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  • em20003 em20003 Oct 30, 2008 12:32 PM Flag

    So I am tryin to get coke at my restaurant

    They said they ran out of money for the equipment.I was wanting to get a fountain head and 2 bar guns.The fountain head would have been free refills and a good profit item for them.Dealing with coke has left me scratching my head.Didnt think coke was doing that bad.Guess I gotta go with someone else.

    Fyi thats what they are doing here in South Texas.or not doing..

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    • Awe, Dwuck.. .You do buy every crack pot gold sales pitch out there. Stick with your strength. Gold is money theology.

      Your attempt to diversify and understand and even adopt a supply and demand analysis will just dilute your theological argument.

      That said and your pitchman's pitch being close to pure chit, there are good supply - demand reason to buy gold and silver. And I have. More than doubling my gold postion. But then again I have much more in cash and inverse etfs. And yes alot of quality stocks as well. Im balance as well as well-diversified b/c I cant see well or far into the economic future. So keep some poweder dry.


    • Greenspan learned a lesson. A lesson Cons too often forget in their praise of riches and defense of those that have obtained the most. The fact of the matter is a free market is often also an exploitable market. An imperfect market. Selfish interests are not always balanced. And unfair and sometimes quasi criminal and out and out criminal tactics are rewarded. Self dealing and self interest prevails.

      WE shall see how well Obama has learned from this recent history and how good a recovery plan is put in action. And how effective the remedial legislation that is put in place to protect the middle class for excesses of the free market. We should all wish Obama and the new Congress well in these regards.


    • Re: ... unfortunately there ain't none...
      (duck referring to GOOD NEWS)

      Yo duck... sure there is! The GOOD NEWS is that I'm really not going to punch my neighbor's lights out! Spliter took my little 'tongue in cheek' comment seriously. I said it as a little joke, in stark contrast to the message about stupid wars... I hate to have to explain little things like that, cuz it shows everybody doesn't always get certain kinds of off the wall humor. In this horrendously screwed up world, we all need a lot of humor, but it seems poor spliter might have taken me in a litteral sense. His FIRST CLUE should have been that I HAVE NO USE FOR, NOR ANY RESPECT FOR LOYA'S. Especially the kind we unfortunately are still saddled with here, namely my toilet dwelling and captive MORON, 'THE JACKASS'. I still say Shakespear was RIGHT! But let me add this... if my next door neighbor WAS A GD LOYA, I absolutely would need a good LOYA, cuz I would go to GQ with the jerk... and that's not meant to be funny!

      Never mind.

    • QWAK<J4D,what people want and need is some GOOD NEWS -- unfortunately there aint NONE! :(

      People need somthing they can believe in and with out that they STOP BELIEVING and turning THAT around is somthing the Bankers and all there minions just don't have to give them!:(

      the DUCK

    • Re: Please think on that, and buy silver, instead. Because as we have seen, as gold moves, silver moves higher faster, and runs out sooner, because it is more scarce.

      Yo duck... I disagree with you. Silver may go up faster, and obviously at a much greater rate because of the difference in price. But silver is NOT REAL MONEY, although it does seem to serve as such. The only REAL MONEY is still GOLD. Silver may cost less, and easier for the average person to afford, but it's much harder to store because it takes so much space to get anywhere near the same value as gold...and it's much too heavy to move around easily. Jason has all his silver in several safes the size of bank vaults. I like the ease with which I can move my gold around and keep it safely hidden. It's simple enough to convert into smaller units for convenience sake, so naturally I prefer gold... although I have more silver than I will ever need. Both are supremely better than any other alternative. At my age, I'm not looking to get rich with a higher percent of return that silver offers. I'm strictly interested in holding my insurance and survival options in the safety of (1) GOLD and (2) SILVER. I also like the option of having silver at my disposal in case I run out of cash for small necessities. BTW... I always get free overnight shipping and insurance from the same dealer I've been using for years. And much lower commissions than the local dealers charge. Buying it locally costs more, but I also don't like the idea of having to take it home with me as if I were driving an armored vehicle. I prefer having it delivered and insured. Nobody knows what's in that little box either. My worst service was with Kitco. I wouldn't buy anything from Kitco with your money. Everybody do your own shopping and make your own choices. It's your money. It's your decision. If you haven't enough sense to protect yourself by this time, then you're at the mercy of your leaders in Congress and the next administration. I think we'll need more than just luck. I think we all better say our prayers.

