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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jul 12, 2008 3:43 PM Flag

    QWAK,don't know if you have noticed but ---

    QWAK,I don't know if you have noticed BUT things are happening FASTER -- it is like TIME is compressing!

    Over all it looks like about Sept. the real CRUNCH will happen but could be after the Nov. election IF there is an election.

    IF Isral hits IRAN then all bets are OFF and IT will happen almost with in hours!

    IF you got stuff to get done -- get it done NOW and get it done FAST!

    Call it a HUNCH or what ever you like -- but as we get closer things are happening much quicker!

    the DUCK

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    • Now you are trying to sell the whole loaf of baloney.

      "The UN inspectors were managed (manipulated?) in detail by Saddam ..."
      Please provide one ounce of proof. Powell lied to the world in front of the UN, and Bush lied in front of the nation, and thus the world too. Where are the WMD's?
      Where was the imminent threat?
      Where were the nuclear capabilties?

      "Using that logic, we should have limited our WWII actions to the Japanese pilots and mini-sub operators who attacked us at Pearl Harbor(?) "

      Um, Germany declared war on the US and had been sinking our ships in the Atlantic. Different ballgame, but keep trying. Please bring up a jihad declared by OBL.

      Please do not mention torture by Saddam, when the US employed the same.

      Let's talk more about 9/11.
      Some were warned about 9/11 happening beforehand, others were not. In a land that is know as freedom, how can such a thing be fair?
      Bushco and Cheneyburton refused to testify in the open or under oath about what they knew and when. That left it up to kindasleazyrice say "not in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine that OBL would use planes as weapons, oh what's that you say Senator, the title of the PDB from August 6th, 2001 - oh, it was titled OBL set to attack the US with planes."

      Are you playin' dumb or plain dumb?

    • "...UN inspectors had found nothing worth mentioning...."

      The UN inspectors were managed (manipulated?) in detail by Saddam & co. If that had not been true (i.e., Saddam & lieutenants had been cooperative), he would likely be alive, still in power of a marginally more open Iraq, and we would not be having this exchange.

      "...millions diseased, displaced, etc...."

      I take it you believe that, but for the evil United States, under the demonic George Bush, most Iraqis would be a happy and carefree people under their beloved Saddam Hussein, and his military would be happily entertaining themselves by torturing and killing them, while being careful not disturb the country's tranquility of course(?) Interesting concept.

      "Nothing to do with 9/11."

      So we should ignore causes/sources of terrorism not directly associated with 9/11(?) Meaning we should be attacking Saudi (a moderate regional power, but where most 9/11 actors originated)(?) Using that logic, we should have limited our WWII actions to the Japanese pilots and mini-sub operators who attacked us at Pearl Harbor(?) Might you be conveniently taking advantage of terrorist disdain for common standards, such as no uniforms or acknowledged government, to justify what is really a goofy argument, partisan at best(?) Had the U.S. acted forcefully against terrorism earlier, might we not have had a 9/11(?) Might your attitude encourage another attack(?)

      I suspect one must be reasonably well-informed to understand blame and shame. When you are at that stage, we can decide if it should be yours or mine.


    • Foolish foolish Canoodle.. Fibs asked about Iraq when we had accomplished our mission of determining that it did not have an active program of WMDs. Guerilla Hussein and Co was never a threat to the US.

      The 'progress' in Iraq of the last two years has come at a terrible cost to the US. WE are no safer than we were before the Iraq Misadventure and we are indeed a lot poorer. An enormous waste of American dollars, men and material.


    • Yes Canoodle.. Iraq and the Middle East are alot of things and when and what we do are dependent on time and circumstances. Nothing in Iraq justifies the ongoing costs of 6-10 billion a month. Like any good 'investment,' costs must be justified.

      The Iraq Misadventure is an expensive loser. Kinda like New Coke. At least there KO management recognized its foolishness quixly. You cont to support Bush, Cheney and Rummy in wasting our dollars.


