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  • splitrader splitrader Feb 17, 2008 6:07 PM Flag

    close to the dead line

    anyone else...gonna take a guess on GOLD on may 30/31

    >>get it in before midnight!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • So Dummy now thinks your his Bitch, doin his dirty work, Bear. Dont straighten him out. Let he cont to play the fool.


    • Re: "alph....and you haven't noticed any inflation...? using your charge card perhaps? just flip it..don't pay attention to prices...maybe you'll notice when you get the bill at end of month..."
      Yo spliter.... I'm ROTFLMAO... your pal has no idea how bad real inflation really is and doesn't know and obviously doesn't even care how much a loaf of bread costs anymore!!!!????And yet... like a true 'JACKASS'... has the nerve to broadcast to people here that will actually waste their time paying any attention to a bard like that, while he has the gall to comment on the economy and the markets... pretending to know what he's talking about!!!??? That shows just how callas that guy is, and precisely why you always catch him trying to change the rules, and subject matter. It's because you and everybody else, actually know more that he does. All he's good at is lying! You my astute friend... spliter... for the second day in a row have found another mistake! See why he doesn't like to answer questions? He can't tell the truth, and so when it comes to answering anyone... he can't remember all his lies, so he usually is cunning enough to skirt the issue and change the subject. I don't believe that's what most people would consider an honest person. Is it any wonder that he's a Clinton fanatic? But this time you not only found a very telling factor but whether you know it or not, you exposed as a complete phony. The dictionary defines phony as a thief... and that guy meets all the criteria as defined. Thank heaven he refused to join our little guessing game... because he couldn't make his own rules... like a little spoiled brat that has to get his own way... he won't play with us... and would rather do something that he can manipulate you into one way or another. Nice goin' spliter... you're starting to come on like gang busters!!!

    • Hate to be redundent, Bear. But yet again, more so than you. Would have thought you would know better.

      Then again I also bought a jumbo flat screen 16 months ago and note have far the current model has Fallen in price. Are you also alert to decline in consumer technological hardware.

      Lastly, dont miss the sale on aapl and goog. They could be short lived.


    • alph....and you haven't noticed any inflation...? using your charge card perhaps? just flip it..don't pay attention to prices...maybe you'll notice when you get the bill at end of month...

      >>as sylvia porter (once said) the 25 cent loaf of bread will cost you $1.50 in the future...OBVIOUSLY..she under-estimated the inflation factor-...may she rest in peace!!

    • Much more often than you Bear. Maybe more often than any KO poster. Cooked a hell of bbq brisket this a.m. no less. The crowd will be acomin.


    • alph.......when was the last time you went to a grocery store and bought anything.....

    • Help me out here.. Is Dummy among others, Eggs & Dwuck to name maybe a couple, bitching a. you cant beleive anything the gov't says and b. damn gov't 86d M3. Hmmmmm, so which is it, the gov't reports are a. baloney or b. necessary and helpful.
      Or is it some critics like to yap out of both sides of their mouths. Ponder.


    • Re: "I always thought that the inflation rate pretty much follows the increase in total money supply? Yes? No?"
      Yo eggs... I can't answer the question about the formula for M3, but I believe it takes into consideration of things like saving... but the mere fact that they knew they had to eliminate those figures from the public view was because if the dumb gullible public doesn't see it, they can tell them whatever the hell they want to tell them. Thank heaven there are people that can still formulate the raw figures and put a damn close peg on the deliberate deceitful lies promulgated by our dishonest government. So who might I ask, still believes there's an truely honest government anywhere in the world? You'd litterally have to be a jackass to be that stupid. :)

      How many people can say the following five times in a row without laughing at themselves?

      "I believe everything the government tells me because they always do what's best for us."

      Raise your hand and tell everybody you believe that.

    • While the money supply has an effect on inflation, inflation remains the change in price of a constant basket of goods and services from time x to time x plus y annualized and expressed as a percentage. [M3 and the hand wringing over M3 is red herring.]


    • "they manage to change and manipulate all the figures that used to be part of M3 which is now off limits for public consumption. They claim 3% inflation, but using the former statistics before the changes, the experts measure it at over 10%. As the average head of household if inflation feels much higher than what is claimed by the government."

      Good point J4. The fed, from some accounts, is printing fiat at a rate which increases M3 about 10-15% per year but yet they attempt to tell us the inflation rate is low (3%).

      I always thought that the inflation rate pretty much follows the increase in total money supply? Yes? No?

      They play a shell game with us and the world by using false computations in order to low ball the inflation rate all the while jacking up the total money supply. The difference of the two is their net gain in order to keep the bloviated government apparatus humming.


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