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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Oct 8, 2008 11:50 PM Flag

    Welcome Comrades to the United Socialist States of America

    May I be the first to greet all of you COMRADES into the United Socialist States of America.

    Welcome aboard to the coming utopia of state run FAILED private businesses.

    The state will now insure all losses and make sure eveyone is equally miserable, by equally distributing the wealth and making sure no one has any more than anyone else.

    Oh, excecpt the rulling elite!

    добраніч, на добраніч

    Comrade eggs N ham

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    • If we guarantee the financial system, we will be serfs once again. An unfunded guarantee, whose risk is assumed by the working class (not the wealthy class), creates a status quo caste society through guarantees that are a future burden predominately on those without wealth (paying the bulk of non wealth taxes). Can anyone argue that a guaranteed finance system isn't the equivalent of communism? Of a monarchial system? If that is what gives us all comfort, the Boston Tea Party was for naught.

    • biasp, completely gave in? Please explain what has happened now, and in the past few years, for you to post this.

    • The Bush administration threw its arms up in the air and completely gave in to North Korea's demand it immediately be removed from the list of countries supporting terrorism after North korea restarted their nuclear weapons program.

      The question that begs an answer is why did the Bush administration put the United States in such a vulnerable position as to have to yield to blackmail from one of the poorest most backward countries in the world? Just how low have we sunk internationally? What's next in this sad chapter of history?

    • whsteffanmsn Oct 9, 2008 11:47 AM Flag

      >>Welcome aboard to the coming utopia of state run FAILED private businesses. <<

      welcom to another jackas s who wants 1929-1932 to return -where everybody loses his life savings, and is out of work- and has to vote in FDR and the dems to come to the rescue

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      • QWAK,whsteffanms...,IF you could look passed your GREED, you would notice that the DEBT BASED, FIAT system is CRASHING because there are NO LIMITS to GREED and EXPLOITATION!

        It has been on a CRASH trajectory for a long ,long time, trying to DELAY or postpone the INEVITABLE is about as pratical as jumping in front of a FREIGHT TRAIN and trying to stop or delay IT!

        You are just going to get HURT worse TRYING -- get OFF the TRACKS and away from the CRASH ZONE!

        Things CHANGE, if YOU DON'T --- you will get RUN OVER! IT realy IS just that SIMPLE!

        Sorry if that spoils your day and does not feed your anger,perhaps you should refocus your frustrations in a more productive manor -- like storing some food and suplies so you may SURVIVE what is coming! ;)

        the DUCK

    • QWAK,eggs,I think you may injoy seeing this. :)

      It may sound crazy BUT the faster it CRASHES the better and sooner we will transition in to somthing better! :) The more we resist and delay the transition, the harder and longer it will take!:(

      There is NO easy way to do IT but IF indivigualy and colectively we prepare to and for "CHANGE" (not just talk about change) then the less stress,anxiety and fear we will have to indure. No way around,over or UNDER it -- just THREW IT!

      the DUCK

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