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  • petiteknight petiteknight Oct 27, 2008 12:43 PM Flag

    shorting coca cola

    PE of 16 - we will see it come down to around 12

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    • Re: Just for kicks, I will tell you my plan with this stock...LOL.

      Yo nummy... just for KICKS??? Are you actually serious? First of all, I don't need to know a word about your plan. You have no idea what the hell you're doing or the risk involved in what you think is clever. You're heading for huge problems playing with whatever small change your fooling around with. I can see how really struck by a few little trades has got you thinking you know something. You haven't even started to know the real world yet. But what I'm blabbing at you isn't going to make the sleightest difference to the kind of mindset it takes to do what you're trying to prove to yourslef can be done successfully and regularly enough to 'BEAT THE MARKETS'. In order for anyone to make enough money on the short money you're shooting at, you gotta be plunking down a hell of a lot more change than you're tryng to get back. You're working small returns and minor returns on your money. You have to turn your money over a lot to make a decent return. The more often you expose your bankroll the higher your risk of getting burnt. You need too win too many bets to beat the system! You'd do better in a moneymarket and assume no risk other than the government not insuring your money next after the first of the year. You play to win pennies and risk losing dollars doing it. BAD MOVE! But the only way you'll come to find that out, most likely won't be from someone like me who actually knows a little bit about trading. I'm not trying to be a smarta$$ about it... I'm just letting you know that I'm pretty sure you're wet enough behind those little pink ears to need a few lessons about managing your money. Smart traders begin with a minimum bankroll of the $100k you mentioned and never risk more than 5% of their bankroll. And day trading is the last place to try your luck. That's RULE NUMBER 1. The other one is screwing around with insane markets like this one. The technicals don't always match the fundamentals. That's just one more little thing you might want to brush up on before you stub your toe. Cyl.

    • Re: OMG....It's getting UGLY now....LOL.

      Yo numbnuts... Oh yeah... there's that famous post about you calling the reversal in KO. The time was at 3:58pm... less than two minutes before the close and of course the price was already showing a few pennies on the plus side. You say you CALLED the REVERSAL by THAT post?!!!
      WOW!!! And you actually sold and traded and made a killing?!!! WOW!!! But of course, I had already posted my opinion earlier that KO was going to go up, so obviously you already knew that I was already ahead of your bragging. Of course I am... you made a very nice call........

    • Re: What is funny here is that I have yet to say what kind of money I have to play with. For all you know, I could have 100K into it or nothing. I did call the reversal at the end of the day.....BEFORE IT STARTED.

      yo day trader with all the big bucks. Does anybody care about your money? I don't think so! Why in the world would anybody really care about you period? I don't think anybody cares what you play with! It's already a forgone conclusion that EVERYBODY already knows what you play with!!!! And if you are a day trader, I would NOT BE IMPRESSED. Even I've done day trades, but it was only because I got so damn LUCKY so unexpectedly and extremely FAST that I was overwhelmed and couldn't resist grabbing the money. I never intended to be so damn stupid as to think I could successfully day trade and beat the big money often enough where I could actually get a good nights sleep and not worry about getting ruined as soon as I had to look away from my computer screen. Which brings me to the very point about how lucky you must be to be able to ramble right straight through the trading day and keep an eye on you screens and screw off on this stupid thing. Never get far doing that if you're day trading. Listen sonny... I actually traded and made more money that I lost. I know what it takes, and I would never be so damn foolish to make an a$$ out of myself pretending to snooker the average Joe who could care less, that I was a phenom and big hot shot that called every roll of the dice. BTW I didn't notice that you "called the reversal BEFORE the end of the day. The market was already closed and we were still blabbing on this thing before I left. I do remember you saying that you bet I thought KO was going to close up. In fact, I never did look to see what it did before I went out. Besides, I don't own it, never did own it, never wanted to own it and don't plan to ever own it. I never started blabbing with so many fools morons until I got on KO because of the duck a few memorable years ago. It's late now, and there's a bunch of posts I haven't read. Maybe I'll read a few more, or maybe not. Anyway, you haven't impressed me and I'm sure nobody else is excited to read about your prowess as a big shot money makin' day trader. Everybody knows better. If you wrote a book about it, do you think people would buy it? Suuuuuure they would. But why would you even to anybody matter?

    • Whatever moneybags posts next, I'll catch up with him later. That'll give him time to take a shower for a change. Don't forget to wash your mouth out with soap too. And make sure you get all the in betweens and that teenie weenie too! Thanks for giving us all a good laugh! :)

    • Yo king kong... you must be a multi-millionaire by now!!! How's your buddy Warren Buffet? You gota be right up there with the biggest and the best. I understand why big guys like you never give away their secrets and tip anybody off about what you're doing. That's different. Now I see why you won't tell anyone what you're going to do tomorrow. At least everyone here at KO knows what you're all about now. We get it! You are a day trader. I knew it. It's the odor you guys give off. Right through the Internet. You all smell alike. I told you to take a freekin shower!

    • I have just looked at today's chart of KO. I am going to put my opinion right out so everyone can see it... BEFORE it continues trading in the coming week and weeks. First of all, the MORONS who claim to be trading KO without previous proof by stating their intent, would have to be 'day traders'. The WHOLE WORLD knows what happens to day trader. They are statistically the biggest losers in the world when it comes to 'beating the markets'. They all have a point to make if and when they happen to have one of those rare days. Make a little and lose a lot. That's a universally KNOWN FACT. So we're all reading the bloviating of the less than 5% who actually make money day trading. Anybody believe that? Okay... here it is... right from your self appointed master. You haven't stated to anybody what you bought or sold or shorted before you started raving like drunken fools so full of yourselves, so I'm going to let you know that you've bought a position that's going to kick you right in the A$$ in case you think you know something. KO is going UP and will beat the shorts to death short term. Got it? Now show us how smart YOU think you are. I smell nothing but COWARDS that have no balls. Later numbnuts.

    • After covering yesterday at 42.57, i jumped out there this AM and shorted it again at 44.82. I can't see this holding at the present level for very long. Yesterdays gain was just begging to be shorted. I couldn't help myself.

    • Actually, KO's multiple for expected 09 earnings is closer to 12x. Yet, they still sell it.

    • Re: PE of 16 - we will see it come down to around 12

      Yo petiteknight... you could substitute "at least 12" in place of around 12. Personally I can see much worse given the pall that's hanging over the markets. I haven't heard about Warren Buffett throwing any more good money after all the bad money to pump and dump KO. But he must be of the opinion that the PM's are at or near an oversold bottom.

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