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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Mar 23, 2008 7:48 PM Flag

    Bear Sterns Liquidation Cause of Gold/Silver Drop ?

    Listen to this audio. Gives valid explanation for Gold and Silvers drop last week!


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    • QWAK,eggs,We HAD a REPUBLIC but it is long gone NOW. No one noticed because they were confused (intentionaly) by teachers and officials and media calling it DEMOCRACY which it was NOT!

      Democrecy and communisem both work well and are good but only small scale and when projected larger beyond become CORRUPTED for the same reasons.

      As they get BIG both become totaly SELF SERVING entities with ELEATS who run them and the population is FORCED to SERVE THEM!

      Esencialy it is or becomes a twisted form of SERFDOME, just with diferent names.

      the DUCK

    • " Could "it" (communism) already be here? Possibly under the guise of a flag-waving "democracy" that is the largest debtor entity ever known to humanity?

      How much more can we be taxed before we're considered serfs? How much more can Bernanke keep printing more fiat & lowering feds fund rate, increasing inflation and decreasing the buying power of the populace?

      How much more manufacturing will be disasembled, packed up and shipped to foreign contries making us more and more dependent on others, and turning our populace into stockers and cash register check out attendees?

      Let's not forget about truckers who are complaining they're being squeezed by diesel prices that prevent them from making a living.

      Since the Social Security Fund has been raided by Congress and used up in the General Fund, our Nation is dependent on a dwindling work force to pay for an ever increasing baby boomer retiree contigint.

      Bottom line TPTB has stealthily dismantled the greatest productive nation in the world and converted it to into Service Oriented, government dependent, retarded generation.

      Savings are almost non-existant, being in debt is promoted, and our 401K's, IRA's, etc are considered savings as those investments are being manipulated by Wall Street Con Men. A major financial downturn places the majority at risk as their pretend savings (above) get slashed, while Bernanke keeps slashing the purchasing power of fiat.

      At least we're not in bread lines waiting for hours for our benifactors to hand us some crumbs but our nation seems to be headed in that direction.

      Of course that's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.


    • REGARDING: Could Communism be coming to America soon?

      RESPONSE: Could "it" already be here? Possibly under the guise of a flag-waving "democracy" that is the largest debtor entity ever known to humanity?


    • QWAK,As far as food is concerned a lot of factors come in to play but generly speaking modern processed food breakes down the fastist and looses both flavor and nutrients. A lot of the stuff today that is processed is little more than card board that taists good as the processing removes all the good parts that do spoil from the food, leaving mostly starches and fillers.That is Partly why it's called JUNK FOOD!:)

      Long term the ability to GROW food or harvest from nature will be the only sustainable way to go.

      LACK of food is how they will get the "TUNA PEOPLE" in to the CAMPS volintaraly!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,egss,Experation dates are not exact and often totaly ARBITRARY as in MEDS, it is a way to SELL more meds. Also WATER has an experation date TOO :) Water is OR EVER! LOL

      I got y2k caned TUNA that is FINE today but like most things it is usualy best to rotate stock and FRESHER is usualy beter.

      How the food is stored makes a BIG DIFERENCE. Heat is BAD COLD is GOOD. 10,000 year old MASTADON MEAT was still edable FROZEN in perma frost! :)

      MREs that are more than 20 years old if in a cool dry inviroment are still good. They are freez dried and with out water can't actualy SPOIL so concievably could last indefinitly with little or no deteriation.

      Things like SUGAR and HONEY never go bad!

      Properly stored wheat and other dried grains with oxygen removed or in nitrogen is good 20+ years also. They have found wheat that was over 5k years old with Egyption mummies that was viable and GERMINATED!

      Caned goods generly do not last more than a fiew years althow it depends on what kind and often FLAVOR goes first but is still edable.

      The amino acids and fats and oils are the hard things to preserve because they can go rancid quickly if exposed to light, air and higher temps.

      Virgin olive oil in cans or dark glass can also store almost indefinitly.

      But finding VIRGINS for the OIL is getting realy HARD lately!:)

      the DUCK
      the DUCK

    • Yo eggs... I use Google too, but not as much as you. You're very fast and it's a great tool. Most of what I mention is after reading articles that jump out at me. If I need further info, then I go to Google. Any time I'm stuck it's a sure fire way of finding whatever it is I am looking for. I'm not sure how much emergency food might be needed as a rule of thumb, but I think maybe either one or two years worth should be plenty. If I had a lot of something like those MRE's, I think I'd have to consider using some of it before it expires. It could serve as a once a year dieting exercise and preparation period for the real thing. No? Maybe not. Just thinking out loud. Time to say g'nite.

    • "Yo eggs... you're right about the rule changes. But how do you find/remember all those detail?"

      Simple J4 .... I just perform a Google search and it jumps right out at me. Don't take but a few minutes and then I copy and paste .... even less time.

      Most of us J4 have been around when price controls were enacted but failed, truckers faced diesel price increases, rationing of gasoline, 55 mph speed limots to conserve on gasoline consumption, and let's not forget when Christmas Lights were banned.

      Also, the Y2K threat that never materiallized. Having said all that, this time may be different, so I'm all for adding extra canned goods and powdered milk with late expiration dates. MRE (meals, ready to eat) may not be a bad idea but I'm focusing on what I can purchase in a grocery store for now.

      I understand a lot of people were left with lots of MRE's after the Y2K bug failed to occur and most of those MRE's expired in 5 -10 years thereafter ... from what I recall.

      I've also heard that all Mormans are supposed to have in their home at least one year supply of food for the entire family.

      Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Maybe at least a 6 month supply of food would be bare bone minimum imo.


    • Yo eggs... you're right about the rule changes. But how do you find/remember all those detail? You must keep a file with everything labeled and dated!!! The way things are going now, we could be looking at some extreme rule changes. We might even be looking at some extreme punishment to go along with violators. In fact we might be looking at those far away prison camps in the middle of this country where nobody ever gets to fly over or get near because of strict off limit security... like Area51 where everything is top secret. People could begin to disappear again! Could Communism be coming to America soon?

    • Re: "Dats what the 12 gage with DOUBEL OO is for --- it'd NOT just a wall DECORATION!" ;)
      Yo duck... you're funny... funny. ROTFLOL :)...

      And spliter was asking you what credit card company you used, not which bank. Were you using a Visa, MasterCard or maybe one of the other two...?

      He was just kinda joking around because of the big drop in Visa today.... yadayadaya....

    • "J4D,Perhaps he expects a presidental order claming WE are "HORDERS" like FDR did last time and this time it will not just be PMs but also FOOD and MED suplies?"

      Well Duck, the U.S. Mint has created a rule which prevents the melting of pennies and nickles, about a year and a three months ago!

      The new regulations authorize a fine of up to $10,000, or imprisonment of up to five years, or both, against violators.

      The rule also bans the exportation of the coins, beyond traveling with $5 worth and shipping up to $100 for legitimate purposes.

      If the financial meltdown continues I suspect TPTB (the powers that be) will extend that edict to more expensive metals using the hoarding excuse.

      And if that doesn't stop the hoarding could confiscation be next?


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