    • QWAK,It is time people BAIL them selves OUT indivigualy by BUYING SILVER and GOLD! :)
      Jason Hommel, November 19, 2008

      There has been a recent flurry of news articles saying China may begin to diversify into Gold. But the articles conclude that China will move slowly, over years, so as to not disturb the markets. Funny.

      It's funny because it's like they don't know basic math.

      China wants 4000 tonnes of gold, to help "diversify" their $1.9 trillion in U.S. bonds. It's quite a joke. Please bear with me as I explain.

      A tonne of gold is 32,151 ounces. Please search "troy ounces per tonne" at google to confirm, because this one bit of information, and a simple calculator, can help you unlock and decipher the meaning of what you read in the news regarding the gold market, as gold at the national level is usually always quoted in terms of tonnes.

      The total ounces China is seeking, is thus: 4000 tonnes x 32,151 ounces/tonne = 128,604,000, or 128.6 million ounces.

      That's an interesting number because it is about half of the U.S. official gold reserves of 261 million ounces.

      It's also an interesting number because the total annual gold market consumption is said to be about 4000 tonnes, while annual mine production is only about 2500 tonnes.

      But let's now multiply by the current gold price, to see how much of China's reserves could be diversified if they obtained that, without disturbing the price.

      At $736/oz., times 128.6 million ounces = $94649.6 million, or $94.6 billion.

      That's funny, because $94.6 billion is not very much of $1.9 trillion, which is $1900 billion.

      What's the percentage? Simple: $94.6 / $1900 x 100 = 5%.

      See, if China diversified 5% of their reserves, they would dominate the world gold market, buying an equal amount bought by the rest of the world in a year, and that could crash the dollar by 50%, while gold prices could double!

      And actually, such a diversification of $94 billion would be no diversification at all, since China has added $600 billion to their dollar holdings within the last 6-7 months, up from $1.3 trillion.

      To truly diversify, they would need to sell more dollars than they are accumulating, so they really need to buy about $600 billion worth of gold, or more, in a year.

      How much would a true diversification be at current prices? $600 billion / $94 billion = 6.38 times as much gold as the world buys in a year.

      Please think on that, and buy silver, instead. Because as we have seen, as gold moves, silver moves higher faster, and runs out sooner, because it is more scarce.
      the DUCK

    • QWAK,kapitanleut...,Greenspan SOLD OUT for position and POWER and in doing so sold his SOUL to the DEVEL and virtualy all of US in to SLAVERY!:(

      Going to be a LONG WALK out of HELL -- for any who actualy DO manage to get back out of the HELL he opened the gate to!

      Mr. Greenspan "GREESED the SKIDS" and convinced every one it was an AMUSMENT RIDE! :(

      the DUCK

    • The emerging, 'Third World' economies would do well to _sever_ all ties to the $US, and to establish a sound monetary system based upon gold. Joined at the hip with a depreciating currency will do nothing but ensure a lowered standard of living ( through inflation - the 'confiscation of savings' therefrom ) opposed to that which could be otherwise obtained.

      Ironic, is it not, that as recently as the 1970's, Mr. Greenspan was an ardent supporter of the gold standard. Perhaps the finance ministers of the Emerging World economies ought read some of Mr. Greenspan's earlier works, and eschew his more contemporary writings altogether!

    • QWAK,kapitanleut..., For a perspective from OUT SIDE the USA and what has become CONVENTIONAL so to speak, you may find THIS also an interisting read! :)

      One must see a situation from more than one perspective to be able to make any kind of reasnable judgment.:) It does not eliminate the SMOKE and MIRRORS but does make them more OBVIOUS and IS always better than only a ONE SIDED VIEW!:)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,kapitanleut...,It is about a clear as a DUST STORM about real MONEY and FIAT CURRENCY now, so one must TRUST there GUT FEELINGS about what is actualy going on OUT in the STORM! ;)

      When the DUST settles we will ALL be seeing a very diferent LAND SCAPE around us compleat with DUNES and a lot of QUICK SAND I expect!;)

      Not much WATER and that will be EXPENCIVE and they won't be taking CREDIT CARDS either! :(

      Got to trust your GUT and believe in basic FUNDAMENTALS because the "STORM" is intended to distract and disorientate,CONFUSE and CONFOUND as many as posable! :)

      A good COMPASS and METAL DETECTOR will be of great value when out in THAT financial STORM! :)

      the DUCK

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