    • Canoodle.. Stop your nonsense. Our allegiance is to the US and its citizens. Where and why you elect to do Nation Building is your weakness. We certanily owe no such thing to Iraq and the American people understand that. You have your agenda and it supports wasting American dollars, men and material in Iraq. Admit it.


    • Alpha, stick to facts. It is fact, and accepted, that Hussein and his followers planned a guerrilla campaign that continues today and is at the heart of the political problems. Your posting nonsense like:

      >>>Hussein, his sons, his lieutenants were neutralized and many captured and in custody. >>>

      doesn't further a discussion on this topic. What's also sad is a total avoidance to discuss the past 2 years of progress. What's your problem? Is it that you have lost the ability to throw Iraq tantrums in your partisan diatribes?

    • Alpha, why don't you grow up? You wanted in in Iraq. Stop your nonsense that you just enter a country, blow it up, and leave. That's a child talking. Take responsbility, have a plan longer than instantaneous gratification, and some backbone to see it through. What you now waste a ton of words on is pure nonsense. You diss others who have a sense of responsibility without offering up your own responsible plan...

    • I got some new Pirelli tires for the old Peugot today, and filled the 2950 litre tank with petrol for the homestead.
      But I refuse to build a bunker like those in 1960.
      Plus we bought some bud.
      I am Belgium.
      Got bud, or too much ko, duck?

      • 1 Reply to babordside
      • QWAK,babordside,I don't drink beer -- BUD or any other brand -- don't drink KO -- but did own the stock,sold my KO stock at $52.00 and bought physicl GOLD @ @257.00 :) Bought MORE GOLD @just under $400.00 at ZERO intrist for a year on my credit card. Bought a bunch of SILVER at $6.89 on TWO credit cards at 4% and SILVER went to over $15.00 in 9 mo. Generly I am a happy camper -- I just hate seeing people get SCREWED so I like to warn them about how the bankers and brokers have ROBED them -- the GOV. too but then YOU are new here and don't know about -- the DUCK! :)

        I like helping people and any who have listened and adoped my sugestions are also HAPPY CAMPERS -- or at least happer than they would have been doing things like they had been DOING! :)

        the DUCK

    • More of the half loaf of baloney from you.

      The UN inspectors had found nothing worth mentioning in Iraq.

      $100M per year for Saddam in a no-fly zone box and a 'happy' military, or $150B per year and millions dead, wounded, diseased, displaced etc which had nothing to do with 9/11.

      Shame on you!

    • alf, the wiser move would have been for Saddam not to tweak the U.S./UN, with the U.S. already tweaked by years of no-fly zone violations, frustrated/aborted inspections required as a condition of our ceasefire in 1991, endless UN resolutions, and terrorist attacks that had killed thousands of our innocent citizens.

      It does not seem plausible we could have put enough forces into Iraq to look for active WMD programs while Saddam, his sons, the Revolutionary Guard, etc. stood quietly aside. When we suppressed those threats, and satisfied ourselves there were no currently threatening programs, do you recall the internal situation in Iraq, and the probable outcome had we left at that point(?)

      The U.S. is far more aligned with the forces you mention as "the opposition" than otherwise. You are describing the past as if it were the present.

      Internal U.S. opposition in the 1860s makes opposition such as yours look negligible in comparison. You seem to be reconciled to losing 640,000, perhaps due to benefit of hindsight, but we had national interests then, and we have national interests now. Those who opposed the Civil War, as well as U.S. wars since, have been proven wrong by history. The lesson should not be ignored.

      I see our opposition to terrorism as a worldwide struggle. In that regard, why do you view Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Indonesia as all important? After all, we share little more in common with them than with Iraq. The answer could be you think we should do what we are not, and not do what we are. It is not unusual to use that tactic for partisan attack and to support doing nothing when your own are in power; i.e., enemy with no uniform, allegiance to no government, respect for no international standards, don't matter to your constituency, pander or treat them as if they don't exist (until the next attack).


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