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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Apr 28, 2008 11:24 AM Flag

    Anchorage Digs Out After RECORD Snowfall

    from AP 4-26-2008

    Anchorage continues to dig out from a snowfall that set a record for the day and the month.The National Weather Service says 17.2 inches fell at its office just south of Anchorage's international airport and 22 inches fell in northeast Anchorage on Friday and Saturday.

    The monthly total at the weather service office is now 29.7 inches, breaking a record from 1963 when 27.6 inches fell during April.

    The 15.5 inches that fell Friday is the third-most for any one day in Anchorage. The record is the 25.7 inches that fell six years ago on March 17, 2002.

    Comment - Ooops! Another city is unaware of the Global Warming edict!

    eggs & snow cones

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    • " it went down to freezing the last two nights and I had to have a fire usualy by now the wood stove just sits there till November."

      Sush now Duck! Or you might stir up the ire of the Global Warming Police!

      Remember if they say there is Global Warming then you must act as if you're sweating, when you're freezing and above all NOT use your wood burning stove when the temperature goes below freezing in late April!

      The schemers of the Global Warming Hoax must be getting a little worried though, as more and more people are noticing it's actually getting colder.

      Reality bites to those with blinders on!

      truth seeker eggs

    • What happens when some major country using logic and a desire to protect their countrymen stop accepting monopoly fiat money from a major country?

      And .... orders that all business be conducted using REAL MONEY!

      Isn't it amazing that for many decades now, the U.S. of A. has been able to print monopoly money and the whole world has been accepting it in exchange for oil, manufactured products, raw materials, Companies, Banks, etc, et al ...... ad infinidem!

      Such a deal!


    • Um... this is a message board about Coca Cola, not global warming, climate change, whatever. Let's stick to the subject, people.

      • 2 Replies to wascal_11
      • QWAK,wascal_11,There aint much to say about KO stock other than to SELL it IF you got IT and BUY some physical GOLD or even better SILVER, if you can!

        Sold MY KO stock about 8 years ago @$52.00 and bought REAL US GOLD EAGLES @ $257.00 and been a HAPPY DUCK ever since!:)

        Even IF the stock does go UP it won't go UP as much or as fast as the US DOLLAR goes down. Your broker will also LOAN out your stock to speculators and day traiders who SHORT it and there by limiting how much it can go up. :)

        IF you got KO stock you are geting SCREWED and you don't even get KISSED or DINNER!

        the DUCK

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