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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Feb 5, 2008 9:15 PM Flag

    President Obama

    "A Health Plan at least as Good as I have as a US Representative."


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    • Well j4goldbull:

      You make a common mistake.

      The USA is a Republic, therefore Democracy of "the masses" is recognized, but more importantly the word of the minority views is accounted for as well.

      Thus the Electoral College system.

      If popular vote was the only way to elect the president, the cities of LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, etc would decide every election.

      And how would that play in Peoria?

      Now well. And the founding fathers knew that and that is why we live in a Republic and not a Democracy.

    • Even Bear's fantasy pinup, Ann likes Hillary:

      "So you wanna be my president ..."
      Posted by Andrew Heller | The Flint Journal February 06, 2008 14:16PM
      Categories: Presidential race

      Wednesday, Feb. 6 edition

      Super Tuesday is over and things are clearer, at least on the Republican side, but no less goofy than usual. The oddest thing, I've thought, has been this conservative talk show revolt against John McCain. If you missed it, many big-name hosts -- Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter -- have been actively and passionately hating on McCain. Coulter, for one, says she'll actually campaign FOR Hillary Clinton if McCain gets the nomination.

      What's more interesting, though, is how voters have responded. Or rather how they have NOT responded. McCain is blowing away the field, including Mike Huckabee, who is the type of far-right Christian conservative that the conservative talk show world usually loves.

      So what's going on? Has Rush & Co. lost control of the troops? Clearly, yes. Conservative radio was clearly trying show its muscle in what seemed to an orchestrated effort to derail McCain, and yet there he was on Super Tuesday eve, high atop the delegate pile.

      And that's a good thing for this country. A good, good thing. It means perhaps the days of rabid, thoughtless, right-wing hatred are at last waning. Maybe instead of taking orders and cues from the Head Ditto himself, dittoheads are rejecting Limbaugh's bullying ways and beginning to think for themselves.

      If this keeps up, maybe someday they'll stop foaming at the mouth at the sound of the name "Bill Clinton."



    • J-4............takes a village.......i'm pretty sure the lawyer would agree..........

      >> hillary will be...if elected...usa's castro.....imho

    • Yo spliter... Re: lets see how the "popular vote" works this time..

      ... I'd settle for a simple eenie, meenie, minee, mo to settle the whole sham. The whole reason for not going by the popular vote is to control the masses from having the final say. It's your representatives that are appointed as your guardian to think and do as they see fit for you. Doesn't anybody in this country get any of the political scams that have blinded us all since long before we were born, but have been lucky enough to last this long without being completely overtaken by force! A vote for Hillary might prove my point. She's ready to do a little forceful government.... under the guise of.... 'YOUR OWN GOOD'!

    • Does Rep Pres Nominee read the tea leaves and invite Joe Lieberman to be his VP running mate. Would Lieberman ever accept. Inquiring minds.. blah blah blah. What say you.


    • "An End to the reign of the Wealthy and Well Connected and the Squeezing of the Middle and Working Class."


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