I remember you said that.... but I'd only consider 50% or MORE from today's prices... and actually probably even lower than that... but that's just as hard to know as any other market. I do believe RE has a much longer way to go, timewise as well as lower.

      And I'm glad to hear you got some gold around. You didn't say what form it's in, but I don't think it's coins if you gotta melt it down. I hope it's enough to at least break you even.

    • RE: He's still talking about R/E... like it was a bargain!?

      >> not sure where i said that...BUT..i did tell you long time ago one secret to RE profits was to buy for 50% of mkt val....

      >> i've got plenty of gold sitting around.....i just need one of those kits they used to sell to melt it all down

    • Yo Dummy... Dont look now but deep chit is what your gurlfriend W has us in. You are slow, aren't you. Expecially for such a self acclaimed genuis.


    • Yo Splitter.. I think the Dummy is calling you a dunce adn a fool. Maybe you can buy that dunce hat and post a pix of you wearing it and standing in the corner. I think that would meet with Dummy's approval and he might throw you another bone on aapl.


    • HOPEFULS... what a nice media type word. That really excites the tastebuds of the average mind, numbed by so much 'hype about nothing'! I am a visionary... so to speak... yuk, yuk... Yeah... I had a vision of Hilarious Hillary wiping a tear from her eye, with all the camera's taking closeup shots for her next AD. But I wondered about that image. Hmmmm... Iran has their missile launchers pointing in our direction and President Hillary gets on the hotline to whatshishame in Iran... and with a teary eye'd expression and a wimpy little voice, half crying and half stutteringly try to talk in a begging mode... she asks him for kindness and understanding. Please Mr. Dictator... you've got to understand our position on war! We don't even allow parents to spank the kids anymore! We don't want to fight you! In fact we absolutely refuse to fight you! We don't like guns or any kind of self defense weapons at home either! Could you please help us out and don't pull the trigger? BWAAAAAAAAAA!

      And that's the big bopper America has going for it! Can you imagine that Barkorama guy. Another whimp!!! What's he gonna do... pat the guy on the back and hug him? Paleeeze!!!
      Either that or he decides to get tough and let him know he spent a lot of time on the tough streets of Chitown.

      Ohhh yeaah... the Republicarats are something to behold too! Rambo McCain will be right next to Barkorama... but with a stern look on his face. Then the other guy with all the money and the Mormon church as his platform, will invite the dictator to services that 'HOPEFULLY' will calm him down and make him see the light. Of course he'd make him a nice monetary offer for his trouble.

      Sorry folks... that's the BEST AMERICA HAS TO OFFER. I'd say we're in some pretty deep SH^T!

    • QWAK,J4D,An old story I guess most people only learn the HARD WAY,still is causes me some sadness as I know what is coming and best I can do to help is let them know and show them how.

      the DUCK

    • Yo duck... you're talking about those telephone scammers. People need to go out of their way to scam a scammer! That's almost like working in today's world. People don't want to over do it! The way to do everything is to take it easy. Don't work too hard. If you happen to still have a job that isn't protecting your dumb ass by a rip off union, then you have to fake a lot of things to make 'em think you're busy. If you're on welfare, or unemployment... you gotta fake those reports too! So why would lazy people bother to pick up a telephone and try to say no to a scammer for a lousy $20 silver coin. They'll probably wait 'till it's worth $100 before they'll try that. But by then, they'll be using payphones on the street corner at $5.00 a minute! You're AMAZED?!!! I'm not.

    • Yo duck.... I don't believe you have any stocks anymore... but I could be wrong... doubful, but possible. And I believe you invest in gold/silver, buying bullion only. I, however... do own shares in PM companies along with other in ground resouces. But... I'm afraid that spliter doesn't have any bullion... even the po' mans kind... soon to be for the RICH only... silver! If I'm correct, then he's not completely in the, ahhem... 'loop', and is out of sync, so to speak. What is it that you think might be said or done to straighten him out before he falls prey to another extreme disappointment? I think that damn loya has something to do with it! I think spliter has been 'taken in' by that loya type doubletalk to some extent! Could be very costly in the broad scheme of things because of the dangerous paper aspect. All paper stocks are subject to a certain amount of danger b/c of derivative exposure... like the banks etc., but I personally check to see that my investments are clean and clear of that present danger before I allow them into my portfolio. What do you think? Am I a little off base, or can you see my point? Have you put that on your pondering list? I'll say one thing for spliter though... he could be my advisor on antique automobiles! That's probably where he should put most of his fiat dollars... but what do I know? He's still talking about R/E... like it was a bargain!?

    • QWAK,J4D,What amases ME is that no body bathered to even pick up a FREE oz. of SILVER! ????

      Who would NOT traid a $5.00 for a $20.00???

      One day they will wish they had is all I can say.

      Back in HS the rich kids would threow pennies at the geeks and others they saw as beneath them and some teachers would pick them up and save them. Back in the late 60s a buck was still worth somthing and a candy bar was a nickel!

      Today a buck is about a dime in comparison to then, but still to ignore the deal is just as foolish as the kids back then throwing pennies.

      the DUCK

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